Project Update February 2015

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Project Update February 2015
I visited Bitale, Bubango and Mkongoro villages to meet traditional healers and village leaders for the purposes of disseminating information I got from my studies and prepare sustainable plans for planting trees and sustainably manage community forest. I also got chance to meet Headmaster of Bitale Secondary School and Head teacher of Mrama Primary School. It was good time that we had discussed on the conservation education plans and tree plant activities with students. I restrict number of people to meet due to fewer budgets I have.
All village leaders, traditional healers and teachers from different schools particularly those two head of schools like the idea and promise to actively participate in the tree planting practices. I do hope that every other school which I have not yet visited them will join with me in this important programme. They all showed me identified area which we can plant trees to its fully potential
Picture which shows villagers from Mkongoro village drawing their village map showing different resources available in their village land through Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA).
One of the resources identified was community forest area which stimulated hot discussion on how best can be conserved. I, promote the villagers to brainstorm on the values of forest, and what benefits they get from the forest. Issues of medicinal values rose up, and I took time to explain the results I got from my research, its origin and importance. Villagers liked the idea to support tree planting, particularly trees with medicinal values including Sterculia quinqueloba.

A picture with village leaders of Chankele (on the left) during project results discussion and plans to enhance conservation practices of the village forest which boarders the parks by planting medicinal plants, particularly Sterculia quinqueloba (Garcke). Schum, (on the right) a picture with some of the village leaders and teachers of Mrama Primary School discussing on possible tree planting activities coupled with conservation education on the values of forest by planting tree with medicinal values including Sterculia quinqueloba (Garcke) Schum.

A picture with students and teachers of Mrama Primary School for familiarisation of the school area and possible areas for tree planting campaign, which are of medicinal value and possible conservation education practices.

Pictures, with village leaders and teachers of Bitale Secondary School, after discussion of the project results and possible plans for conservation education. Here, we were trying to identify areas for conservation practices including tree planting programme of Sterculia quinqueloba and other trees with medicinal values.

Pictures with students of Mrama Primary School and their teachers during my visitation and discussion of the project results to teachers and explanation of my intention to provide conservation education coupled with tree planting activities, (tree with medicinal value).

Picture with teachers of Bitale Secondary School while discussing on the plans for conservation education implementation program which includes tree planting activities, particularly medicinal plants

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