Publications in international refereed journals and books

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Publications in international refereed journals and books

Lingjærde, O.C., N.C. Stenseth, A.B. Kristoffersen, R.H. Smith, S.J. Moe, J.M. Read, S. Daniels & K. Simkiss (2001). Exploring the density-dependent structure of blowfly populations by nonparametric additive modeling. Ecology 82(9): 2645-2658.

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Barton, D.N., T. Saloranta, T.H. Bakken, A.Lyche Solheim, J. Moe, J.R. Selvik, N. Vagstad. 2005. Using Bayesian network models to incorporate uncertainty in the economic analysis of pollution abatement measures under the water framework directive. Water Supply 5(6): 95-104.

Barton, D.N., T. Saloranta, S. J. Moe, H.O. Eggestad, S. Kuikka. 2008. Bayesian belief networks as a meta-modelling tool in integrated river basin management - Pros and cons in evaluating nutrient abatement decisions under uncertainty in a Norwegian river basin. Ecological Economics 66(1): 91-104.

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A. K. Schartau, S.J. Moe, L. Sandin, B. McFarland, G.G. Raddum (2008). Macroinvertebrate indicators of lake acidification: testing on data from UK, Norway and Sweden. Aquatic Ecology 42:293–305.

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C. O’Toole, I. Donohue, S. J. Moe and K. Irvine (2008). Nutrient optima and tolerances of benthic invertebrates, the effects of taxonomic resolution and testing of selected metrics in lakes using an extensive European data base. Aquatic Ecology 42.

Nourizadeh-Lillabadi R, Lyche JL, Almaas C, Stavik B, Moe SJ, Aleksandersen M, Berg V, Jakobsen KS, Stenseth NC, Skare JU, Alestrom P, Ropstad E. 2009. Transcriptional Regulation in Liver and Testis Associated with Developmental and Reproductive Effects in Male Zebrafish Exposed to Natural Mixtures of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP). Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health-Part a-Current Issues; 72: 112-130.

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Moe, S. J., A. K. Schartau, T. Bækken, B. McFarland (2010). Assessing macroinvertebrate metrics for classifying acidified rivers across northern Europe. Freshwater Biology 55(7):1832-1404.

Hering D, Borja A, Carstensen J, Carvalho L, Elliott M, Feld CK, Heiskanen AS, Johnson RK, Moe J, Pont D, Solheim AL, de Bund W (2010). The European Water Framework Directive at the age of 10: a critical review of the achievements with recommendations for the future. Science of the Total Environment 408(19): 4007-4019.

Book chapters

Moe, S.J. 2007. Density dependence in Population-level Ecological Risk Assessment. In: Population-level Risk Assessment. Eds. L. Barnthouse, M. Sorensen, W. Munns. CRC press.

Carlsen, T.M., S.J. Moe, S. Brasfield, P.F. Chapman, A. Hoffman, W.G. Landis, D.E. Nacci, H. Noel, J.A. Spromberg. 2007. Empirical Approaches to Population Level Risk Assessment. In: Population-level Risk Assessment. Eds. L. Barnthouse, M. Sorensen, W. Munns. CRC press.

Moe, S.J., Kristoffersen, A.B., Stenseth, N.C. 2008. Lucilia sericata laboratory populations: toxicant effects modified by stage-specific density dependence and stochasticity. In: Demographic Toxicity: Methods in Ecological Risk Assessment. Eds. R. Akcakaya, J. Stark. Oxford University Press.

Moe, S.J. Bayesian Models in Assessment and Management. 2010. In: Environmental Risk Assessment and Management from a Landscape Perspective. Eds. L. Kapustka, W.G. Landis, A. Johnson. Wiley's.
Other publications

Moe, S.J. (2004). Indirect effects of stressors: an example of density dependence. SETAC Globe 5(2):41-42.

Stålnacke, P., S. J. Moe, H. d.W. 2005. Lange tidsserier – gull verdt for vannressursforvaltningen. Vann 4 (12 pp)

Docksjö, S., Moe, J. "Hodet over vann - en ungdomsbok om forskning, fred og en mulig framtid". 2008. Hummer publishing.

Docksjö, S., Moe, J. "Water for life - a Scandinavian book on research, peace and a possible future". 2008. Hummer publishing.

Scientific reports

Saloranta, T.M., O. Malve, T.H. Bakken, J. Moe, A.S. Ibrekk. 2004. Lake Water Quality Models and Benchmark Criteria. Delivery Report from Lake Model Work Package (WP6) of the BMW-project. Project contrat no. EVK1-CT2001-00093.

Lyche Solheim, A., A.K. Schartau, F. Olsgard, F. Moy, J. Moe, O. Diserud, A. Pedersen. 2005. Proposal for design of a Norwegian Monitoring Network for Reference Sites. NIVA report no. 5003-2005.

O’Toole, C., Schartau, A-K., Irvine, K., Moe, J. & Sandin, L. 2006. Benthic invertebrates (profundal and littoral). In: Lyche-Solheim, A. (Editor) Reference conditions of European lakes: Indicators and methods for the Water Framework Directive. REBECCA deliverable no. 7. pp. 45-49. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg

Barton, David N., T. Saloranta, J. Moe, H. O. Eggestad, N. Vagstad, A. L. Solheim, J. R. Selvik. 2006. Using belief networks in pollution abatement planning. Example from Morsa catchment, South Eastern Norway. NIVA report 5213-2006 (48 pp).

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Solheim, A.L., J. Moe, S. Haande, A. Hobæk, J.E. Løvik, T. Høgaasen. 2009. Eutrofieringstilstand i norske innsjøer og elver 1980-2008. I hht. økologisk klassifiseringssystem for Vanndirektivet. SPFO-rapport: 1042/2008

Moe, J., L. Barkved, M. Blind, C. Makropulos, M. Vurro, S. Ekstrand, J. Rocha, M. Mimikou, M. Ulstein. 2010. How can climate change be incorporated in river basin management plans under the WFD? Report from the EurAqua conference 2008. NIVA report OR-6045. 27 s.

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