Presenter: sfc roger Brawn, Joint Substance Abuse Prevention Program, Maine National Guard Counterdrug Task Force Held

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February’s Briefing:  Access To and Use of LEGAL Drugs: Emerging Trends

Presenter:  SFC Roger  Brawn, Joint Substance Abuse Prevention Program, Maine National Guard  Counterdrug Task Force

Tuesday, February 8th,  3:30 to 5:00 PM,  3:30 to 5:00 PM
The Buker Center, 22 Armory Street,  Augusta
Meeting Room A

Of Note: The following summary was prepared by staff from notes and follow-up research, and has not been specifically authorized or approved by the presenter. Neill Miner, Project Director

This presentation provided participants with an overview of drugs currently being sold over the counter that give the user a “high.”

The presenter discussed:
-Legal substitutes to marijuana (Spice, K-2, Spark, Genie, Yiscatan)
-Ivory Wave, and
-Salvia Divinorum

Spice, et. al.: typically green leafy material which contains synthetic cannabinoids. The material is usually smoked in a hookah or vapor genie pipe. One product discussed produces a high that lasts 8-12 hours. It is typically sold as an incense.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has announced in the Federal Register its intent to put several of the synthetic chemicals in these products on the Schedule 1 list, restricting their access to the general public. Proposed to be listed: CP 47, 497; JWH 018, 073, 200. This action has not yet been finalized.

Ivory Wave: This product is sold as bath salts, and is typically inhaled. The active chemical in it is MDVP. It is banned in many European countries, but not in the United States. According to the website Erowid, “MDPV is an uncommon stimulant with a short history of human use. It is known for its tendency to cause compulsive redosing and some users report sexual arousal as an effect.”

Salvia Dibinorvum: is ingested, chewed, swallowed; absorbed sublingually, under the tongue; smoked in a pipe or cigarette.

Again from Erowid, “Salvia divinorum is a sprawling perennial herb found in the Sierra Mazatec region of Mexico. It's leaves contain the extremely potent Salvinorin A. It has a history of buccal use as a divinatory psychedelic, and has been widely available since the mid 1990s primarily as a smoked herb. Its effects are considered unpleasant by many people.”

Take Away Messages From The Presentation and Discussion, Leading To Action
-Going forward, it will be almost impossible for government to control access to all the many products that can help you get high.
-Building community awareness of the size and nature of the problem, and the risks of use, is key
-Messages need to be carefully crafted, within the context of current patterns of availability and use. We do not want to “sound the alarm” about issues that are not emergent, or build awareness in a way that dramatically expands awareness among prospective users of new ways to get high
-These products are available and in use in central Maine, but appear to be less common than more traditional substance use
-It is important to get the word out to parents about these products.

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