Privacy Policy (see German Version below) Data protection and security

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Privacy Policy (see German Version below)

Data protection and security

To us, the responsible handling of your personal data is of extreme importance. We are committed to protecting and maintaining your privacy. This is the reason why our web activities are performed in complete accordance with all currently relevant data protection and security regulations. The web pages of Lufthansa Flight Training may display links to other websites. It is, however, possible that these may not be covered by our privacy policy.

Collection and use of collected data

We do not collect any personal data via our websites without your consent. It is exclusively your decision whether or not you wish to transmit your personal data to us, for example when contacting our company. Should you agree to having your personal data stored, this will be used for market research purposes by us and the subsidiaries of Lufthansa Flight Training. Your consent may be retracted at any time and for all future use.

Should you decline to consent to the storage of your personal data, we will employ this data solely for the purpose of answering your inquiry, processing your request, or providing access to specific information or offers. We will delete your data upon completion of these activities.

The temporary registration of your IP number is, however, required when you visit the Lufthansa Flight Training web pages. This means that when you visit our websites, our server routinely registers the name of your internet service provider, the date and time, the pages you visit, and the duration of your visit.

If you have any further questions relating to security and data protection on the Lufthansa Flight Training website, please contact us - we will be pleased to assist you wherever we can.

Direct contact to the corporate data protection officer:

Public Directory of Procedures

Section 4g II Article 2 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) stipulates that the data protection officer shall make available the particulars specified in items 1 to 8 of this document in an appropriate manner and in accordance with Section 4e Article 1 BDSG at the request of any party.

1. The name of the data controller:

Lufthansa Flight Training GmbH

2. Managing directors:

Florian Hamm

Ludwig Merkel

3. The address of the data controller:

Lufthansa Flight Training GmbH
Airportring, Gate 24
60549 Frankfurt/Main

Appointed director of data processing:

Florian Glor, FRA OF/I

Internal data protection officer:

Dr. Barbara Kirchberg-Lennartz
Deutsche Lufthansa AG
D-60546 Frankfurt/Main

4. The purposes of the data collection, processing or use:

The corporate objective of the company is the comprehensive training and further education of flight personnel at home and abroad, and the provision of associated services and ancillary services, non-scheduled aircraft operations, and all further business activities associated with the above-mentioned activities. In particular, the procurement and operation of training aircraft, simulators, and training facilities are part of the corporate objectives.

The collection, processing, and use of personal data is exclusively associated with the furtherance of corporate objectives and the training services provided by Lufthansa Flight Training GmbH.

5. A description of parties and the data or categories of data concerned:

Customer data, personnel data, and data from suppliers - insofar as these are required to fulfill the purposes mentioned under item 4 - and address data of parties otherwise connected with the company.

6. Recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data may be disclosed:

Public authorities, in the case of overriding legislation. External contractors, in the sense of Section 11 BDSG, as well as external offices and internal Lufthansa Flight Training divisions for the fulfillment of the purposes stipulated under item 4.

7. Time limits for data deletion:

Following the expiry of mandatory storage obligations, or periods stipulated by law or governing authorities, data is routinely deleted. Any data not covered by these regulations is erased when the purposes stipulated under item 4 no longer apply.

8. Planned transfer of data to third countries:

In accordance with international guidelines, data may be transmitted to authorities, customers, and suppliers in various countries for the purpose of transacting procedures relevant to the furtherance of corporate objectives.

9: SSL: Encrypted communication via the internet

To ensure the highest possible security for the transmission of your data between your web browser and our internet system we use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypting technology. SSL enables an encrypted communication respectively transfer of documents via the internet between web browser and web server. The URL of a website with SSL connection to your browser starts with https://.

10. Permissible use All Lufthansa-website

Online services (including the booking machine) are provided solely for the purpose of enabling you to check the availability of goods or services relating to your journey (the timetable, for example); make legitimate reservations; use our online check-in or transact other business with suppliers. You may only use the website in accordance with these terms and conditions and for the legally permitted purposes described above. In particular, you indicate your agreement to the following:

  • You may not use the Lufthansa-website in a manner which causes an infringement of the proprietary rights of others

  • You may not utilise any devices, mechanisms, software or other scripts which could interfere with the working of the Lufthansa-website. This also includes uploading files infected with viruses.

  • You may not take any action which could result in an unreasonable or excessive load on the Lufthansa infrastructure.

  • You may not block, overwrite or modify any Lufthansa-generated content or in other way disrupt the Lufthansa-website.

  • You may not reproduce information from the Lufthansa-website for commercial purposes. This also includes providing prices for Lufthansa flights on another website or another online server. In particular you may not copy, distribute, in other way use or reproduce discarded content from the Lufthansa-website with the help of 'robots', other search machine technologies or through other automatic mechanisms.

  • You may not acquire, or attempt to acquire, any unauthorised access to any of our networks, by whatever means.

  • You may not make any unauthorised, false or fraudulent bookings, in particular any bookings which are paid for with credit cards or bank account details belonging to a third party who has not consented to this.

  • Consequences of improper useWithout prejudice to our other rights (irrespective of whether they are based on law or other regulations), we reserve the right to cancel your booking without reference to you and/or to deny you access to the Lufthansa-website if you have contravened these terms and conditions.

Lufthansa Flight Training GmbH
Corporate Data Protection Officer

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