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BA Short Stories

Positon Winning Notes

Prepared by : Muhammad Qadir Rafique

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1. Action is the foundational key to all success.

2. Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it.

3. Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

4. Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.

5. Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.

1-The Killer

By: Ernest Hemingway


The story “The Killers” is about the idea that crime does not pay. Criminals try to escape the consequences of their crimes, but they cannot. They have to face them resignedly. Nobody can help them. They are alone and their own.It is five o’clock. Two men enter a restaurant. Their names are Al and Max. They are killers. They have come to kill Ole Anderson. Ole is a customer. George, Nick, and Sam are members of the staff of the restaurant.The two men sat at the counter. They order for a heavy dinner. George tells them that it is five O’clock and they can get the heavy dinner at six O’clock. They talk to the members of the staff rudely. They make fun of them and call them bright boys.After eating his meal, Al takes Nick and Sam to the kitchen. He makes them hostages at the gunpoint. Max sits with George at the counter to handle the situation. Max asks George to tell the customers that the cook is off. Fortunately, Ole does not come. After waiting almost twohours, they leave the restaurant.After their departure, Nick goes to Ole’s residence to tell him about the killers. However, Ole listens about the killers very casually. He tells him that nothing can be done. He thanks Nick on his coming and telling him about the killers. Nick returns and tells George about Ole. Nick is afraid of and wants to leave the town. George agrees to it.


“The Killer” is a beautiful short story written by Earnest Hemingway. Hemingway’s stories are often full of suspense, action and mystery. Symbolism is another chief quality of his stories. This story is about the intended murder of a person named Ole Anderson by two professional killers Al and Max. The writer has beautifully highlighted the inevitability of death. Though, no one is killed in the story, yet the story creates an atmosphere of fear in the minds of reader. In short, in a simple manner the writer has been able to achieve the desired result.


The Killer” is a powerful short story. Do you agree?


Bring out the horror and suspense in the story.


What is the effect of the story “The Killers” on the mind of the reader?


The Killers” is a powerful story, which is full of suspense, action, fear and terror/horror, Explain


The Killer is a powerful short story, which is full of suspense and horror. Al and Max are

two professional killers who come to Hennery’s lunch room to kill Ole Anderson. Both of them look mysterious by their behaviour. Hotel staff takes them to be wicked persons. They order the food after great delay. This causes great anxiety for the hotel staff. Their dealings with the hotel staff shows that something dangerous is going to happen. After taking food, Al takes Sam, the cook, and Nick Adams, the count boy, to the kitchen and ties them. He puts towels in their mouths also. At that moment, the hotel staff comes to know about their dangerous plan that they are here to kill Ole Anderson, who is expected to be there by 6 pm. Moreover, they order George not to entertain anybody, saying that the cook is off today. With the passage of time their anxiety increases. At 7, they realize that Ole is not coming today and they leave the place. But, they say that they will kill Ole just to oblige their friend. After their departure Nick goes to Ole Anderson and tells him the whole story. But, he does not pay any attention to it. Nick returns to the hotel with a fear of expected murder. To conclude, we may say that although the murderers are not able to kill Ole, yet they are able to create an atmosphere of horror. Moreover, the writer has been able to create horror and suspense from the beginning till the end.


What is symbolic significance of the whole story?


Symbolism always plays an important role in Hemingway’s stories. Discuss with reference to the story “The Killer”.


Symbolism is an important element of Hemingway’s stories. “The Killer” is a fine

example of his great work. He has used symbolism quite artistically in this story. The different characters and lunch room in the story have great symbolic significance.

Al” and “Max” symbolize those criminals who are busy in mal-practices just for money or for some other evil purposes. “Nick”, “George”, and “Sam” symbolize common people who are working hard to earn their livelihood whereas, Ole Anderson stands for such people who are struggling hard for peace, but they are getting nothing. Such people are fed up of their lives and are ready to face death. Finally lunch room, it symbolizes such public places which are open for all sorts of people. Even the idea of short story is quite symbolic that the death is inevitable. In short, the story can be called symbolic as it gives much more meanings than what appear on the surface.


