Purpose of the position

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Position Description

Chief Rob Edward

Lower Similkameen Indian Band

February 4, 2010

The Lower Similkameen Indian Band Chief is the official elected leader of the Lower Similkameen Indian Band under the Custom Election Regulations. The Chief is the official political head of the Lower Similkameen Indian Band Chief and Council and the Band’s spokesperson. Together with the 3 elected Councilors, the Chief oversees and ensures the effective operations of Lower Similkameen Indian Band’s Administration and legally incorporated non-profit and for-profit entities. The Chief is ultimately accountable to Band members to ensure good leadership and governance for the Lower Similkameen Indian Band.

  1. Internal Band Businesses

    • Governance – Leadership at Council

    • Legislation – Laws and By-laws making and enforcement

    • Fiduciary / Financial Accountability

    • Over-seeing Band Manager/ Administration

    • Political relations with Band members including youth and Elders

    • Lower Similkameen Indian Band traditional leadership

    • Incorporated LSIB entities

  1. External Government to Government Relationships

  • With Similkameen Valley Planning Society

  • With Colville Confederate Tribe – State of Washington

  • With Integrated Border Enforcement Task Force (Homeland Security)

  • With Okanagan Nation Alliance

  • With Union of BC Indian Chiefs

  • With BC First Nations Summit

  • With First Nations Leadership Council

  • With Assembly of First Nations

  • With the Province of British Columbia – MCFD, MOH, MOF, MOE, MAF, etc.

  • With the Crown in Right of Canada – INAC, Health Canada, Environment, Parks, Justice (RCMP), HRSDC, etc.

  1. Relationships with For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Organizations

  • Crown corporations – CMHC

  • Business corporations – VV&E, Teresan Gas, Fortis, etc.

  • Financial and Audit institutions – CIBC, MNP

  • Post-Secondary Institutions – En’Owkin Centre, UBC-Okanagan College

  • Legal firms – Mandell Pinder, Vandenburg & Associates, Morahan & Associates, Dean Crawford & Associates, Ratcliff & Co.


  1. Lower Similkameen Indian Band Affairs

Main Activities:

  • Serves as Chief of Lower Similkameen Indian Band and Chair of Council meetings

  • Works with Council to develop laws, by-laws, codes, regulations, policies and procedures

  • Incorporates appropriate Lower Similkameen Indian Band governance and administration structures, i.e. Administration Structure

  • Facilitates development of Council’s Business and Operations Plans

  • Monitors and evaluates the implementation of Council’s Business and Operations Plans and Councillors’ Work Plans

  • Directs Band Manager and Finance Department to ensure proper financial management and accountability for Lower Similkameen Indian Band’s resources and assets

  • Serves as a share-holder of Lower Similkameen Indian Band’s non-profit and for-profit corporations

  • Serves as a Director of incorporated for-profit and non-profit societies – to be clarified

  • Regularly reports to Lower Similkameen Indian Band members on the progress of the Band

  • Reports to internal and external stakeholders/funders, i.e. INAC, Health Canada, Environment, HRSDC

  1. External Government Relations/Affairs

Main Duties:

  • Develop and maintain external relationships with Similkameen Valley Planning Society with Colville Confederate Tribe (now also a member of ONA) – State of Washington, Integrated Border Enforcement Task Force (Homeland Security)

  • Develop and maintain government to government relationships with Canada and its departments (INAC, Health Canada, CMHC, HRSDC, Solicitor General, etc.)

  • Develop and maintain government to government relationships with British Columbia and its departments

  • Develop and maintain external relationships with other First Nations and organizations (AFN, Union of BC Indian Chiefs, etc.)

  • Serves as Lower Similkameen Indian Band Representative and Spokespersons at public functions and ceremonies

  • Serves as lead negotiator with other governments relating to outstanding Rights & Title and Land Claims, CFA and other Agreements

  • Responds to interviews with public media (TV, Radio, Newspapers)

  1. Recruits and Supervises Band Manager

Main Activities

  • Recruits a qualified Band Manager

  • Supports and ensures the Band Manager enforces all approved Lower Similkameen Indian Band laws, by-laws, codes, regulations, policies and procedures

  • Reviews and approves the Consolidated Lower Similkameen Indian Band Administration 5-year Business Plan

  • Approves vacation and other special leaves of the Band Manager

  • Supports the Band Manager in professional development

  • Evaluates the performance of the Band Manager



The Chief has proficient knowledge in the following areas:

  • Knowledge of the Nsyilxcen language, Syilx laws, culture and protocols

  • Knowledge and understanding of Syilx Titles and Rights

  • Knowledge of relevant federal and provincial laws, legislation, policies and procedures including the Indian Act

  • Knowledge of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs and ONA processes and protocols

  • Knowledge of Board Governance

  • Knowledge of government relations at international, national and regional/provincial levels

  • Knowledge of financial management and budgeting

  • Knowledge of program management and delivery


The Chief possesses and strives diligently to develop the following skills:

  • Change Management and Team leadership

  • Management skills

  • Financial management skills

  • Strategic planning skills

  • Facilitation skills

  • Decision making skills

  • Negotiations skills

  • Effective verbal, listening and communications skills

  • Computer skills

  • Written communications skills including the ability to prepare reports, policies and motions

  • Effective public relations and public speaking skills

  • Research skills

  • Stress management skills

  • Time management skills

  • Conflict resolution and problem solving skills

Personal Attributes

The Chief maintains strict confidentiality in performing his duties. The following personal attributes are invaluable assets for the Chief to carry out his duties:

  • Maintains the Lower Similkameen Indian Band Chief & Council code of conduct

  • Respectful to self, family and others

  • Nsyilxcen speaker

  • Lives a healthy life style

  • Possesses cultural, spiritual knowledge awareness and sensitivity

  • Demonstrates a dedication to the position and the community

  • Demonstrates sound work ethics

  • Consistent and fair

  • Flexible

Physical Demands
The Chief travels throughout the community and territory in all weather. He works long hours sitting, using computers, planning, monitoring, evaluating, attending meetings and engaging in formal/informal meetings and visits with Band members.
Environmental Conditions
The Chief provides ongoing coaching and mentoring of Council members and the Band Manager. High demand of his time is exerted from the members related to personal issues and emergencies. The Chief is interrupted frequently to meet the needs and requests of members.
Mental Demands
The Chief manages a number of requests and initiatives at one time. He is aware of all Lower Similkameen Indian Band business in the community and any and all relevant legislation, policies and procedures. He completes a number of tasks and responsibilities at one time, and must be prepared to deal with emergencies and stressful situations at any time.


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