Press Release 27 th september 2012

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Press Release

27 th september 2012


More than five million hits on music server YouTube, fourteen weeks in the top positions of the official Czech and Slovak charts of the most played songs in the radios and now the nomination for the MTV EMA (European Music Award) 2012 in the category of Best Czech / Slovak Act. Such is the balance of the seventeen-year old Celeste Buckingham’s song, ‘Run Run Run’. This song is currently gaining success in countries of the Middle East and North Africa. It was used as a musical accompaniment for the September teaser, on an independent pan-Arab satellite television channel MBC 2 from MBC GROUP. Adding to that, many of Celeste´s listeners and fans come from countries as far as the US, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries, but also countries in Europe such as Hungary and Poland, where Celeste also plans to break through with her Album ‘Don´t Look Back’.

Celeste Buckingham is living her American dream. At the beginning, however, there was a smashing criticism during one of the castings of the second series of Czech-Slovak Superstar. Despite the skeptical jury she surprisingly passed to the finals. Soon she was knocked out and forgotten as dozens of other more or less talented finalists. But not for long when she was on the front of the charts, catapulted by her first single ‘Nobody Knows’ and the second song from the debut album ‘Don’t Look Back’, an energetic song called ‘Run Run Run’, written by Celeste and produced by her producers Martin Šrámek and Andrej Hruška, literally took care of the sensation..

The Only seventeen year-old a brunette, is since last May the most played singer in the Czech and Slovak radios. And now she is also the only female performer. nominated for MTV EMAs 2012 in the category of Best Czech / Slovak Act. The phenomenal show of the best music TV in the world, during which the awards will be the most popular European artists , will take place in Frankfurt, Germany on Sunday 11 November 2012. However, the process towards the decision on who will be standing on this musical scene, of the once united two countries of Czech and Slovakia, is starting now. Voting started from Monday 17th September and is running until Sunday, 14th October on

"I am thrilled that I was nominated for the prestigious MTV award, and it means a lot to me. The last few months are for me like a dream becoming a reality. I´m grateful to my fans, my big thank you belongs to them“, Celeste shared her immediate feelings after the disclosure of the nominations. She is currently completing her next clip for a new song ‘Never Be You’, scheduled to premiere at the end of October.

Photo by: Lukáš Dvořák, SLAVICA


Celeste Ridvana Buckingham was born on the 3rd of May 1995 in Zurich to a Swiss mother and an American father. In her veins circulates also Iranian, Irish, English and Russian blood after her grandparents. The multicultural environment in which she grew up, has affected not only her interests, but is also reflected in her music. She fell in love with music at an early age and had her first public performance already when she was three years old, when she interrupted an ongoing concert, and asked for a microphone and the band for a musical accompaniment. At the age of twelve she began to write lyrics. One of her first songs was ‘Blue Guitar '. She currently lives in Nashville Tennessee, but often travels to Slovakia. She is fluent in four languages ​​and was accepted at the two most prestigious music schools in the U.S. - Berklee College of Music in Boston and Belmont University in Nashville. She joined the latter one in September this year.

MANAGEMENT: Lumír Mati, mail:, tel.: +420 777 755 075



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