Prague Congress 2007

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FIPS-M Report

Prague Congress 2007

Dear Sirs,

This report contains a summary of initiatives undertaken in the two years since the General Assembly held in Palermo.
With regard to FIPS-M relations with international organisations, we designated Mr Wintein to replace Mr Van Hecke, who had expressed the wish to be relieved of representation duties.
He has acted to protect the interests of FIPS-M members in numerous meetings with the European Community (CCR/JRC and sports charter). Through FFPM, FEPYC and FIPS-AS, we took part in a campaign for the marking of red tuna in the Mediterranean, in compliance with relative ICCAT regulations. The CIPS also took part in the ICCAT meeting held in Dubrovnik, where it represented the sport of angling. On that occasion the 42 countries in attendance adopted some recommendations regarding the introduction of new constraints for the fishing of red tuna in the Mediterranean Sea and the eastern Atlantic.
We communicated information about all countries in the Mediterranean and Atlantic areas. On 8 January 2007 a meeting was held in Rome in which the Italian, Spanish and French Federations took part to define a common policy (data acquisition, marking and control of fish catches, size/weight ratios – 30 kg or 114 cm). Following that meeting, the CIPS sent a letter to the ICCAT to illustrate the problems tied up with the new recommendations.

In a letter dated 5 February 2007, the ICCAT general secretary replied by indicating that the questions on the table could be settled only with the vote of the 42 countries that approved these measures. Accordingly, on Friday 11 May 2007 FIPS-M member countries from the Mediterranean area will meet in Prague. We have tabled a joint motion that we will present through the CIPS, about which you will be kept informed.

The management unit has modified and amended the FIPS/M statutes so that the Fédération International de la Pêche Sportive en Mer will become a not-for-profit association, in compliance with Luxembourg legislation, in order to allow its registration in the Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés of Luxembourg.

From a sporting point of view, we have added two sea angling disciplines: shore angling with floats and estuary angling from boat using light tackle.

It has been decided to organise some new championships: the world angling from anchored boat Club championship, the Big Game Fishing world Club championship, the hand angling from boat European championship and the B.G.F. near-shore trolling European championship.

Regulations have been modified to come into line with developments in angling techniques and with environmental and fish species protection directives. We have also defined our specifications in order to optimise the organisation of competitions.

Each year the FIPS-M assigns to requesting federations the organisation of various world and international championships.

We took part in various world angling competitions held in Portugal in 2006. We would again like to thank the organisers for the welcome received and the efforts made.

Four new sports federations have joined the FIPS/M, representing Angola, Greece, Mexico and Tunisia. Other applications have been received. At the present time the FIPS/M is made up of 36 National Federations affiliated to the CIPS.
Under the aegis of the FIPS/M, 11 competitions will be staged in 2007:

angling from anchored boat world senior championship, in Belgium; angling from anchored boat world junior U21 championship, in Belgium; shore angling ladies and senior championship, in Brazil; shore angling Club championship, in Belgium; shore angling junior U16 and U21 championships, in France; hand angling from boat European championship, in Slovenia; casting with sealeads world championship, in France; Open Big Game Fishing European Cup, in France; shore angling with floats European championship, in Spain; B.G.F. in-shore trolling European championship, in Spain.

The 2007 Big Game Fishing world championship in Hurghada, Egypt, was staged from 12 to 19 February 2007.

The top five ranked countries were:

1st (world champion): Switzerland; 2nd: Spain A; 3rd: Italy B; 4th: France B; 5th: Egypt B.

On behalf of the FIPS/M President


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