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C = core to all programmes

O-1= Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Pathway

O-2: = Parenting Interventions Pathway

O-3 = Systemic Practice with Families Pathway: O3a = Eating Disorders 'sub-pathway; O3b = Depression/Self-harm/Conduct disorder sub-pathway


Admission Requirements Please give details of specific programme requirements including approved arrangements for admission with advanced standing, where appropriate.

Students will normally be expected to have graduate status (or provide evidence of successful level 6 study) and must have a relevant professional qualification/registration or accepted graduate status working role within partner services (e.g. 'Assistant Practitioner'). All applicants should have current/recent DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) clearance at an enhanced level. It is anticipated that those students not possessing a Degree in HE will be able to demonstrate equivalence, for which APEL systems and processes are available. University application processes and where necessary interview will enable student and academic staff to assure themselves of the student’s ability to progress to level 7 study. Normally, students will have a minimum of one year of experience as a registered/qualified practitioner (including graduate roles such as 'assistant practitioner'); however each applicant will be assessed individually. The programmes will be open to the recognition of both acquired previous learning (APL) and acquired previous experiential learning (APEL), where this can be robustly evidenced against the learning outcomes and entry criteria specified for the specialist pathways and modular elements of the programmes. As the intent of this programme is to facilitate practitioners who will be eligible for accreditation with the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP), 'Incredible Years'/or equivalent Parenting programme, or in the case of the Systemic pathway, that the pathway itself is accredited with the Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice in the UK (AFT). Where applicants do not have a core recognised mental health profession, acceptance to the programme will involve agreeing to construct a portfolio of evidence (commencing from acceptance upon the programme, and constructed throughout the duration of the programme) which 'maps' their experience and development to the criteria of the BABCP 'Key Skills and Attitudes' (KSA) framework. The Systemic Practice pathway will only be open to applicants with a core professional qualification. Candidates whose first language is not English will need to have a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 or equivalent.


Application Procedure The approved procedure should be indicated

Prospective students are identified via the collaborative of Northumbria University and participating services/organisations, who will identify appropriate participants from within their workforces.

Programme Curriculum Diagram

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Evidence Based Psychological Therapy (CBT)

  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Evidence Based Psychological Therapy (Parenting Interventions)

  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Evidence Based Psychological Therapy (Systemic Practice with Families)

Semester One (CORE = 60 L7 Credits)

(January- April)

Semester 2 (PATHWAY)

(May – September)

AC0737: Core Competency for work with Children & Young People

(20 credits L7)

AC0738: Therapeutic Skills for work with Children & Young People

(20 credits L7)

AC0739: Assessment & Formulation with Children & Young People

(20 Credits L7)

AC0740: CBT for Anxiety Disorders in Children & Young People

(30 credits Level 7)

AC0741: CBT for Depression in Children & Young People

(30 Credits Level 7)


AC0742: Basic Skills for CBT & Parenting Work

(30 Credits Level 7)

AC0743: Promoting Effective Parenting for Conduct Disorders

(30 Credit Level 7)


AC0750: Foundations for Systemic Practice with Families

(* New Module: 30 Credits Level 7)
(Actually Delivered Jan - May)

AC0751: Systemic Practice for Eating Disorders

(* New Module: 30 Credits Level 7)

(Actually Delivered May - Sept)


AC0757: Systemic Practice for Depression, Self Harm and Conduct Disorder

(*New module: 30 Credits Level 7)
(Actually Delivered May - Sept)

22 The Modular Framework for Northumbria Awards available from

32 The Modular Framework for Northumbria Awards available from

3 The Assessment Regulations for Northumbria Awards available from

44 There is a link to the QAA Framework for Higher Education Qualifications at



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