Quality Improvement Plan (qip) Narrative for Health Care Organizations in Ontario

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Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) Narrative for Health Care Organizations in Ontario

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This document is intended to provide health care organizations in Ontario with guidance as to how they can develop a Quality Improvement Plan. While much effort and care has gone into preparing this document, this document should not be relied on as legal advice and organizations should consult with their legal, governance and other relevant advisors as appropriate in preparing their quality improvement plans. Furthermore, organizations are free to design their own public quality improvement plans using alternative formats and contents, provided that they submit a version of their quality improvement plan to Health Quality Ontario (if required) in the format described herein.

Overview of Our Organization’s Quality Improvement Plan

The Narrative should highlight the main points of your organization’s QIP and describe how it aligns overall with other planning processes within your organization and more broadly with other initiatives underway across the province. Please refer to the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) Guidance Document for Ontario’s Health Care Organizations for more information on how to complete this QIP Narrative.
[In completing the Narrative, please make reference to the following information:]


[Make reference to:

Integration and continuity of care

  • [Include a description of how the organization is working with system partners in developing and/or executing quality improvement initiatives for the benefit of your organization’s patients/ clients/ residents]

Challenges, risks and mitigation strategies

  • [Briefly describe any challenges and risks that have been identified in the execution of these quality commitments, and how these will be addressed]

Information management:

  • [Describe the extent by which your organization uses its information management systems (e.g. Electronic Medical Records) to better understand the needs of your patient/ client/ resident populations, and how data is used to inform quality improvements and target setting.

Engagement of clinicians and leadership:

  • [Expand on how your organization is engaging with its clinical staff and broader leadership in establishing shared quality improvement goals and commitments for the organization]

Accountability management:

  • [Describe how organizational leadership will be held accountable for achieving the targets set out in your QIP].


It is recommended that the following individuals review and sign-off on your organization’s Quality Improvement Plan (where applicable):
I have reviewed and approved our organization’s Quality Improvement Plan
Board Chair ______________(Name) _______________________ (signature)

Quality Committee Chair ______________(Name) _____________________ (signature)

Chief of Staff/Clinician Lead ______________(Name) _______________________ (signature)

CEO/Executive Director/Admin. Lead ______________(Name) ___________________ (signature)

Other leadership as appropriate______________(Name, position) ___________________ (signature)

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