Project Update: September 2008

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Project Update: September 2008
In the field season 2008 we organized an expedition, which lasted from 5th June to 10th July and covered more than 4000 km within Leningrad, Pskov and Novgorod Regions. We organized also 10 short 1-5 day-long excursions, mostly in different places of Leningrad Region.

As the result of this field season, we sufficiently enlarged our materials and information on the Orchids of North West Russia. We registered about 350 new localities of Orchids, which was important for the mapping part of our project. We have also made high-quality photographs of all 28 of our native Orchid species. Checking of old (pre 1920) localities of rare plants resulted in very few findings. This confirmed the decline of such species as Orchis militaris, Ophrys insecifera, Neotinea ustulata and some others. In our expeditions and excursions 29 people has taken part. Among them, there were high-qualified botanists from the Botanical Institute, as well as the members of the Saint-Petersburg Orchid Society, who had an opportunity to enrich their knowledge of our native Orchids. The detailed reports of field trips is presented at the forum of our Orchid Society ( and will be presented at the Society meeting in September.
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files -> Кроніка грамадскага жыцця Гарадзеншчыны ад грамадскага аб’яднання “Цэнтр “Трэці сектар”
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files -> 18 кастрычніка 2012 г. 1522 Аб узнагароджанні Ганаровай
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files -> Клубы і аматарскія аб’яднанні сеткі публічных бібліятэк Стаўбцоўскага раёна
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files -> Кроніка грамадзкага жыцьця Гарадзеншчыны ад грамадзкага аб’яднаньня
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