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Lexus IS 300 Picks Up First-Ever Class Victory in the World

It was history in the making in the GrandAm Cup (Sport Touring Class) at Virginia, as Team Lexus USA placed the world's first Lexus IS 300 on top of podium: the beginning of a leading era! Chuck Goldsborough, and Terry Borcheller, drove the Lexus to the historic victory, amazingly on one set of tires. "We could not have done it without the ProTrac Shock Absorbers", Goldsborough said. 

"Strategy came into play, but the car was in perfect shape too," said Goldsborough. Everything just came together. Thanks to the ProTrac shocks we did the race on one set of tires, and that was our plan. "My job was to keep the leaders in my sight during the first half of the race, but not to go out and push the tires or car. Then Terry got in it and took it to the front." 

"The ProTrac shocks worked fantastic", Goldsborough declares. The shocks are known for their high quality, constant operation and reliability. "ProTrac only uses material with the highest standards and test every damper before it leaves the factory. Therefor we assure to deliver quality and give our customers the best shock solution there is", Rob de Rijk of ProTrac explains. "The Lexus IS300 shocks have a triple adjustable configuration. Next to a rebound adjustment the Triples have different compression adjustments for low and high speed. The unique ProTrac adjustments give the car the best traction, control and tire wear."

The Grand-Am Cup competitors will next travel to Quebec, Canada, for the last of two-consecutive races. The Trois-Rivières Grand Prix three-hour race will be held Saturday, August 5. 
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