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Prepared by Birds of India
Freely down-loadable
Includes IOC names wherever applicable
Images used are from:

Fauna of British India Vol- I by E. C. Stuart Baker (1922)

Fauna of British India Vol- II by E. W. Baker (1890)
Fauna of British India Vol- III by W. T. Blanford (1895)

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Birds of India
December 2009




Prepared by Sumit K Sen

Taxonomy and nomenclature follow "An Annotated Checklist of the Birds of the Oriental Region” by Tim Inskipp, Nigel Lindsey and William Duckworth (1996)
Symbols used:

R = widespread resident; r = very local resident; W = widespread winter visitor; w = sparse winter visitor; P = widespread migrant; p = sparse migrant; V = vagrant or irregular visitor; I = introduced resident; ? = requires status confirmation
Ex = extinct; C = critically endangered; En = endangered; Vu = vulnerable; Nt = near threatened.
E = Endemic species

* = Split recognized by IOC. See Annexure1 for details.

Partridges, quails


Family: Megapodiidae

  • Nicobar Scrubfowl (Nicobar Megapode) r Megapodius nicobariensis E;Vu


Family: Phasianidae

  • Snow Partridge r Lerwa lerwa

  • Tibetan Snowcock r Tetraogallus tibetanus

  • Himalayan Snowcock r Tetraogallus himalayensis

  • Buff-throated Partridge (Szechenyi's Monal-Partridge) ? Tetraophasis szechenyii

