Professional Summary

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John Bagus Haig

441 Delaware St, Denver, CO 80204


Professional Summary:

  • 8 years Java Web Application Development.

  • Object Oriented PHP development skills

  • Advanced Drupal development skills.

  • 14 years experience building web sites including AJAX skills.

  • Management experience.

  • Effective at delivering solutions.

  • Outgoing, a self-starter, friendly.

Experience: Lead Engineer, LLC, Denver, CO January 2008-present. Lead Engineer, LLC, Denver, CO January 2008-present. Lead Engineer, LLC, Denver, CO January 2008-present.

  • Lead development and was first engineer on new Social Networking endeavor for company that provides web sites for over 300 shopping malls across the U.S. (new site still in development).

  • Developed scalable, object oriented application and parameter framework in PHP. It separates content from code and presentation using Smarty templates and provides select, insert, delete and modify and pagination functions. It exposes all of its configuration options to the web so developers can hand off applications to presentation layer personnel and customers for final style and content development. Currently in use for over 50 applications.

  • Trained other developers and presentation layer personnel in the use of the above framework and provide consultation on development issues on a daily basis.

  • After evaluating products like “Social Engine” and Vbulletin, advised use of Drupal as a content management system and performed installations and initial configurations. Developed custom modules and themes to extend functionality and integrate with my application framework. Developer, Catapult Technologies, Denver, CO. February 2006-November, 2007.

  • Programming Java Servlets and JSP with Hibernate for a Time Entry application for Bureau of Reclamation employees. Provided tests and solutions for multiple parts of this application in Java, JSP, Tag Files, Servlets, Mapping Files, Hibernate and HQL, JSTL, XML, HTML, and CSS, and AJAX. Worked extensively with Jasper Reports.

  • Built Help Desk Request Form application in Coldfusion with Oracle. A project I started it from scratch in early 2006. It allowed ‘form owners’ to add various types of questions, approval phases and approvers to request forms. Very successful project with 400 users and over 2500 requests tracked to date. Used CFML, Oracle, SQL, CSS, HTML

  • Developed Help Desk Ticket Statistics application: Made web based application to report on Bureau wide help desk inquiries, open tickets, assignment groups and assignments made using the Front Range Heat Helpdesk software. I also built this from scratch, providing a web interface to a pure Windows application. I provided on demand highly configurable reports for executive staff. Used CFML, Oracle, SQL, CSS, HTML

  • Help Desk Ticket Survey Statistics application. Provided reports of user satisfaction surveys with monthly totals, charts and trends. Used CFML, Oracle, SQL, CSS, HTML.

  • Web Developer: Managed updates on 700 page intranet using html, JavaScript based dynamic navigation, Dreamweaver templates. HTML, CSS, Webmaster, New Orleans Hospitalities. New Orleans, LA. 6/2005 to Katrina.

  • Full time salaried job.

  • Maintained 100’s of pages of web sites. Built high volume Yahoo Store using RTML. Director of Web Development, Oxygen Media, San Francisco, CA. 4/1999-1/2002

  • Directed Development for, winner of Webby Awards in Health in 2000 and 2001.

  • Hired and managed development staff. Acted as producer and coder on many projects.

  • Oversaw budgets, set priorities and contributed to annual strategic planning.

  • Developed 30 new health content programs with 1000+ new pages of content and design.

  • Organized 25,000 page health site

  • Won Critics choice and People’s Choice Webby Awards for Best Health Site

  • Maintained WebX message boards, iChat chat software

  • Developed polls, surveys, quizzes, games, searches and other tools in Perl

  • Used FTP, then Teamsite for version control and release management.

  • Coded XML templates. Executive Director, San Francisco, CA and New Orleans, LA. Since 1997.

  • Developed Dynamic Content Management and blogging System that provides web interfaces to manage web site architecture, to add, edit and arrange content, to scalably design content areas, and provide registration for contributors and editors.

  • Built FreeBSD server from the mother board up.

  • Did Java Server and database installations.

  • Programmed java based dynamic publishing web server.

  • Developed schema for MYSQL database.

  • Coded in Java, JSP, Tag files, Servlets, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, XML. Senior Production Manager, Organic Online, San Francisco, CA. 10/1994-7/1997.

  • Organic Online is the first company to base it’s revenue solely on providing sites on the World Wide Web.

  • Coded and produced web over 40 Web projects.

  • Led clients, contractors, engineers, creative directors, and account managers.

  • Wrote specifications, project plans, information architectures, requirements documents and many more internal documents.

  • I built sites for Aetna, Apple,, Volvo, MCI, Saturn Cars, Kinko’s, AdAge,, Club Med, Levis, McDonalds, Montgomery Securities, NCD, Sybase, Tanqueray, Red Orb Entertainment, and more.

US National Biological Survey, Biological Technician, Washington, DC. 6/1991-10/1994

  • Conducted 4 years research on shore birds, wading birds and neotropical migrants.

  • I’ve conducted field work in Maine, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and South Carolina.

  • Went alone to Mexico to work with Mexican field crew capturing tropical and migrant birds.

  • Managed field operations including personnel management, field logistics, and data collection.

  • Performed advanced statistical analysis on data.

  • Published research results in peer reviewed scientific journal.

Independent Contracting,

  • Installed and configured multi-tier IBM WebSphere Portal and Commerce for the State of Louisiana.

    • Worked independently in secure data center

    • Did all Java and Database installations.

    • Configured Load Balancer.

    • Configured Websphere via XML and Administration Console

    • Installed WARs and EARS.

  • Provided XSL solutions to for administration tools

  • Deployed PHP Educational Software

  • Built MovableType template system for

  • Maintained using Microsoft .Net technology.

  • Developed sites for,,,,, and more.

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.1988

Coordinated requests for audiovisual equipment using Microsoft Excel. Video taped classes and events. Created reports and an employee manual.

University of Wisconsin - Madison 1989. B.S. in History of Science with a Life Science specialty.

University of Maryland - College Park, 1992-1993. Advanced studies in Biostatistics.

Sun Education Services – San Francisco. 2001. Java and ATG Dynamo training.

IBM Educational Services – Baton Rouge, 2003. WebSphere Portal STEW.

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