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Re: TIBO Congress plenary session presentations

The 10th International Speciallized Exhibition and Congress on Telecommunications, Information and Banking Technologies

April 1 – 4, 2003
Annually held TIBO international exhibitions and congresses make a significant contribution to information technologies development in Belarus by promoting the most advanced hard- and software products in the local telecommunications market and introducing the latest IT trends, thereby fostering their wider application across business community, social sphere and government.
Exchange of views on IT development in Belarus at TIBO congresses that bring together government officials, industry experts and academics is helpful in formulating and implementing the state IT policy.
An analytical report is prepared on the results of the Exhibition and the Congress.
TIBO congresses focus on topics reflecting the level of telecommunications and information technologies development in Belarus.
Over the years TIBO congresses have evolved from topics of purely technical nature to economic, social and cultural implications of an even wider application of information technologies It is within the framework of the Congress that the problems of building up and using the national information resources, formulating government IT polices, setting up information and analytical units within various levels of government and promoting public mass communication and information services have been first raised and brought to the fore.
The 10th TIBO Congress will concentrate on formulating government IT policy objectives for Belarus’ transition towards information society, current state and prospects of promoting telecommunication services in the country and challenges and prospects of developing Internet in Belarus.
On behalf of the Program Committee we are pleased to invite you to make a presentation at the plenary meeting of the TIBO Congress.
You are kindly requested to submit the summary of your presentation to the Organizing Committee via e-mail: prior to March 14, 2003.

Appendix: Information letter (2 p.).

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee,

First Deputy Prime Minister

of the Republic of Belarus

Sergei Sidorsky

10TH B E L A R U S I A N C O N G R E S S

on Telecommunications, Information and Banking Technologies

April 2 - 4, 2003, Minsk

  1. Organizers:

National Academy of Sciences, Information Society NGO, Ministry of Telecommunications, National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Education, State Committee for Science and Technologies, Belarusian State University, Belarusian State University for Radio Engineering, National Center of Legal Information, State Center for Information Security, Technics and Communications Exhibition Company.

  1. Objectives:

  • to spotlight the problems of formulating the state IT policy and defining ways of Belarus’ transition towards the information society;

  • to show the present condition and prospects of telecommunication systems and services development in Belarus;

  • to share opinion on Belarus’ Internet development;

  • to analyze the issues of information support, expert-analytical and managerial decision making units functioning;

  • to introduce the latest soft- and hardware for multilevel information systems development: from company level up to industry and country-wide level;

  • to show the latest achievements in the field of information and banking technologies, and office systems;

  • to analyze the present condition, problems and perspectives for IT development in the major branches of the national economy, to encourage specialists to share their experience, and to provide for the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies;

  • to analyze the present condition and problems of information security and information protection in Belarus;

  • to demonstrate the latest domestic IT accomplishments.

  1. Venues:

Palace of Republic (Oktyabrskaya Square, Minsk)

The Presidium of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences (66, Skorina Ave., Minsk)
IV. Topics:

  1. Electronic Government (e-Government):

    1. IT for state authorities;

    2. information services for businesses and individuals;

    3. state information resources;

    4. Internet and state authorities;

    5. e-libraries.

  1. Digital Economy (e-Economy):

    1. e-commerce;

    2. company management IT (CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM);

    3. Internet marketing;

    4. technological research and innovation policy;

    5. banking and financial technologies;

    6. e-business security.

  1. A Person in Information Society (e-Society):

    1. tele-medicine;

    2. IT for working from home;

    3. distant learning;

    4. electronic mass-media systems;

    5. Internet and modern society.

  1. Telecommunication Infrastructure:

    1. Mobile telecommunications development in Belarus;

    2. conventional and specialized telecommunication network development

    3. data transmission network

  1. Internet Development:

    1. Internet access market: quality, price policy, normative and legal aspects;

    2. new technologies and raising of Internet access quality;

    3. Belarus’ Internet resources;

    4. technologies of Internet resources formation and use;

    5. Internet as a mass-medium;

    6. Internet security.

  1. Legal Issues Related to the Information Sector:

    1. legal acts regulating telecommunication infrastructure and Internet;

    2. information security;

    3. combating cyber-crimes;

    4. copyright and intellectual property protection.

  1. Technological Basis for IT Development:

    1. network technologies;

    2. hardware for information systems;

    3. security systems;

    4. software.

For us to be able to make hard copies and CDs of the Congress materials, please, mail your papers and presentations on CDs to the Organizing Committee (P/box 34, Minsk, 220004, Belarus), or e-mail your materials to before March 14, 2003. (Please, send text files in MS Word format, font Times New Roman, font size 14 with 1.0 spacing.)

The Congress program envisages both plenary and group sessions, round table discussions, presentations of new products and solutions within the scope of Congress topics.

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