Public Auction 292 Friday, 26th October 2012

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Public Auction 292

Friday, 26th October 2012

will be held on Level 3, Status International House,

262 Castlereagh Street, Sydney


Lots 4001 –8922, commencing at 10.00am

Viewing at Status International premises: 262 Castlereagh Street, Sydney

Monday - Wednesday 22nd – 24th October 2012 9:00 am - 4.45 pm

Thursday 25th October 2012 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Friday 26th October 2012 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Limited viewing on Thursday & Friday (auction days), preference will be given to clients from outside Sydney.

Proprietor: Numismatic Describers: IT Administrator:

Stewart Wright David Carr Frank Zheng

Robert Morello

Business Manager: Stewart Wright Catalogue Production:

Robert Morello Les Jones Tseng Chiung-Yao

David Allen Grant Morton

Office Administrator: Auctioneer:: Despatch/Shipping:

Sabine Wincote Mervin Baily John Webber Carl Veen

Status International

: PO Box A2176, Sydney South, NSW 1235, AUSTRALIA

: +61 (0)2 9267 4525 FAX: +61 (0)2 9267 6124

Email : web:

The I S Wright Group

I S Wright

I S Wright

I S Wright

I S Wright

Shop 23 Adelaide Arcade

208 Sturt St

241 Lonsdale St

262 Castlereagh St

Rundle Mall





VIC 3350

VIC 3000

NSW 2000

Ph: 08 8223 7603

Fax: 08 8223-2129

Ph: 03 5332 3856

Fax: 03 5331-6426

Ph: 03 9650 2345

Fax: 03 9654 8825

Ph: 02 9264 7555

Fax: 02 9264 2656

Grant Morton

Ben Smith

David Carr

David Allen

Information and Observations

In the recent past there has been a shortage of good Australian Commonwealth coins in all metals, gold silver and copper on offer in Status International and other auction catalogues. We as auctioneers can only offer what our vendors bring us.

Not true this time. This auction is one of our best and sees our finest offerings of Commonwealth Proof and Pattern Coinage, Australian Gold Sovereigns and Pre-Federation banknotes, in both quality and rarity.

I will not bother listing the highlights, there are too many. I will leave it to you drool over the photos and pore of the pages of the catalogue and dream of the coins you wish to buy. Suffice to say such comprehensive range of goodies is seldom offered

Having said that I cannot go without saying it is a priviledge to offer at auction the 1937 pattern 1d and 1/- along with other rarities such as the 1813 dump, and the 1922S, 23S and 26S KGV key date sovereigns.. Likewise the other pre-1955 proofs. All these coins have been off the market for nearly 25 years and are reserved to sell

Changing trends and the general sluggishness of the economy have been taken into account when reserve prices were set and I think you will find most are more than realistic.

Like it or not, there is a growing demand from a passionate band of collectors who only buy slabbed coins that have been third party graded.

The more than 300 slabbed Australian pre-decimal coins, slabbed by leading independent US grading services PCGS and NGC is the largest number of slabbed coins offered at public auction. Most are MS-63, MS-64, Ms-65 or higher and are as such very desirable.

For the uninitiated slabbed coins are graded from Poor to Uncirculated , PO-1 to MS-70 with average uncirculated starting at MS-60 and going up to M-S70 , the nicer the coin, the higher the MS grading. US Catalogues usually only price coins graded up to MS-65. Only a small fraction of the coins on the market grade MS-63 or above (Choice to Gem UNC). The number of pre-decimal coins that grade MS-65 is usually only a tiny number as evidenced by the high catalogue prices.. Coins that grade higher than MS-65 are exceptional and usually command substantially higher prices.

PCGS keeps a record of the number of each coin graded at a particular grade. This is known as the population count. In most cases we have quoted the population count for each date and also the number of coins that have been graded higher.

This interesting and invaluable information is available on the PCGS website for all to see.

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