  • Chukar (Chukar Partridge) r Alectoris chukar

  • Black Francolin R Francolinus francolinus

  • Painted Francolin R Francolinus pictus E

  • Chinese Francolin r Francolinus pintadeanus

  • Grey Francolin R Francolinus pondicerianus

  • Swamp Francolin r Francolinus gularis Vu

  • Tibetan Partridge r Perdix hodgsoniae

  • Common Quail rW Coturnix coturnix

  • Japanese Quail w Coturnix japonica

  • Rain Quail r Coturnix coromandelica

  • Blue-breasted Quail r Coturnix chinensis

  • Jungle Bush Quail R Perdicula asiatica

  • Rock Bush Quail R Perdicula argoondah E

  • Painted Bush Quail r Perdicula erythrorhyncha E

  • Manipur Bush Quail r Perdicula manipurensis E;Vu

  • Small Buttonquail (Kurrichane Buttonquail) R Turnix sylvatica

  • Yellow-legged Buttonquail R Turnix tanki

  • Barred Buttonquail R Turnix suscitator

  • Hill Partridge r Arborophila torqueola

  • Rufous-throated Partridge r Arborophila rufogularis

  • White-cheeked Partridge r Arborophila atrogularis Nt

  • Chestnut-breasted Partridge r Arborophila mandellii Vu

  • Mountain Bamboo Partridge r Bambusicola fytchii

  • Red Spurfowl r Galloperdix spadicea E

  • Painted Spurfowl r Galloperdix lunulata E

  • Himalayan Quail Ex Ophrysia superciliosa E;C

  • Blood Pheasant r Ithaginis cruentus

  • Western Tragopan r Tragopan melanocephalus Vu

  • Satyr Tragopan r Tragopan satyra Nt

  • Blyth's Tragopan r Tragopan blythii Vu

  • Temminck's Tragopan r Tragopan temminckii

  • Koklass Pheasant r Pucrasia macrolopha

  • Himalayan Monal r Lophophorus impejanus

  • Sclater's Monal r Lophophorus sclateri Vu

  • Red Junglefowl R Gallus gallus

  • Grey Junglefowl R Gallus sonneratii E

  • Kalij Pheasant R Lophura leucomelanos

  • Tibetan Eared Pheasant ? Crossoptilon harmani Nt

  • Cheer Pheasant r Catreus wallichii Vu

  • Mrs Hume's Pheasant r Syrmaticus humiae Nt

  • Grey Peacock Pheasant r Polyplectron bicalcaratum

  • Indian Peafowl R Pavo cristatus

  • Green Peafowl r Pavo muticus Vu

Ducks, geese


Family: Dendrocygndiae

  • Fulvous Whistling-duck r Dendrocygna bicolor

  • Lesser Whistling-duck R Dendrocygna javanica

Family: Anatidae


  • White-headed Duck V Oxyura leucocephala En


  • Mute Swan V Cygnus olor

  • Whooper Swan V Cygnus cygnus

  • Tundra Swan V Cygnus columbianus


  • Bean Goose (Taiga Bean Goose) V Anser fabalis

  • Greater White-fronted Goose V Anser albifrons

  • Lesser White-fronted Goose V Anser erythropus Vu

  • Greylag Goose W Anser anser

  • Bar-headed Goose rw Anser indicus

  • Snow Goose ? Anser caerulescens

  • Red-breasted Goose ? Branta ruficollis En

  • Ruddy Shelduck RW Tadorna ferruginea

  • Common Shelduck w Tadorna tadorna

  • White-winged Duck r Cairina scutulata En

  • Comb Duck r Sarkidiornis melanotos

  • Cotton Pygmy-goose r Nettapus coromandelianus


  • Mandarin Duck V Aix galericulata

  • Gadwall W Anas strepera

  • Falcated Duck V Anas falcata Nt

  • Eurasian Wigeon W Anas penelope

  • Mallard rW Anas platyrhynchos

  • Spot-billed Duck* (Indian Spot-billed Duck) R Anas poecilorhyncha

  • Northern Shoveler W Anas clypeata

  • Sunda Teal (Andaman Teal) r Anas gibberifrons

  • Northern Pintail W Anas acuta

  • Garganey W Anas querquedula

  • Baikal Teal V Anas formosa Vu

  • Common Teal (Eurasian Teal) W Anas crecca

  • Marbled Duck V Marmaronetta angustirostris Vu

  • Pink-headed Duck Ex Rhodonessa caryophyllacea C

  • Red-crested Pochard w Rhodonessa rufina

  • Common Pochard W Aythya ferina

  • Ferruginous Pochard w Aythya nyroca Nt

  • Baer's Pochard w Aythya baeri En

  • Tufted Duck W Aythya fuligula

  • Greater Scaup V Aythya marila

  • Long-tailed Duck V Clangula hyemalis

  • Common Goldeneye V Bucephala clangula

  • Smew w Mergellus albellus

