Project Update: September 2015

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Project Update: September 2015
The field part of the project is successfully finished. We have found and examined a number of populations of the plant species of our interest. For example, we have found a new northernmost locality of orchid Listera convalarioides in valley of the river Kamenka (Bering Island) and more than eighty localities of aquatic spore-bearing plant quillwort (Isoetes asiatica) all over the Bering  Island.
As an additional result we have found new plant species for the Bering Island and for the Komandorsky nature reserve – fern moonwort (Botrychium boreale) and possible new species of aquatic plant pondweed (Potamogeton) – that material needs to be checked by the specialists. Our field work was described on the website of the Komandorsky nature reserve (группа-ботаников-завершила-полевые-работы.html).
Now we are processing our materials and preparing publication for scientific journal.


Photos - © Yury Kopylov-Guskov:

Our team: Yury Kopylov-Guskov (at the left), Polina Volkova (in the center) and Nikita Tikhomirov (at the right), near the Steller's Arch

Polina Volkova and Nikita Tikhomirov collecting Isoetes asiatica

North American species Potentilla vilosa; central part of the Bering Island

Gravelly highlands – typical habitat for such North American species as Cerastium aleuticum, Draba aleutica and Potentilla vilosa; central part of the Bering Island

Rare orchid Cypripedium macranthon included in the Red Book of Russia; northern part of the Bering Island

Listera convalarioides

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