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Jérôme Jacovella-St-Louis
347 rue Dr.-J.-Cousineau, Gatineau (Québec), Canada J8R 1C4

Telephone: (819) 663-8539

e-mail address:

Professional Experience

Founder, Software Developer – Ecere Corporation (

1996 - Present

  • C, C++, Python and eC language development for the ECERE cross-platform software development kit

  • Designed a new object oriented language (eC) combining the performance of C with usability features found in C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic; developed a compiling suite for the language

  • Designed and developed a Rapid Application Development (RAD) Integrated Development Environment (IDE), including project management, form editing, code editing, debugging

  • Designed and implemented a complete Graphics User Interface system where applications built with it automatically run on multiple platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux/UNIX (through the X Window System or terminal consoles)

  • Low level development of a common controls and dialogs library

  • Designed and implemented a real time 3D graphics engine running on multiple APIs such as OpenGL and Microsoft Direct3D

  • Designed and implemented a network communication system based on BSD sockets/WinSock

  • Designed and developed a source control system comparable to Microsoft Visual Source Safe

  • Initiated the development of a basic web browser

  • Developed a 3D chess game with networking functionality and basic artificial intelligence Assembled a Linux distribution from the ground up: developed a user-friendly installer featuring a powerful disk partitioning GUI, built all required packages from the source code, configured networking, web server (Apache, PHP, MySQL), FTP server, sendmail (Postfix), Samba, the X Window System, development tools

Software Developer - Dreamix

February 2004 – August 2004

  • C/Python/MySQL development for a consumer level digital entertainment system running on Linux (comparable product to Microsoft Media Center)

  • Integrated into the product the SageTV recording suite, DVD encoding functionality, TV applications, video on demand, web browsing and e-mail

  • Designed and developed a 3D navigation menu for ultimate user experience

  • The system was built with my ECERE technology, therefore allowing third party developers to enhance the system

Software Developer - Gallium Software Inc. (

July 2000 – January 2004

  • C/C++ Design and development for the InterMAPhics geographic mapping and tracking development suite

  • Designed and implemented a real-time multi-threaded scalable world map tiling, fetching and rendering system in both 2D and 3D, including support for terrain rendering based on digital terrain elevation data downloaded in real-time

  • Played a key role in redesigning 10 years old software into a new modern object oriented C++ class library (InterMAPhics 6 2D/3D)

  • Designed the architecture for and implemented the new low level graphics engine running on the X Window System and Microsoft Windows, featuring powerful multithreaded synchronization

  • Contributed to deploying the product on multiple UNIX platforms such as Solaris, Linux

  • Provided product support to the engineering teams

  • Licensed and integrated the ECERE networking technology to the product

  • Introduced 3D visualization support to the InterMAPhics product. The initiative of licensing my ECERE technology with the product allowed the company to reach a new market and obtain multi-million contracts

Software Developer - Serious Magic Inc. (

March 2001 – September 2001

  • C++ COM development using Microsoft Direct3D

  • Designed and developed a 3D material management system for Visual Communicator, a video producing/broadcasting suite.

Software Developer - Kuju Entertainment (

July 1999 – May 2001

  • C development on a revamped version of “Flight Sim Toolkit” from Kuju Entertainment

  • The product offer tools to flight simulator enthusiasts allowing them to design their own flight simulator without any programming knowledge. It features a complete 3D flight simulation engine.

  • Redesigned and redeveloped the product using my ECERE technology for the 3D engine and the user interface, bringing the graphics to state of the art and allowing cross-platform operation on Linux and Windows

  • Developed a 3D terrain rendering engine based on the real-time optimally adapting mesh algorithm

Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs (

March 1998-2000

  • C++ development for software applications

  • Developed utilities for databases comparisons, sorts, reports generation

  • Developed a system for printing formatted forms

  • V

    Skills and Abilities

    ery proficient in C/C++, with 14 years of experience

  • Excellent knowledge of the Linux operating system including: system configuration, networking setup and development, from 12 years of working with and operating on Linux

  • Excellent object oriented software architecture design skills

  • Deep understanding of graphical user interfaces development

  • Excellent knowledge of 3D graphics programming, with 13 years of experience, including both software rendering and using 3D APIs such as Microsoft Direct3D and OpenGL

  • Familiar with various compilers and Integrated Development Environments including Visual Studio 6, Visual Studio .NET, the GNU development tools

  • Database experience using MySQL

  • Good general knowledge of BASIC, Pascal, Java, Python, assembly language (Intel and AT&T)

  • Advance knowledge of low level platform APIs such as the base Win32 API, X11, and many others used by my ECERE SDK

  • Good knowledge of writing parsers/compilers with flex/bison

  • Excellent knowledge of socket-based network communication development

  • Bilingual: French and English.

Other accomplishments

The 3D Coding Black Hole (1996)

A complete tutorial series on three-dimensional graphics, featured on several 3D publications & popular sites on the net.

Hobbies and Interests

Music, Movies, Programming, Video Games, Martial Arts

Languages (Japanese, Spanish, Esperanto)

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