Press release subject: 10th Naoussa International Film Festival: 10ve cinema 10 years we love cinema!

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Naoussa, September 17, 2013


Subject: 10th Naoussa International Film Festival: 10VE CINEMA

10 years we love cinema!

2004. The beginning of a wonderful journey.

2013. We celebrate ten years of enjoyable cinema.

Ten years ago a company of visionary young people dreamt the creation of a cinema festival. A festival different than others. A festival which would focus on youth creativity. A festival that would have its look turned to cinema’s future.

What seemed to be impracticable became reality. With a lot of work, passion, persistence and patience. With distinctive identity, certain goals, methodical planning and efficiency.

Ten years later Naoussa International Film festival has managed to become the most significant short films festival in Southeastern Europe, to be constantly in the forefront of development and to constitute model of sustainable growth.

10 years. 1800 films. 1700 directors. 75 countries. Images. Emotions. Music. Volunteerism. Vividness. Creativity.

10 years Naoussa International Film Festival. Action. For culture.

At Naoussa International Film Festival we really love cinema. At the anniversary tenth edition of NIFF which will take place the period between 25 to 29 September 2013, at the premises of the Municipal Theater of Naoussa, 213 enjoyable short films from 50 countries will be hosted.

The only film festival in Greece with state-of-the-art digital cinema infrastructure once again pioneers by including in its programme stereoscopic (3D) short films. Moreover, a rich programme of parallels event will be presented with screenings of the “Best of” the previous nine editions, educational and entertaining programme for youth and children, exhibitions of photography and modern art, master classes, exhibition of archive material from past NIFFs’, tribute to Michael Cacoyannis, actions of social and environmental sensitization, concerts with famous names of the Greek music scene, conference for the future of Naoussa municipality, contest and many surprises for the audience. And all the above with free entrance for all.

The Festival is prepared by the civil, non profitable company Naoussa International Film Festival and is funded by the National Strategic Reference Framework and the Regional Operational Programme “Macedonia –Thrace” with the co-financing of Greece and the European Union.

The Festival is organized with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Region of Central Macedonia – Imathia Regional Unit and OPAP S.A. Also the Festival is utilized with the collaboration of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, the Laboratory of International Relations and European Integration of the University of Macedonia and the Municipality of Naoussa.

Naoussa International Film Festival is at the forefront of developments in the area of cinema, by investing in tomorrow’s digital cinema. Today, NIFF is the only film festival in Greece and one of the few in Southeast Europe possessing modern digital cinema infrastructure with stereoscopic (3D) capabilities, making the best of the support it receives by investing in innovation and by preparing tomorrow. On the same time NIFF hosts on its screens cinema’s tomorrow by presenting short films by young creators from all over the world.

Nowadays, Naoussa International Film Festival is a model event, as far as creating development through culture is concerned. The festival, by utilizing a pioneer model of development, based on innovation and cultural activity, enhances the development of the region and turns culture into a tool for development, thus contributing to social education and welfare.

In this critical period of time for our country, Naoussa International Film Festival constitutes a note of optimism which can give hope to the new generation. A generation which does not compromise, which has hopes, has visions and makes plans for the future. A future which is brighter, more humane and more prosperous.


During the course of the 10th Festival, there are numerous fiction, experimental and animation movies about to be projected. Furthermore, this year for the first time we include a stereoscopic (3D) short films section. There will also be a special section, including student and youth movies, named “SEE Talents – Student Films”, presenting the alternative viewpoint of young directors from South-Eastern Europe.

We will start utilizing - in beta mode - the “SEE Talents” action, which constitutes a new action for cinema having as its main goal to support youth cinema activity in the region of Southeast Europe, through collaborations, educational programmes and international co-productions of short films shot at the broader region of Central Macedonia.

The innovative section consisting of movies made with the use of mobile phones will be for yet another year in the center of interest, proving once more that modern technology offers young creators a wide range of possibilities, through which they are able to reach their potential.