  • Red-breasted Merganser V Mergus serrator

  • Common Merganser RW Mergus merganser

Woodpeckers, barbets


Family: Turnicidae


Family: Indicatoridae

  • Yellow-rumped Honeyguide r Indicator xanthonotus Nt

Family: Picidae

  • Eurasian Wryneck sw Jynx torquilla

  • Speckled Piculet r Picumnus innominatus

  • White-browed Piculet r Sasia ochracea

  • Rufous Woodpecker R Celeus brachyurus

  • White-bellied Woodpecker r Dryocopus javensis

  • Andaman Woodpecker r Dryocopus hodgei E;Nt

  • Pale-headed Woodpecker r Gecinulus grantia

  • Bay Woodpecker r Blythipicus pyrrhotis

  • Heart-spotted Woodpecker r Hemicircus canente

  • Great Slaty Woodpecker r Mulleripicus pulverulentus

  • Brown-capped Pygmy Woodpecker R Dendrocopos nanus

  • Grey-capped Pygmy Woodpecker R Dendrocopos canicapillus

  • Brown-fronted Woodpecker R Dendrocopos auriceps

  • Fulvous-breasted Woodpecker* R Dendrocopos macei

  • Stripe-breasted Woodpecker r Dendrocopos atratus

  • Yellow-crowned Woodpecker R Dendrocopos mahrattensis

  • Rufous-bellied Woodpecker r Dendrocopos hyperythrus

  • Crimson-breasted Woodpecker r Dendrocopos cathpharius

  • Darjeeling Woodpecker R Dendrocopos darjellensis

  • Great Spotted Woodpecker R Dendrocopos major

  • Himalayan Woodpecker R Dendrocopos himalayensis

  • Lesser Yellownape R Picus chlorolophus

  • Greater Yellownape R Picus flavinucha

  • Streak-throated Woodpecker R Picus xanthopygaeus

  • Scaly-bellied Woodpecker R Picus squamatus

  • Grey-headed Woodpecker R Picus canus

  • Himalayan Flameback (Himalayan Goldenback) R Dinopium shorii

  • Common Flameback (Common Goldenback) R Dinopium javanense

  • Black-rumped Flameback (Lesser Goldenback) R Dinopium benghalense

  • Greater Flameback (Greater Goldenback) R Chrysocolaptes lucidus

  • White-naped Woodpecker r Chrysocolaptes festivus

Family: Megalaimidae

  • Great Barbet R Megalaima virens

  • Brown-headed Barbet R Megalaima zeylanica

  • Lineated Barbet R Megalaima lineata

  • White-cheeked Barbet R Megalaima viridis E

  • Golden-throated Barbet r Megalaima franklinii

  • Blue-throated Barbet R Megalaima asiatica

  • Blue-eared Barbet r Megalaima australis

  • Crimson-fronted Barbet* (Malabar Barbet) r Megalaima rubricapilla

  • Coppersmith Barbet R Megalaima haemacephala


Family: Bucerotidae

  • Malabar Grey Hornbill R Ocyceros griseus E

  • Indian Grey Hornbill R Ocyceros birostris

  • Malabar Pied Hornbill r Anthracoceros coronatus Nt

  • Oriental Pied Hornbill r Anthracoceros albirostris

  • Great Hornbill R Buceros bicornis Nt

  • Brown Hornbill (Austen's Brown Hornbill) r Anorrhinus tickelli Nt

  • Rufous-necked Hornbill r Aceros nipalensis Vu

  • Wreathed Hornbill r Aceros undulatus

  • Narcondam Hornbill r Aceros narcondami E;Vu


Family: Upupidae

  • Common Hoopoe RW Upupa epops


Family: Trogonidae

  • Malabar Trogon r Harpactes fasciatus

  • Red-headed Trogon r Harpactes erythrocephalus

  • Ward's Trogon r Harpactes wardi Nt

Rollers, kingfishers, bee-eaters

Family: Coraciidae

  • European Roller rp Coracias garrulus Nt

  • Indian Roller R Coracias benghalensis

  • Dollarbird (Oriental Dollarbird) r Eurystomus orientalis

Family: Alcedinidae

  • Blyth's Kingfisher r Alcedo hercules Nt

  • Common Kingfisher R Alcedo atthis

  • Blue-eared Kingfisher r Alcedo meninting

  • Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher r Ceyx erithacus

Family: Halcyonidae

  • Brown-winged Kingfisher r Halcyon amauroptera Nt

  • Stork-billed Kingfisher R Halcyon capensis

  • Ruddy Kingfisher r Halcyon coromanda

  • White-throated Kingfisher R Halcyon smyrnensis

  • Black-capped Kingfisher R Halcyon pileata

  • Collared Kingfisher r Todiramphus chloris

Family: Cerylidae

  • Crested Kingfisher R Megaceryle lugubris

