Published papers from Early Angiosperm Evolution project

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Published papers from Early Angiosperm Evolution project
Bateman R.M., J. Hilton and P.J. Rudall. 2006. Morphological and molecular phylogenetic context of the angiosperms: contrasting the “top-down” and “bottom-up” approaches to inferring the likely characteristics of the first flowers. Journal of Experimental Botany 57: 3471–3503.

Furness C.A. and P.J. Rudall. 2001. The tapetum in basal angiosperms: early diversity. International Journal of Plant Sciences. 162: 375–392.

Furness C.A., P.J. Rudall and F.B. Sampson. 2002. Evolution of microsporogenesis in angiosperms. International Journal of Plant Sciences 163: 235–260.

Remizowa M.V., D.D. Sokoloff, B.G. Briggs, T.D. Macfarlane, A.S. Beer and P.J. Rudall. 2008. seedling structure, shoot architecture and morphological identity of reproductive units in Hydatellaceae (Nymphaeales). Bulletin Tver State University, Series Biology and Ecology 25 (9): 219–223.

Remizowa M.V., D.D. Sokoloff, T.D. Macfarlane, S.R. Yadav, C.J. Prychid and P.J. Rudall. 2008. Comparative pollen morphology in the early-divergent angiosperm family Hydatellaceae reveals variation at the infraspecific level. Grana 47: 81–100.

Rudall P.J. 2006. How many nuclei make an embryo sac in flowering plants? Bioessays 28: 1067–1071.

Rudall P.J. and Bateman, R.M. 2007. Developmental bases for key innovations in the seed-plant microgametophyte. Trends in Plant Science 12: 317–326.

Rudall P.J., and Bateman, R.M. in press-2010. Defining the limits of flowers: the challenge of distinguishing between the evolutionary products of simple versus compound strobili. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.

Rudall P.J., D.D. Sokoloff, M. V. Remizowa, J.G. Conran, J.I. Davis, T.D. Macfarlane, D.W. Stevenson. 2007. Morphology of Hydatellaceae, an anomalous aquatic family recently recognized as an early-divergent angiosperm lineage. American Journal of Botany 94: 1073–1092.

Rudall P.J., M.V. Remizowa, A. Beer, E. Bradshaw, D.W. Stevenson, T.D. Macfarlane, R.E. Tuckett, S.R. Yadav, D.D. Sokoloff. 2008. Comparative ovule and megagametophyte development in Hydatellaceae and water lilies reveal a mosaic of features among the earliest angiosperms. Annals of Botany 101: 941–956.

Rudall P.J., M.V. Remizowa, G. Prenner, C.A. Prychid, R. Tuckett, D.D. Sokoloff. 2009. Non-flowers near the base of extant angiosperms? Spatiotemporal arrangement of organs in reproductive units of Hydatellaceae, and its bearing on the origin of the flower. American Journal of Botany 96: 67–82.

Rudall P.J., T. Eldridge, J. Tratt, S.Y. Smith, M.M. Ramsay, R.E. Tuckett, M.E. Collinson, M.V. Remizowa, D.D. Sokoloff. 2009. Seed fertilization, development and germination in Hydatellaceae (Nymphaeales): implications for endosperm evolution in early angiosperms. American Journal of Botany 96: 1581–1593.

Sokoloff D.D., M.V. Remizowa, B.G. Briggs and P.J. Rudall. 2009. Shoot architecture and branching pattern in perennial Hydatellaceae. International Journal of Plant Sciences 170: 869–884.

Sokoloff D.D., M.V. Remizowa, T.D. Macfarlane and P.J. Rudall. 2008a. Classification of the early-divergent angiosperm family Hydatellaceae: one genus instead of two, four new species, and sexual dimorphism in dioecious taxa. Taxon 57: 179–200.

Sokoloff D.D., M.V. Remizowa, T.D. Macfarlane, R.E. Tuckett, M.M. Ramsay, A.S. Beer, S.R. Yadav and P.J. Rudall. 2008b. Seedling diversity in Hydatellaceae: implications for the evolution of angiosperm cotyledons. Annals of Botany 101:153–164.

Tratt J., H.D. Behnke, C.J. Prychid and P.J. Rudall. In press-2009. Starch-accumulating (S-type) sieve-element plastids in Hydatellaceae: implications for evolution of sieve-element plastids in flowering plants. Protoplasma.

Warner K.A., P.J. Rudall & M.W. Frohlich. 2009. Environmental control of sepalness and petalness in perianth organs of waterlilies – a new Mosaic Theory on the evolutionary origin of a differentiated perianth. Journal of Experimental Botany 60: 3559–3574. [With cover image]

Warner, K.A., P.J. Rudall and M. W. Frohlich. 2008. Differentiation of perianth organs in Nymphaeales. Taxon 57 (4): 1096–1109.

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