Project Update: July 2008

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Project Update: July 2008
The first survey of the project was executed from January 18 up to April 13, and was successfully achieved. A total of 11 native and two introduced mammal species were recorded using camera traps, tracks and feces identification. Nine species were identified in native forest, seven in exotic tree plantations and four in grassland. In general the species registered represent approximately the 50% of the species previously documented for Rivera department.
Species such as the gray brocket Mazama gouazoubira and the crab-eating fox Cerdocyon thous had been recorded in grassland, native forest and plantation and seem to be abundant in the region. Species such as the yellow armadillo Euphractus sexcinctus, the pampas fox Pseudalopex gymnocercus, the pampas cat Oncifelis geoffroyi and the crab-eating raccoon Procyon crancrivorus were some of the species that were also recorded. Presently, the second mammal survey is been performed, which started in June 20 and will last up to August 30.

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