  • Pied Kingfisher R Ceryle rudis

Family: Meropidae

  • Blue-bearded Bee-eater r Nyctyornis athertoni

  • Green Bee-eater R Merops orientalis

  • Blue-cheeked Bee-eater PS Merops persicus

  • Blue-tailed Bee-eater R Merops philippinus

  • European Bee-eater sP Merops apiaster

  • Chestnut-headed Bee-eater R Merops leschenaulti



Family: Cuculidae

  • Pied Cuckoo (Jacobin Cuckoo) rS Clamator jacobinus

  • Chestnut-winged Cuckoo r Clamator coromandus

  • Large Hawk Cuckoo r Hierococcyx sparverioides

  • Common Hawk Cuckoo R Hierococcyx varius

  • Hodgson's Hawk Cuckoo r Hierococcyx fugax

  • Indian Cuckoo R Cuculus micropterus

  • Eurasian Cuckoo (Common Cuckoo) R Cuculus canorus

  • Oriental Cuckoo* (Himalayan Cuckoo) r Cuculus saturatus

  • Lesser Cuckoo r Cuculus poliocephalus

  • Banded Bay Cuckoo r Cacomantis sonneratii

  • Grey-bellied Cuckoo r Cacomantis passerinus

  • Plaintive Cuckoo r Cacomantis merulinus

  • Asian Emerald Cuckoo r Chrysococcyx maculatus

  • Violet Cuckoo r Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus

  • Drongo Cuckoo* (Square-tailed Drongo-Cuckoo) r Surniculus lugubris

  • Asian Koel R Eudynamys scolopacea

  • Green-billed Malkoha r Phaenicophaeus tristis

  • Blue-faced Malkoha r Phaenicophaeus viridirostris

  • Sirkeer Malkoha r Phaenicophaeus leschenaultii

Family: Centropodidae

  • Greater Coucal R Centropus sinensis

  • Brown Coucal (Andaman Coucal) r Centropus andamanensis

  • Lesser Coucal r Centropus bengalensis


Family: Psittacidae

  • Vernal Hanging Parrot R Loriculus vernalis

  • Alexandrine Parakeet R Psittacula eupatria

  • Rose-ringed Parakeet R Psittacula krameri

  • Slaty-headed Parakeet R Psittacula himalayana

  • Grey-headed Parakeet R Psittacula finschii

  • Plum-headed Parakeet R Psittacula cyanocephala

  • Blossom-headed Parakeet R Psittacula roseata

  • Malabar Parakeet (Blue-winged Parakeet) R Psittacula columboides E

  • Derbyan Parakeet (Lord Derby's Parakeet) ? Psittacula derbiana

  • Red-breasted Parakeet R Psittacula alexandri

  • Nicobar Parakeet r Psittacula caniceps E;Nt

  • Long-tailed Parakeet R Psittacula longicauda Nt


Family: Apodidae

  • Glossy Swiftlet R Collocalia esculenta

  • Indian Swiftlet R Collocalia unicolor

  • Himalayan Swiftlet R Collocalia brevirostris

  • Edible-nest Swiftlet R Collocalia fuciphaga

  • White-rumped Needletail (White-rumped Spinetail) R Zoonavena sylvatica

  • White-throated Needletail s Hirundapus caudacutus

  • Silver-backed Needletail r Hirundapus cochinchinensis

  • Brown-backed Needletail R Hirundapus giganteus

  • Asian Palm Swift R Cypsiurus balasiensis

  • Alpine Swift r Tachymarptis melba

  • Common Swift W Apus apus

  • Fork-tailed Swift r Apus pacificus

  • Dark-rumped Swift r Apus acuticauda Vu

  • House Swift* (Little Swift) R Apus affinis

Family: Hemiprocnidae

  • Crested Treeswift R Hemiprocne coronata

Owls, frogmouths, nightjars

Family: Tytonidae

  • Barn Owl (Western Barn Owl) r Tyto alba

  • Andaman Masked Owl r Tyto deroepstorffi E

  • Grass Owl* (African Grass Owl) r Tyto capensis

  • Oriental Bay Owl* r Phodilus badius

Family: Strigidae

  • Andaman Scops Owl r Otus balli E;Nt

  • Mountain Scops Owl r Otus spilocephalus

  • Pallid Scops Owl r Otus brucei

  • Eurasian Scops Owl w Otus scops

  • Moluccan Scops Owl ? Otus magicus

  • Oriental Scops Owl R Otus sunia

  • Collared Scops Owl* R Otus bakkamoena

  • Eurasian Eagle Owl R Bubo bubo

  • Rock Eagle Owl R Bubo bengalensis

  • Spot-bellied Eagle Owl r Bubo nipalensis

  • Dusky Eagle Owl R Bubo coromandus

  • Brown Fish Owl r Ketupa zeylonensis

  • Tawny Fish Owl* r Ketupa flavipes

  • Buffy Fish Owl r Ketupa ketupu

  • Mottled Wood Owl r Strix ocellata E

  • Brown Wood Owl r Strix leptogrammica

