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PreAP English I - ___ Date: ____
Night Reading Guide
This information should be marked in your book.
Chapter 1


Town Elie and his family lived before the evacuation

Year - how old was Elie?

Family members?

Describe his relationship with Moshe the Beadle(Bible teacher); Evaluate Elie’s faith

First conflict concerning Moshe the Beadle

Significance of the following: yellow star, the “knock at the window,” similes to dogs, and the last sentence of the chapter.
Chapter 2

Put the most significant word in the middle circle, important quotes around in the second circle, and add various details of importance in the train car for future reference.

Chapter 3

Significant techniques: anaphora, ellipsis, irony, invocation, metaphor, repetition

Significant quotes - why?

No eighteen.”

Didn’t you know what was in store for you at Auschwitz?...In 1944?”

“…a cruel face, but not devoid of intelligence and wearing a monocle…”

For the first time, I felt a revolt rise up I me. Why should I bless his name? The Eternal….”

I was face to face with the Angel of Death…”

Never shall I forget that night…..Never.”

My father had just been struck, before my eyes, and I had not flickered an eyelid.”

Work is liberty!”

I became A-7713”

Chapter 4

Note the metaphor used to describe the German officer

This chapter establishes relationships of various kinds for later development. Briefly tell first impressions of Juliek, Yossi and Tibi. Also, note influence that the following people have on Elie as you see what happens with the dentist, Idek, the French Jewess, Franek, and the young pipel.
Chapter 5

How has Elie’s faith changed since chapter 1?

Note the tone in this chapter as illustrated in “The SS gave us a fine New Year’s gift….”

What do these have to do with that “gift?” musulman, run, list, “officials,” numbers, abandoned.

Night Reading Guide Continued

Chapter 6

Dog motif is reinforced in what way?

Significant techniques associated with the death march:

metaphor, Biblical allusion, anaphora, synecdoche,

invocation, simile, repetition, personification

What is the significance of “Beethoven’s concerto” to this chapter?

Draw a picture of the prisoners as they wait for the train.

What were they doing that the SS found so humorous?

The convoy set out with how many prisoners to a car? Why?
Chapter 7

Why did Elie “beat” his own father?

What is the significance of these quotes:

German workmen took a lively interest in this spectacle.”

Meir. Meir, my boy! Don’t you recognize me?”

Hundreds of cries rose up simultaneously.”

How many started on the wagon and how many arrived at Buchenwald?
Chapter 8

How has the role of father and son changed?

What made Elie extremely ashamed of himself - so much so that he is “ashamed forever?”

Of whom else in the book does this remind you?

Dysentery is a painful disease of the intestines characterized by inflammation and diarrhea.

It may be caused by bacteria or viruses or an infestation of amoeba.

What information is Father concerned with giving to his son after he contracts dysentery?

Describe the “doctor” sent to the block.

What was the head of the blocks argument for his piece of advice to Elie?

Explain the significance of this:

I did not move. I was afraid. My body was afraid of also receiving a blow.”

Elie’s fathers last word was _______________. The date was _____________________.
Chapter 9

Elie was transferred to what part of the prison?

As the front drew nearer to Buchenwald, Elie said that he no longer thought of his father or mother, but dreamt (specifically) of _____________________________________________

At what time did the Americans arrive at Buchenwald?

The first act as free men was to do what?

There was something that Elie claimed that no one thought about.

What was it?


Three days after liberation, Elie became ill with what?

This memoir ends with self-examination. Elie claims, while looking in a mirror, that what is looking back at him?

What, in particular, has he never forgotten about that moment?

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