­­Quick Reference Reset Guide

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­­Quick Reference Reset Guide: If access to the incoming power is not available.
All the specific details of resetting devices are available in the Trouble shooting guides. This document is designed for quick reference only.


15up Reboot device. (tap the top button 15 times)

      1. Factory Reset. (tap top button 9 times, tap bottom 9 times, top 9 times)

7-4-7 Check zigbee channel. (tap top button 7 times, tap bottom 4 times, top 7) Swap image. (hold bottom button during boot up until LED’s flash)

2/3/6 Button Keypad

15up Reboot device. (tap button ‘1’ fifteen times)

      1. Factor Reset. (tap button ‘1’ 9 times, tap button ‘3’ 9 times, tap button ‘1’ 9 times)

7-4-7 Check zigbee channel. (tap button ‘1’ 7 times, tap button ‘3’ 4 times, tap button ‘1’ 7 times)

Home Theatre controller

Speaker Point


  • If access is available remove power for 5 seconds.

Network reset: (clears out network settings – keeps project)

  • Disconnect power,

  • press and hold the identify button,

  • re-connect power and continue to hold identify button until all three lights come on.

  • Immediately as all three lights come on take finger off button.

Media Controller

Multi Channel Amp

Audio Matrix Switch

Quick reboot:

  • Press and hold the front dial till the unit resets (about 15 seconds).

Hard reset:

  • Press and hold the reset button located on the inside of the front flap for 15 seconds.

LCD Keypad

Quick reboot:

  • Press and hold the front dial till the unit resets (about 15 seconds).

Check zigbee channel:

  • Go to the info page

  • Go to the config. page

  • While on the config. page pres 3,4,7,8 and then the short cut button under the dial.

  • This will take you to the channel page.

  • Press CH+ or CH- to change your channel and exit when finished.

System Remote control


  • Pull the batteries.

Check zigbee channel and F/w version:

  • Pres display,2,4,8,6,#,*,display (key up and down for channel)

Mini touch screen

Quick re-Boot:

  • Press and hold the front dial until the device reboots.

Network reset:

  • Reboot the device as above.

  • Next, press and hold the encoder knob again while the touch screen boots up. 30 to 45 seconds later, the display will show a screen that says “Release the button now to reset the network configuration”.

  • When you release the button the panel will say “NETWORK UPDATE, Setting the panel to factory network defaults.” This message will remain for 30-45 seconds. The panel will then reboot.

Any Device via Composer or Remote access.

Reboot via Telnet.

  • Telnet into the unit.

  • Type reboot

  • Type exit.

Reboot via System manager.

  • ‘Connect’ to device in system manager.

  • Edit the devices network properties in ‘Network’ tab > ‘Configure’.

  • Once finished editing the device will reboot.

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