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Rasmus Künstlicher Malmö Sallerupsvägen 32 M

hello@rasmusk.se 2013-04-30 21218 Malmö Sweden

www.rasmusk.se Tel: +46 73 933 4136



I am dedicated, analytic and a team worker.

The Game Assembly Level Design program

2012 fall – ongoing 2.5 years 550 YHP Points, vocational college.

Completed: 2015 The Game Assembly, Malmö Sweden.

With focus on AAA game making as a level designer.

Armor Regiment P7 Guard/Escort Squad leader

2008 1 year military service.

P7, Revingehed Sweden

Commander over a squad of 11 soldiers.

Katedralskolan Växjö Aesthetic: Theatrics

2004 – 2007 3 years upper secondary school.

Katedralskolan, Växjö Sweden.

With focus on acting, directing, sound design and scripts.

Unity 3D ●●●●● I can extend this program with my own tools.

Hammer SDK ●●●○○ I handle this program well.

Unreal Development Kit 3 ●●○○○ I handle this program well.

Unreal Development Kit 4 ●○○○○ have basic knowledge of this program.

C# scripting ●●●○○ I handle this language well.

Lua scripting language ●●●○○ I am comfortable with this language.

Autodesk Maya ●●●○○ I handle this program well.

Adobe Photoshop ●●○○○ I am comfortable with this program.

World Machine ●○○○○ I have basic knowledge of this program.
Level Design/Level Building I have produced levels for various genres and games. I am skilled with all parts of level design, including preproduction, white-boxing, production, tweaking, lighting, scripting and QA.
Agile Game Development I have worked a lot with SCRUM-based agile game development, both in school and in the industry.
Collaboration Ample experience in working together with artists, programmers, producers, and different designers.
Different Genres I have completed several games, both 2D and 3D, in several different genres. I have worked on one game that is currently on Steam.

Scripting I have good experience with C# in Unity, custom made XML- based scripting languages and Lua in an in-house game engine.

Work Experience (most recent)
Full Control ApS Level Design Intern

2014 February - 2014 April Worked on Jagged Alliance: Flashback, a turn-based strategy game. Created several filler levels, planned major levels and wrote game design drafts. Scripted tools for Unity 3D. Worked with setting up assets with logic and colliders.

Swedish Armed Forces, Afghanistan Rifleman

2011 March – 2011 December Part of a 6 man light infantry squad. Served as machine gunner and scribe (taking notes during conversations with local population) in the Swedish part of ISAF.

Sydsec Bevakning AB Security guard

2009 September – 2013 October Various tasks including receptionist, patrols, alarm response, stationary surveillance and property calls. Various hours 24/7.

Group leader

2010 June – 2010 December Administrative work and coordination. Responsible for up to 6 Occasionally during 2011 guards on duty. Also performed regular security guard tasks. Day time, 12 hour shifts.


2010 November – 2011 March Sold surveillance, security services and alarm systems.

Scholastic Aptitude Test Standardized test in Sweden that gives merit when applying

1.6 of 2.0 for higher educations.

Nordic Game Conference Malmö Volunteer

10-12 May 2013 Responsible for a conference room.

Swedish Fluent (mother tongue)

English Full professional proficiency

Rasmus Künstlicher

Level Designer - Level Builder - Level Scripter

References can be given upon request.

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