PubMed Central Journal Application

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PubMed Central Journal Application

PubMed Central (PMC) is the free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Library of Medicine (NLM).

Before completing this application for inclusion in PMC please make sure that your journal satisfies the prerequisites listed under “Scientific Quality Standards for PMC Journals” on PMC’s Information for Publishers page, Note, too, that PMC only accepts journals that publish the full text of articles in English.
For a journal that is not yet covered by any of the major indexing services, PMC also needs brief letters from three editors who are listed on the journal masthead and who meet the prerequisite of being a principal investigator on an active research grant. Each letter should confirm the writer's editorial role on the journal and list his or her current research grants from major funding agencies. Grant descriptions must include grant number, grant title, amount, duration, and funding agency name. A link to a grant summary on the agency's website, if one exists, will also be helpful. If a funding agency's name does not clearly identify it as a national scientific agency, please include a sentence about the agency's function. The letters may be included with this application or sent separately via email to
If your journal is currently indexed in MEDLINE or if you (the publisher) already have another journal in MEDLINE or PMC, only complete sections I and II of the application.
Return the completed application to PMC via email to
Sample Articles for Review. If a journal is not in MEDLINE and its publisher does not have any other journal in MEDLINE or PMC, it must include with this application a small sample of original research or review articles that it has published in recent months or has scheduled for publication in the near future. In other words, if you are required to complete sections III and IV of the application, you must also provide a set of articles to be used in assessing the scientific quality of the journal. (This is separate from the files required later in the application process for the technical evaluation that applies to all journals, regardless of MEDLINE status.)
For this review you may provide links to relevant articles at the journal site or you may include PDF files for the articles with your application. If you do not have electronic copies of articles to be reviewed, indicate this when you return your application and PMC staff will tell you where to send paper copies.

I. Bibliographic Information

Journal Title:      

Previous Titles, if any:      


Country of Publication:      

Sponsoring Organization(s), if any:      

Year of First Issue:      

Frequency of Publication:      

Publication Medium: Print, Online or Both?      

Print ISSN:       Electronic ISSN:      

Journal Online Site URL:      

If access to the journal site is restricted, please provide an account that will give PMC staff full access to the site.

User Name:       Password:      
Is the Journal Currently Indexed in MEDLINE?      

If Not in MEDLINE, is it Covered by Another Major Abstracting Service?      

(E.g., Agricola, Biosis, CINAHL, Chemical Abstracts, EMBASE, PsycINFO or Science Citation Index.)

Is This an Open Access Journal?      

(Open Access goes beyond free access. See

II. Contact Information

Publisher Contact (person who will work with PMC on policy, journal presentation and similar matters).


Email Address:      

Data Supplier Contact (person responsible for sending the journal’s data files to PMC and for other technical matters).


Email Address:      

III. Editorial Information

Do not complete this section if the journal is currently indexed in MEDLINE or if you (the publisher) already have another journal in MEDLINE or PMC.

Aims and Scope of Journal:

Editor's Name and Affiliation:      

Email Address:      

Editorial Board Members – Names and Affiliations:

If all names and affiliations are listed in the print or online version of the journal, there is no need to repeat them here. Just indicate where the information can be found.


IV. Review Process

Do not complete this section if the journal is currently indexed in MEDLINE or if you (the publisher) already have another journal in MEDLINE or PMC.

Summary of Peer Review Process (800 characters or less):

Are All Articles Reviewed by Editor or Editorial Board?      

Does Journal Use Outside Peer Reviewers?      

Number of Reviewers Assigned per Manuscript:      
Average Length of Time From Acceptance of Manuscript to Publication:      

Percent of Commissioned Manuscripts:     % versus Unsolicited Manuscripts:     %

Acceptance Rate of Unsolicited Manuscripts in Past 12 months:     %

Articles Published in Past 12 months:      

Does Journal Publish Sources of Financial Support for Articles?      

Does Journal Publish a Conflict-of-Interest Statement?      

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