NIFF inaugurates its collaboration with the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation by presenting a tribute to the great director. The tribute includes the screening of his last film – Cherry Orchard, along with a photo exhibition with moments from his life and work. Furthermore, the Best Director award will be named from now on Best Director Award Michael Cacoyannis.

At the central exhibition room of the Festival a theatrical photo exhibition by Maria Stavrianidou under the title “Love and hate” will be presented. Also, an exhibition with archive material from the past editions of NIFF will be presented.

At the second exhibition room the prototype photo exhibition by Nikos Rakas with the title “COMMON PEOPLE (LIKE YOU)” will be presented. Dimitris Giaouris brings to life Batman - the beloved cinema hero.

In the frames of the “Child and Cinema” programme, educational and entertaining activities for the young friends of the Festival will be organized. Selected 3D films will be screened. Specifically, the films that will be presented are TAD, the lost explorer and Jack the Giants slayer. Furthermore, painting lessons will be delivered by experienced artists. On Saturday morning our little friends, along with their parents, will have the opportunity to watch the theatrical performance “Nanny from the skies” directed by Tamila Koulieva. Moreover, from this year’s event we create the Kid’s corner where the little friends of the festival will be offered the chance to engage with several educational and entertaining activities.

The Naousa International Film Festival is celebrating its first 10 years! 10 years of loving cinema! 1600 movies from 1500 directors from 70 countries were showed at our festival’s screens giving unique moments to the audience. Laugh, tears, intense feelings! We gathered the twenty best movies which were shown during the past nine years and we present them in a special screening. From the roof of our community theater, under the stars, having the view of the macedonian plain and while tasting our exceptional local wine, twenty lucky viewers will have the opportunity to travel with cinema’s magic in the framework of the Best of NIFF under the stars action!

Two open discussions will be held, where people associated with cinema will answer to any questions the public may have.

At the external space of screening room 2, there will be concerts by music bands, every night, after the projections are over. The bands DέCHO, Myronas Stratis and Isaias Matiamba, Koza Mostra and Sonic Rage are set to lead the audience to a dreamy musical journey. On Sunday night after the end of the concert the Festival will close with a karaoke party.

Two new activities will be running during tenth NIFF. The action …to be continued…, where each of us can continue the story that was written by others in order to create the craziest script ever made! The second action under the title “The story for your glory” can make us famous. Say your line for NIFF in front of the camera and stay to the eternity.

Two parallel competitions will be running on a daily basis. The photo contest entitled “my festival” is about to give the public the opportunity to capture with their cameras special Festival moments. At the same time, a quiz competition (Cine Quiz) with cinema as its theme, will test the public’s knowledge around the latter. The best photographers along with the “all-knowing cinema guru’s” will win useful prizes.

Naoussa 2020: What we want to become when grown-up” is the title of the conference organized by Naoussa International Film Festival having as goal to start a public debate for the future of the Naoussa region.

Naoussa International Film Festival promotes its social responsibility by organizing actions to support our suffering fellowmen. The Festival will support financially students from the broader area who face economical difficulties in order to help them continue their studies without any obstacle, while on the same time ensures the easy access and participation of people with special needs to the event. Finally, in the frames of the 10th edition actions aiming to sensitize the visitors in environmental issues will take place in collaboration with Clock Work Energy. With the all the above mentioned and by establishing free entrance to all events the Festival supports people in spiritual and financial level.


Find below the members of the Judging Committees of the 10th Naoussa International Film Festival.

The members of the judging committee of fiction films are:

President: Themis Bazaka, actress

Members: Thom Palmen, cinema advisor, producer

Jan Broberg Carter, composer, producer

Yana Esipovich, actress

Panos Kokkinopoulos, director

The members of the judging committee of the animation films are:

President: Steve Woods, animator

Μembers: Stefanos Potamidis, graphic designer

Antia Angelidou, graphic designer

George Soumelidis, 3D animator, director
The members of the judging committee of the experimental films are:

President: Giannis Kolaksizis, Fine artist, cinematographer

Members: Maria Papadoulou, fine artist, art critic

Giorgos Melidonis, film critic

The members of the judging committee of Digital View South East Europe are:

President: Alexander Troshin, actor

Members: Ksenia Koltsova, artistic director

Vivien Bulert, actress

The presentation of the projections will be made by famous actors.


