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2CD Legacy Edition

Release date: 2nd April 2007

There is much lip service paid to the notion of “perfect pop”, and there have been many attempts over the years to create the perfect pop record, but few have come as close as Prefab Sprout did on Steve McQueen. Released in June 1985, the second Prefab Sprout album received rave reviews and saw mainman Paddy McAloon elevated to the pantheon of revered recording artist. This seminal album will be available once again in a 2cd legacy edition with eight acoustic versions for this release on April 2 2007.

Many writers and music aficionados list this among their top LPs of all time. NME’s critics voted it at Number 90 in their 1985 poll of The 100 Greatest Albums Ever, while a similar 1988 NME poll, voted this time by readers, put it at Number 24. Steve McQueen was everywhere throughout 1985 and the following year, a veritable mid-’80s student standby, as ubiquitous as Dark Side Of The Moon had been a decade before and (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? a decade later.

Steve McQueen” was the second full length album from Prefab Sprout. Reaching No: 21 and remaining in the UK charts for 35 weeks . The album contained the single which first broke the band into the Top 25 with the heartbreaking classic “When Love Breaks Down”, albeit at the third attempt (the single had previously been released twice before). Other singles taken from the album include “Faron Young”, “Appetiteand Johnny Johnny(originally entitled “Goodbye Lucille #1” on the album).

Now digitally remastered by original producer Thomas Dolby the album is sounding even better than ever. As if that weren’t enough it is complemented here with a second disc containing eight sublime acoustic versions, which have been specially re-recorded for this release by Paddy McAloon.

These new stripped down versions will be highly anticipated by the legion of loyal Prefab Sprout fans, showing sparser and subtle renditions of the original tracks with guitar, vocals and harmonica replacing keyboards in parts. Reduced to their bare essentials but at the same time re-arranged to create stunning refreshing new versions of the classic tracks, “Faron Young” for instance is a radical departure from the original album version with a new ending whilst “When Love Breaks Down” showcases Paddy’s mature deeper vocals - heartstopping stuff !

“Paddy did the new acoustic versions last summer – we were laughing because they took longer than the original album,” said Kitchenware majordomo Keith Armstrong. “It was partly due to Paddy’s inherent perfectionism. It’s ironic that doing a simple record of songs took him three times as long as it did to complete the fully polished original album – but that’s Prefab Sprout in a nutshell.”

The new acoustic songs, explained the label boss, were the result of a search for unreleased or hard-to-obtain material, although this was easier said than done. “The reality is, the band only recorded stuff that Paddy thought was good, and the singles B-sides – with a few exceptions like ‘Spinning Belinda’ or ‘Donna Summer’ - were done with a disdain for B-sides. But we wanted to find good things to add to the package. Actually, it was Paddy who suggested, ‘Why not do them acoustically and see
how they sound?’ And because his voice is deeper and more experienced now, it sounded like a great idea.
I like the songs with all the glitter and polish, but I also like them this way. I thought they’d be just his acoustic guitar and voice, but he rearranged them quite differently. It was exciting. I was expecting straight guitar and vocals, but because his voice had changed and because of the changes in arrangement I was blown away. “
“’Bonny’ is my favourite,” he decides, “but then it always has been my favourite Prefab Sprout song. The only reason it didn’t make it onto Swoon is because I wouldn’t stop going on about it! ‘Moving The River’ is quite different; so is ‘Faron Young’. ‘Desire As’ is the stand-out – where before the sound was translucent, here it’s meatier. In terms of the experience Paddy’s gained, these are like Johnny Cash versions.

The album has been re-packaged in a deluxe digipack with new photographs and sleevenotes written by journalist Paul Lester.

Digital Download Single : “When Love Breaks Down” (Acoustic Version) will be available as from 12th March.

Disc 1 Digitally Remastered by original producer Thomas Dolby at The Mastering Studios, LA, Nov 2006.

  1. Faron Young

  2. Bonny

  3. Appetite

  4. When Love Breaks Down

  5. Goodbye Lucille #1

  6. Hallelujah

  7. Moving the River

  8. Horsin’ Around

  9. Desire As

  10. Blueberry Pies

  11. When The Angels

Disc 2 Contains eight newly recorded acoustic versions by frontman Paddy McAloon.

  1. Appetite

  2. Bonny

  3. Desire As

  4. When Love Breaks Down

  5. Goodbye Lucille #1

  6. Moving the River

  7. Faron Young

  8. When the Angels


Band member Martin McAloon will be available for promo, as will original producer Thomas Dolby and Kitchenware founder, Keith Armstrong.

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