Prime Registration Before you can have access to the 2nd tier reporting system, you will have to submit your company information and register as a prime. Prime Registration Form

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UTC 2nd Tier Reporting System

User Guide

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Prime Registration 3

Prime Registration Form 3

2nd Tier Reporting System – Prime login 4

2nd Tier Reporting System – Main Menu 5

Modify Registration Form 5

Contacts 6

Add/ Remove Subcontractor for Direct Spend 7

Enter Spend Data 9

Indirect 2nd Tier Report 11

Summary Report 12

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Prime Registration

Before you can have access to the 2nd tier reporting system, you will have to submit your company information and register as a prime.

Prime Registration Form

There are many required field on the prime registration form and you have to complete all the sections with an asterisk in order to submit the form. You will see a TOOL TIP function next to each fields. Click on them to see explanation for each field.

2nd Tier Reporting System – Prime login

After you register as a prime, you will receive a password to log into the 2nd Tier Reporting System. To receive a password reminder in the email, click on Forgotten Your Password.

2nd Tier Reporting System – Main Menu

After you login, the main menu is where you start navigating around the system. The links on the left will always be there for you to move around to different pages.

Modify Registration Form

On the Modify Registration Form, you can make necessary changes on the information you have submitted for your company. Remember to click to save the changes.


The primary and secondary contacts on the registration form will display here. You can also add additional contacts on this page. This feature allows multiple users to access the same company account. Users will receive login and password emails after they have been added as contacts.

Add/ Remove Subcontractor for Direct Spend

Use the Manage drop down to manage all the subcontractors on this page. You can search for specific contractors and select Edit to change any information. If you do not see the subcontractors you need here, they are probably not in the system yet. You should use the add/ import function here to add subcontractors to the system. You have two options to add subcontractors:

Option 1 You can click on to add a new subcontractor. Fill in all the required information and click to submit this new subcontractor.

Option 2 If you have a large numbers of subcontractors to add to the system, instead of entering them separately, you can import them all at once through the functions.

Click on (sample file) to view the format of the import file. Follow the instruction and save the excel file on your computer. Click Browse and select that excel file to import to the system. This is the best way to submit a huge amount of subcontractors all at the same time.

Enter Spend Data

This section is where you enter the Direct and Indirect Spend. The data is listed by the year of the spend data. The list also display whether your spend data have met the goal you set for MBE and WBE spending.

Direct 2nd Tier Report

The Enter Direct Spend link will bring you to the Direct 2nd Tier Report. Direct Spend is spending that can be assigned specifically and directly to UTC. Use the drop down list to select the correct reporting year and reporting period, and enter your MBE and WBE spend data. Click Next to submit spending data for each division of the company. The UTC Corporate total spends have to equal to the total spends in all the divisions add up together. Click to move forward.

Direct 2nd Tier Report Detail

Enter the direct spend data here and the system will calculate the total for you. Click or to keep a record of the data.

Indirect 2nd Tier Report

Indirect spend is spending that cannot be assigned to UTC. There will be no subcontractors for Indirect Spend. The total indirect spends of all the divisions should add up and equal to the Total UTC Corporate Spend. If there is a difference between those two amounts, an error message will appear on top to ask you to confirm the total again.

Summary Report

The Summary Report is listed of all your direct and indirect spend data. The list is organized by reporting year and reporting period and spend data are displayed in total amount. Percentages on goal and actual MBE /WBE are also listed for comparison.

Change Password

You are allowed to change your login password, type a new password here and click to change the password.


You can submit question/comments on this page. The message will be sent to our support service directly.

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