Ole is the main character of the story. Discuss.


The writer has been able to delineate man’s courage and

determination through Ole Anderson.


Ole Anderson” is the main character around whom the whole story revolves. His

character becomes a source of attention for the reader from the start of the story. Though, heis only discussed till the end of the story yet he is there to enhance the anxiety of the reader. Aland Max are there to kill him. Basically, he is a Swede heavy weight prize fighter, quite tall and muscular. The reader does not know much about him till the end. We even don’t understand why the killers want to kill him.

Ole Anderson” has lost all his interest in life and is ready to face death. When Nick tells him about the killers, he does not bother. It is just because, he is fed up of running from death. But, now he feels that it is useless to run away from death. In short, “Ole Anderson” is a representative of those people who work hard for peace but getting nothing. Moreover, through his character writer has been able to delineate man’s courage and determination.


Al and Max played a very important role in the story. Prove.


Do you think without Al and Max Hemingway would not have been able to get

desired result in the story?


Al and Max are two important characters of the story. They become a source of fear and horror for the hotel staff as well as the reader. In fact, it is their entrance in the lunch room that starts the whole drama. They behave rudely with the hotel staff and ask about Ole Anderson in a strange manner. In fact, they are professional killers who want to kill Ole Anderson just to oblige their friend. They are cruel persons who are ready to kill anybody for nothing. Al and Max have similar personalities. Both are dressed alike and both have aggressive temperament . Al is the one who ties Nick and Sam in kitchen, while Max asks George harshly not to entertain anybody. However, in the end, they return back without completing their mission but they leave behind an atmosphere of fear and horror. In short, it can be said without Al and Max’s characters the writer would not have been able to get desired result.


Describe the disorder and lawlessness of American Society.


The story “The Killers” reflects some of the darkest aspects of the modern society. Discuss.


Law and order is the problem of the whole world, and American Society is no exception. Good and bad people are found everywhere. But, there are some personal, psychological and social reasons, which breed crime in a society. In advanced countries like America, much freedom is given in all most all the walks of life. So some criminal minded people try to take undue advantage of this liberty. The killers in the story “The Killer” also represent the same faction of the society, who just for a petty reason i.e. to oblige their friend want to commit a deadly sin. That shows how ruthlessly they are violating the laws of the society. How freely they enter a restaurant and make the staff their hostages, even in broad day light. They have no fear of police, any law agency or even authorities. Anderson points out that there is no use of going to the police. Though, American society is considered a flag bearer of the moral values, yet the situation here is not better than developing countries. To conclude it can be said, that “The Killer” highlights that the American Society is not a heaven as it looks to the people of developing countries. In short, the story testifies the disorder and lawlessness of the American Society.


Describe Henry’s Lunch-Room. What did happen there?


The door of Henry’s Lunch-Room opens. Two men, Al and Max, enter. They sit at the counter. They take Nick Adams and George, the waiters, and Sam, the cook, under their control. Their way of action is quite mysterious. It is getting dark outside. Al and Max order some items of food separately. They are provided some eatables at the dinner time. They ask Nick Adams to go around behind the counter. Al takes both Sam and Nick Adams into the kitchen; the door shuts behind them. George asks Max what all that is about. He is told that they are going to kill a person named Ole Anderson, a Swede heavyweight boxer, who comes to the restaurant for dinner. From the kitchen, Al tells George that they want to kill Ole Anderson only to oblige a friend. Max forbids George to entertain anyone in the restaurant. At quarter past six (6:15 pm), a street car driver enters the restaurant, but George immediately sends him back by saying that the cook has gone out. Gorge happens to go to the kitchen and he sees there Nick Adams and Sam bound back to back. A towel has also been pushed into their mouths. The killers wait for Ole Anderson but he does not come. At last, they leave Henry’s Lunch-Room at five past seven (7:05 pm). Here ends the scene in Henry’s Lunch-Room.


What does Ole Anderson read on the wall? Explain


When Nick Adams goes to tell Ole Anderson that two men are certainly going to kill him, what is his reaction?


Death must come as inevitable doom when time comes but one should embrace itgracefully.” Explain

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