  • Tawny Owl r Strix aluco

  • Collared Owlet r Glaucidium brodiei

  • Asian Barred Owlet r Glaucidium cuculoides

  • Jungle Owlet R Glaucidium radiatum

  • Little Owl r Athene noctua

  • Spotted Owlet R Athene brama

  • Forest Owlet r Athene blewitti E;C

  • Boreal Owl V Aegolius funereus

  • Brown Hawk Owl* r Ninox scutulata

  • Andaman Hawk Owl r Ninox affinis E;Nt

  • Long-eared Owl rw Asio otus

  • Short-eared Owl w Asio flammeus

Family: Batrachostomidae

  • Sri Lanka Frogmouth r Batrachostomus moniliger

  • Hodgson's Frogmouth r Batrachostomus hodgsoni

Family: Eurostopodidae

  • Great Eared Nightjar r Eurostopodus macrotis

Family: Caprimulgidae

  • Grey Nightjar *(Indian Jungle Nightjar) R Caprimulgus indicus

  • Eurasian Nightjar rp Caprimulgus europaeus

  • Sykes's Nightjar r Caprimulgus mahrattensis

  • Large-tailed Nightjar* R Caprimulgus macrurus

  • Jerdon's Nightjar R Caprimulgus atripennis

  • Indian Nightjar R Caprimulgus asiaticus

  • Savanna Nightjar r Caprimulgus affinis



Family: Columbidae

  • Rock Pigeon (Common Pigeon) R Columba livia

  • Hill Pigeon R Columba rupestris

  • Snow Pigeon R Columba leuconota

  • Yellow-eyed Pigeon w Columba eversmanni Vu

  • Common Wood Pigeon w Columba palumbus

  • Speckled Wood Pigeon r Columba hodgsonii

  • Ashy Wood Pigeon r Columba pulchricollis

  • Nilgiri Wood Pigeon r Columba elphinstonii E;Vu

  • Pale-capped Pigeon w Columba punicea Vu

  • Andaman Wood Pigeon r Columba palumboides E;Nt

  • European Turtle Dove V Streptopelia turtur

  • Oriental Turtle Dove RW Streptopelia orientalis

  • Laughing Dove R Streptopelia senegalensis

  • Spotted Dove R Streptopelia chinensis

  • Red Collared Dove R Streptopelia tranquebarica

  • Eurasian Collared Dove R Streptopelia decaocto

  • Barred Cuckoo Dove r Macropygia unchall

  • Andaman Cuckoo Dove r Macropygia rufipennis E;Nt

  • Emerald Dove (Common Emerald Dove) R Chalcophaps indica

  • Nicobar Pigeon r Caloenas nicobarica Nt

  • Orange-breasted Green Pigeon r Treron bicincta

  • Pompadour Green Pigeon* r Treron pompadora

  • Thick-billed Green Pigeon r Treron curvirostra

  • Yellow-footed Green Pigeon R Treron phoenicoptera

  • Pin-tailed Green Pigeon r Treron apicauda

  • Wedge-tailed Green Pigeon r Treron sphenura

  • Green Imperial Pigeon* r Ducula aenea

  • Mountain Imperial Pigeon r Ducula badia

  • Pied Imperial Pigeon r Ducula bicolor

Bustards, cranes, finfoot, rails, crakes

Family: Otididae

  • Little Bustard V Tetrax tetrax Nt

  • Indian Bustard (Great Indian Bustard) r Ardeotis nigriceps En

  • McQueen's Bustard w Chlamydotis macqueeni Vu

  • Bengal Florican r Houbaropsis bengalensis C

  • Lesser Florican r Sypheotides indica En

Family: Gruidae

  • Siberian Crane w Grus leucogeranus C

  • Sarus Crane r Grus antigone Vu

  • Demoiselle Crane w Grus virgo

  • Common Crane w Grus grus

  • Black-necked Crane r Grus nigricollis Vu

Family: Heliornithidae

  • Masked Finfoot r Heliopais personata Vu

Family: Rallidae

  • Andaman Crake r Rallina canningi E;Nt

  • Red-legged Crake ? Rallina fasciata

  • Slaty-legged Crake r Rallina eurizonoides

  • Slaty-breasted Rail r Gallirallus striatus

  • Water Rail* rw Rallus aquaticus

  • Corn Crake ? Crex crex

  • Brown Crake (Brown Bush-hen) r Amaurornis akool

  • White-breasted Waterhen R Amaurornis phoenicurus

  • Black-tailed Crake r Porzana bicolor

  • Little Crake V Porzana parva

  • Baillon's Crake rw Porzana pusilla

  • Spotted Crake V Porzana porzana

  • Ruddy-breasted Crake r Porzana fusca

  • Watercock r Gallicrex cinerea

  • Purple Swamphen R Porphyrio porphyrio

  • Common Moorhen R Gallinula chloropus

  • Common Coot (Eurasian Coot) RW Fulica atra

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