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Scorpions of southern Africa
Author: Jonathan Leeming
Publication Date: February 2003
Pages: 86
Size: 221mm x 154mm
Illustrations: 138 full colour photos; 60 Maps; 15 line drawings
Price: R79:95 (All inclusive for SA)
Published by: Struik
ISBN: 1-86872-804-8

This book represents a huge step forward in scorpion conservation. No where else is so much information readily available in a user friendly format. It covers the southern Africa sub region which includes South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and southern Mozambique. It represents the facts about one of the worlds most misunderstood creatures.

Distribution maps, photos and descriptions of 60 species of scorpion have been included.

A visual key to genera is included using the shape of the pincers and venom vesicle provides easy identification down to genus level. Sexual dimorphism, characteristics, venom strengths, habitat requirements and behavior is discussed or illustrated for all southern African genera.

Other topics discussed include general distributions of southern African scorpions; evolution and fossil records; anatomy; ecdysis; behaviour; burrows; defence; surface activities; predators and prey; venom; courtship; gestation and birth; habitat selection; parental care; control; conservation; biodiversity.
The book will appeal to the amateur naturalist but also the professional arachnologist. It contains an upto date overview of southern African scorpions as well as yet unpublished information of scorpion biology in a southern African context.
Artist: Martin Paulsen.
Contact: Jonathan Leeming


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