Project next, the next step in 3Dprinting

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Project NEXT, the next step in 3Dprinting.
After succesfully launching project EGG, last year, Michiel van der Kley is going to work on the follow up of it, called project NEXT.
Project EGG is an object measuring 5 x 4 x 3 meter, composed of 4760 uniquely shaped stones, 3D-printed by Studio Michiel van der Kley together with hundreds of co-creators all over the world. The largest 3D-printing community art project so far. A new way of creating and collaborating.
Project NEXT is a collaboration between Opiliones, Studio michiel van der kley and several other specialized companies and is supported by the province of Gelderland (NL). Together they will develop a larger scale 3Dprinter that is able to 3Dprint several bio based concretes, (with Hemp fibres or Miscantis as one of the components) after which Michiel van der Kley is going to further develop what he calls 'a new shape language'.

Based on what the machine can produce, large building blocks, each with unique properties will be designed and 3Dprinted.It will show the possibillities of 3Dprinting with this new material. It will show a new way of building, it might even democratize constructing. After the Research and Development phase, six different buildings will be built with this new technique on different locations in Gelderland.

As with project EGG, everyone is invited to join project NEXT. From the very beginning we will share the outcome and actively exchange the progress.
We will start by presenting project EGG and launching project NEXT side by side at the Euromold in September in Dusseldorf. You will be able to see a prototype of the new bio based concrete 3Dprinter, see EGG, and we will be there to show and explain what project NEXT is all about. Please come and visit us at Euromold, 22 - 25 September 2015, Hall 16 Booth C49.
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Studio Michiel van der Kley: +31 13 5423004
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piliones: Peter Sluiter

Mobile +31 617042633

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