Project Update : February 2010

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Project Update : February 2010
To estimate the density of the caiman population we surveyed over 120 km of shore counting approximately 4100 caimans.  The observed relation between Melanosuchus niger and Caiman crocodilus was the as in 2005. This indicates that commercial hunting practised in the region does not interfere with the species proportion.  
As part of the project we enlarged the community monitoring programme. A few local people were trained to collect information on the caiman population and 10 pilot surveys were carried out to analyze methods. Totalling more than 16 hours of paddling, the results showed similarity with data obtained by the technical team.
The nest season was affected by high flooding but we were able to locate 96 caiman nests, - 23% had the clutch measured. Additionally, 18 females were marked to monitor their reproductive activity over time.
During night captures we carried out some educational activities with community kids and participated in a turtle preservation project with the local community.



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