Qantas Club Rates anu corporate rates are as follows: Membership

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Qantas Club Rates

ANU corporate rates are as follows:


One Year membership: $332.00

Two Year membership: $593.00

Note: These rates are the maximum amount you will be charged under the University's arrangement with Qantas, if there are promotional rates available Qantas will automatically adjust for the lesser rate.

Joining fee

For new members to Qantas Club: $240.00

Example: A new member joining the Qantas Club for one year will pay $572.00, a new member joining for two years will pay $833.00.

Note: the joining fee is only payable when first applying to the ANU Corporate scheme. Existing Qantas Club members transferring to corporate membership or from another corporate scheme, may pay a reduced joining fee calculated by Qantas.

Frequent Flyer Rates

Joining Fee $82.50 (incl. GST)

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