Project Update: June 2013

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Project Update: June 2013
During this month we continued with fieldwork, and our team completed four trips to mountain Ozren. This time, we organised field investigations in the following localities: Crepoljsko, Pjeskovita ravan, Bukovik and Uževica.
We focused particularly on seed sampling and photo-documentation. Listed localities are not very close to the city area, but there is still a problem of negative anthropogenic impact. Major degradation of local flora and vegetation is reflected through the building of various cottages. We also observed an uncontrolled deforestation on some localities and also the soil destruction as a result of intensive farming.
It is very important to point out that all investigated areas are characterised with many of endemic, rare and endangered plant species. That kind of seed material will represent a significant part of our new forming seed bank in Laboratory for Research and Protection of Endemic Resources at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.
Below is given a list of some rare, endangered or vulnerable plant species found in our last four field trips:

  1. Edraianthus jugoslavicus Lakušić

  2. Platanthera bifolia (L.) L. C. M. Richard, syn. Orchis bifolia L.

  3. Silene sendtneri Boiss., syn. Otites sendtneri (Boiss.) J. Holub

  4. Traunsteinera globosa (L.) Reichenb., syn. Orchis globosa L.

  5. Trollius europaeus L.

  6. Viola elegantula Schott

Edraianthus jugoslavicus Lakušić

Silene sendtneri Boiss. Platanthera bifolia (L.) L. C. M. Richard

Traunsteinera globosa (L.) Reichenb. Trollius europaeus L.

Viola elegantula Schott

Beside the above mentioned plant species, we investigated others plants which are characteristic for these localities of Mt. Ozren. Some of them are:

  1. Anthyllis vulneraria L.

  2. Dianthus carthusianorum L., syn. D. atrorubens All.

  3. Iris graminea L.

  4. Orchis mascula (L.) L.

  5. Orchis ustulata L.

  6. Scilla pratensis L.

Anthyllis vulneraria L. Dianthus carthusianorum L.

Iris graminea L. Scilla pratensis L.

Orchis ustulata L. Orchis mascula (L.) L.

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