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New Horizons Program

Northern California Regional Facility
ADDRESS: 2004 Harrison Avenue, Eureka, CA 95501

New Horizons, an intensive in-custody Mental Health treatment program, is offered within the secure environment of the Northern California Regional Facility. Treatment services include a combination of medication support, individual, group, and family counseling, alcohol/drug assessment and counseling, skill development training focused on anger management, moral judgment, the correction of thinking errors, social skills, and victim awareness.

The transition to the aftercare phase of the program, offered to both participants and their families, includes linkage to the Mental Health System of Care Services, out-patient counseling and/or medication support, and case management services. New Horizons aftercare services are coordinated through the Family Intervention Team multi-agency process. Individualized strength-based child and family case plans are developed using the Family Unity process followed by the integration of wraparound services to support the minor and his/her family throughout community care programming.

The principle agencies and their commitment to the New Horizons Program is as follows:

1. The Probation Department administers the program and its funding.  Probation is responsible for the correctional/custodial care, court reporting, and community aftercare supervision.

2. The Humboldt County Health and Human Services - Mental Health Branch provides intensive day treatment services five days per week.  Day treatment staff provide mental health assessment, rehabilitation activities, alcohol and other drug counseling, individual, group, and family therapy, and medication support services.

3. The Humboldt County Office of Education provides the New Horizons educational program. The Services consist of a 246-day, year-round school with instruction from a full-time certified teacher and instructional aide.

4. The Humboldt County Health and Human Services - Social Services Branch participates and has assisted in the development of the New Horizons independent living skills program, the recruitment and retention of foster care families, and in assisting with casework activities that promote wraparound services to these high-risk children and families.

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