Questions for Nightwish Members

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Questions for Nightwish Members

1) Q. for Anette : How do you feel about fans comparing you to Tarja Turunen?

2) Q. for Everybody : Are you concerned about the way the fans might receive Anette?

3) Q. for Everybody : How do you feel about opening the tour in Israel? What are your expectations from yourself and from the Israeli fans?

4) Q. for Everybody : It is your first concert after 2 years, how do you feel about that? Do you have any concerns?

5) Q. for Tuomas : I have a question about the chemstry between the band members. I wonder how it feels to compose and write the songs all alone?

as I understood, most of the songs are done apart, recorded apart, and then they are all mixed up togeter. Doesn’t this make everything much more complicated? And what about the feeling, the fun of composing stuff together? Isn’t it lost this way?

6) Q. for Tuomas : Do you have any thoughts of expanding the orchestera even morenext album? is it actually possible?

7) Q. for Everybody : How does it feel, to work with an orchestera? I mean, it makes everything about the songs and not as much as the band. Don’t you think it makes the “band thing” be left abit behind?
8) Q. for Tuomas : I would like to ask you about the “writer’s comment” in the song “Live to tell the tale”. What did you mean by that?
9) Q. for Everybody : Do you ever read things that are writtne about you in fansites, communities etc.? How do you feel about the “Fishmaster” remix, for example?
10) Q. for Toumas, Empu and Marko : Yuka and Anette already have kids. Did any of you guys think about settling down anytime soon?
11) Q. for Yuka : How do you handle the fact you are away from your family a long time when the band is on tour? Did you ever jump on a plain home because you were homesick?
12) Q. for Tuomas : Over the last 2 albums, there’s a feeling of change in the manner the songs are written, melody-wise. It appears as if there is more of the Orchestra and less of the Quick-Fingers on the keyboards. Is this change a result of you, and the band as a whole, changing? Obviously, as the years go by you experience diferent things that change you. Are these changes the reason for the change of pace? What do you think the fans feel about these changes?

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