Psalm of our David Series

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Psalm of our David Series

As one studies the life of David in I Samuel and II Samuel, it is helpful to refer to the different Psalms he wrote as he was facing the circumstances recorded in those books. It helps to understand what he was thinking as he faced the good times as well as the bad. It is also helpful to reference 1st and 2nd Samuel as one studies the Psalms to find out what was going on in David's life as he wrote various songs that we find in the book of Psalms. The following is a list of some of the Psalms he wrote along with the corresponding scripture references.


PSALM  7  -  I  SAMUEL 26:25     A Psalm where David asked God to judge between Saul and himself with regards to who was right. 
PSALM  11   -   II  SAM.  1:1     David received advice to stop being concerned about Israel or the people of Jabesh-gilead and to flee to the mountains to save his own skin. 
PSALM  12  -   I  SAM. 23:12   David gave a strong warning about gossiping about others.  Sins of the tongue bring on triple compound discipline. 
PSALM 13  -   I  SAM. 29:11   David started out feeling sorry for himself and blamed God for all of his troubles.  But he came to his senses and started trusting God again. 
PSALM  14  -  I  SAM. 25:38   This is a psalm about Nabal and David.  Nabal was the foolish husband of Abigail.  He tried to cheat David and the Lord took his life. 
PSALM  16  -   I  SAM. 23:5   What David thought when he took his troops from the Cave of Adullam to their first battle at Keilah. 
PSALM  21  -   II  SAM. 5:21   This is a song of victory David wrote after he was attacked by the Philistines soon after he became king over all Israel.  
PSALM  22  -   I  SAM. 30:7   David turned to the Lord for strength at Ziklag when the Amalikites had stolen all the women and children and his own men were about to kill him. 
PSALM  25  -  I  SAM. 24:22   In this psalm, David remembered when he could have killed king Saul in the Cave of Adullam but spared his life and continued to trust in God for deliverance.  
PSALM  30  -   II  SAM. 5:12     David gave the Lord all of the credit for promoting him to be king over Israel.  He reminds us to sing praises to the Lord and that He is the source of all our blessings. 
PSALM  33  -    I  SAM. 17:50 & 57      This is David’s “Ode to Goliath’s Head” 
PSALM  34  -   I  SAM. 21:13-22:1     David remembered feigning madness in Gath and how the Lord rescued him from reversionism when he cried out for help.  It contains several great promises. 
PSALM  36  -   I  SAM. 23:12     This is what David was thinking when he found out that the people of Keliah betrayed him. 
PSALM  40  -   I  SAM. 23:27     David’s psalm of deliverance after the Lord saved him from being killed by King Saul in the wilderness of Ziph.  Part of this psalm contains a Messianic prophecy. 
PSALM  52  -   I  SAM. 22:19     This psalm gives us an idea of what happened to Doeg the Edomite after he betrayed David and destroyed the city of Nob with all its inhabitants.   
PSALM  54  -   I  SAM. 23:26    The Ziphite Psalm.   David demonstrated his complete faith in the Lord to deliver him from the seemingly hopeless situation of being surrounded by Saul and the Ziphites who betrayed him. 
PSALM  55  -  I  SAM. 24:2   David continued to look with praise toward God and scorn toward king Saul.   (vs. 18-23) 
PSALM  56  -   I  SAM. 21:13  David thought back on the torments he received from the Philistines while in Gath and asked the Lord to punish them.  He also expressed his gratitude and trust in the Lord. 
PSALM  57  -   I  SAM. 22:1    David dedicated this psalm to the time he was hiding in the Cave of Adullam and the Cave of Engedi.  He was really hiding in the Lord rather than in the caves. 
PSALM  62  -   I  SAM. 23:14   We have in this psalm the departing message David gave the men of Keila.  He told them that they too should put their trust in the Lord, not in themselves or others. 
PSALM  70   This is a memorial psalm where David remembered to ask the Lord for deliverance.  It also is an imprecatory prayer because he asked the Lord to shame, humiliate, and dishonor those  who were seeking to kill him. 

PSALM  103  -   I  SAM. 22:1   The guarantee of forgiveness of sins when we Rebound (Confess our sins) is emphasized in this psalm.  Grace and blessings are given to those who fear (respect) the Lord. 
PSALM  112  -   I  SAM. 31:1   David compared the reversionistic believer with the believer who trusts in the Lord.  Saul died the sin unto death right after David wrote this psalm. 
PSALM  115  -   II  SAM. 5:6-8     David praised the Lord for giving him the victory over the Jebusites at Mt. Zion. 
PSALM  133  -   I  SAM. 23:18    This was David’s psalm to Jonathan, his very best friend.  He made some analogies of the pleasantness of their friendship with precious oil and the dew of Mt. Herman. 
PSALM  138  -  I  SAM. 23:29   This is what David was thinking as he stayed in the Cave of Engedi.
PSALM  141  -   I  SAM. 22:2    David acknowledged the great responsibility that was thrust upon him at the Cave of Adullam as blessing from the Lord.  It gave him the chance to turn that bunch of riffraff into great warriors.  He also realized that some of them would lose their lives  in the process of fighting for freedom.
PSALM  144  -   I  SAM. 22:2     We see David’s great attitude at the Cave of Adullam as he depended on the Lord to discipline, protect, and provide for the rag tag misfits who became David’s  responsibility.  They were to become the elite fighting unit of the new Israel under David’s leadership.

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