RE: Sports Web Page Genre Analysis Report

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Genre Analysis: Sports Web Pages
TO: Dr Sun, WWWW Instructor

FR: Sarah Wilson

DT: 3/4/05

RE: Sports Web Page Genre Analysis Report


This section should contain a brief description of what this document contains. You might include a brief summary of the web site you will be analyzing.

Writers & Developers of the Web Site

The writers and developers of the web site are employees of NHL Enterprises, L.P. The NHL takes responsibility for the content on the web site. The design of the site looks like many other sports pages, but is trademarked with the NHL logo. The writers and designers of the site are invisible to visitors. The NHL feels that it is unimportant to visitors, who writes and develops the site.

The content of the site (meaning the articles that are posted), have individual authors who write articles for This aspect is similar to many news web pages. Some NHL teams even contribute to the site by providing lists of team rosters and detailed game scores and schedules.
The purpose of and other sports pages is to inform the audience about the league, teams, players, and other news concerning what is going on in the sporting world. Sport pages are informational based web pages; they educate the audience about the sport. The web pages are usually easy to navigate and look very professional.
Audiences & Users of the Web Site

Most of the users of the site are most likely hockey fans. They want to check scores and team schedules and also get the latest news on what is going on in the NHL. They will most likely use most of the resources that offers such as: NHL Radio, newsletter, shop at’s online store, and play fantasy hockey. These users will be knowledgeable about hockey and understand what the link named CBA news means. These users will easily be able to navigate the web site and find the information they are searching for. These people are the primary audience of is also designed for those people who do not know much about hockey but would like to learn. There are links designed to help them navigate the site and find new information. Some of these links are: history, NHL rulebook, and NHL FAQ’s. These links allow people who are new to the game fully understand the rules, the history of the game, and allow them to find answers to some of the questions they may have about hockey or the site. even has a section designed especially for kids. They can play games and learn more about the game of hockey. They can find information about where they can play hockey and can even test their hockey knowledge.
Overall the website is designed for almost everyone. Whether a user has an advanced knowledge of the sport or is a newcomer, the site can accommodate for any audience.
Format & Organization of the Web Site

Here is a screen shot of what the’s site looks like:

Here is what my prototype looks like:

Columnar Layout with Link Menu

Most sport pages including have three columns. The two columns towards the outside of the page are usually not as wide as the center column. The center column will contain news about the league, the team, or a top news story. The center column may split into two columns further down the page. The left column usually contains a menu of links to different pages on the site such as: schedules, standings, stats, news, etc. The right column contains advertisements and sometimes a poll.

Header and Footer

The header on the page can contain advertisements, the title of the site or organization, links to other related sites, and a menu bar. The menu bar usually appears on individual team homepages or on pages that follow the homepage. Sometimes there is no defined footer on these pages but at the bottom center of the page Terms of Use, a Privacy Statement, and a Copyright/Trademark Notice are located.
Level of Formality in Web Site is very formal compared to some other web sites. It is very similar to news sites such as because the set up of the site is very similar. The purpose of is to inform its users about current news in the NHL and to inform them about their favorite teams.’s purpose is also to inform its audience about the latest breaking news nationally and internationally.

Use of Visuals in Web Site

The visuals used in this type of web site are pictures that are .gif or .jpg files, buttons, roll down menus, and image links. These are visually pleasing and can help users better navigate the site.

Range of Variation in Web Site

Obviously there is a difference between the actual web site and my parody site. has been designed by professionals that know what they are doing and are good at their jobs. My design is just a basic outline of what the web page looks like. The basics are the same it is the details that differ.

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