Films’ Screenings
Screening Room 1 [Fiction]

21.15 (Wednesday) | 17.45, 19.20, 21.00 (Thursday - Friday – Saturday) | 17.45, 19.30 (Sunday)

Screening Room 2

19.00 [SEE Talents Fiction (Wednesday)], 16.30, 17.45 [SEE Talents Fiction] (Thursday – Friday – Saturday - Sunday) | 19.00 [SEE Talents Animation]

19.00 [Animation] (Thursday – Saturday - Sunday)
Screening Room 3

17.00, 18.00 [SEE Talents Experimental] (Friday)

17.00, 18.00 [Experimental] (Thursday – Sunday)

17.15 [Movile – mobile phone movies] (Saturday)

18.30 [Tribute to Michael Cacoyannis – screening of the film Cherry Orchard] (Sunday)
Best of NIFF under the stars!

Thursday – Sunday 21.30 Special screening of the best films of the nine previous editions at the roof of the Municipal Theater

Seminars Room

Friday 19.45 | Saturday 19.45, Master classes

Central Exhibition Room (2nd floor)

Daily from 11.00,

Moments of a great creator”, Photo Exhibition about the life and work of Michael Cacoyannis

The Myth of NIFF! Exhibition of the archive material of NIFF from 2004 to 2012

Love and hate” Exhibition of theatrical photography by Maria Stavrianidou

Exhibition Room (External space of screening room 2)

Daily from 11.00,

COMMON PEOPLE (LIKE YOU)”, Photo Exhibition by Nikos Rakas
Tribute to Michael Cacoyannis

Screening of the film “Cherry Orchard”

Sunday 19.00 Screening Room 3
Batman Reloaded! (External area of screening room 2)

Daily from 11.00, Sculpture by Dimitris Giaouris

Child and Cinema”

Wednesday |Thursday | Friday 09.30 & 11.15 3D movie projection for Schools

Saturday 12.00, Theatrical musical play for children “Nanny from the skies”

Wednesday 17.00 - Sunday 11.30 & 13.00 3D films projection for the general audience
Kid’s Corner

Daily from 17.00 to 21.00, Seminars Room

NIFF plays with kids! Educational and entertaining activities and games for our little friends who love cinema!!!
The story for your glory! (External space of screening room 2)

What would you say about NIFF in front of a camera? The smartest, craziest, most imaginative line could make you famous!

to be continued…

You can write the script of the 10th NIFF! Continue the story that was written by others in order to create the craziest script ever made!

Actions of environmental education in collaboration with ClockWork Energy

Outside screening room 3

Photo Contest Exhibition “My Festival”

Exhibited through monitors in festival venues

Live concerts

Thursday 23.00, DέCHO

Friday 23.00 Myronas Stratis and Isaias Matiamba

Saturday 23.00 Koza Mostra

Sunday 23.00 Sonic Rage

Sunday 00.15 Karaoke Party

Naoussa 2020: What we want to become when grown-up”

Two day conference, Wednesday 11.00 – Thursday 11.00

Cultural Center of Aristotle’s School
A contest with questions on cinema will take place daily offering unique prizes.

A photo contest will take place daily. “Do you have a camera? Are you at the Festival? What are you waiting then? Send us your picture and win!”

Keystroke and stay informed for the program and all new events.
We inform you that you can find audiovisual material at the Festival’s website.

Find Logos, Posters and e-banners by clicking here.

Find photos from previous editions by clicking here.

Find photo stills from the Festival’s films by clicking here.

Find videos of the Festival by clicking here. Find the Festival’s radio spot by clicking here.

Find the films’ catalogue by clicking here.

We would like to thank you for your interest.
For any extra information, please contact Christina Mavridou at the following numbers:

  • 2332024617

  • 2332024637 (fax),

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