Pos/Dry Cleaning Software for Windows

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POS/Dry Cleaning Software for Windows

Support Contract for Vivaldi Systems
This Document is to purchase a support contract for the Cleaners listed below. Support is for 1 userUnlimited Stations at one location. License Serial Number __________________________. This support is transferable and can be resold. Support is for 1 year as of the date of purchase. All restrictions and warranties are referred to the Vivaldi Warranty document.

Support entitles the user to:

  1. Voice Support by a Vivaldi Support Staff member. (Via Phone)

    1. Tech support will usually return calls with 24 hours. If it is an emergency you must state this in the voice mail or email correspondence. We will prioritize the call and place all emergencies first.

  2. Free upgrades of the software

  3. Link up service to your computer to view and fix issues via the internet. You must install the www.logmein.com client and have internet access for the computer(s).

  4. Free user assistance via email or phone.

  5. Phone support is limited to 10 hours a year for the base support price.

  6. If there are hardware issues with the computer we will help you determine that and point you to the hardware vendor for replacement or additional support. (i.e. Dell.com or Epson)

  7. Vivaldi Support only covers the use and functionality of the software providing that Windows, computer, and peripherals are running properly. The support contract is not a support contract for Windows or the computer or the Printers etc. You will be referred to the vendor for issues with those aspects.

    1. Software includes

      1. Vivaldi Dry Cleaning System

      2. The Report Writer (Includes training on writing reports and modifying existing reports)

      3. The Database and the Database engine.

  8. Onsite support for a daily fee of $150 a day (travel and expenses are billed to the customer separately) for one of the Vivaldi Technical Trainers.

  9. Enterprise Vivaldi Support is for the Enterprise system and does include support for the SQL Database Server. (Remote Access is Required)

Price Paid: ________________ Check No: _________________ or Visa (Call)

Pricing - $199.00 a year for the first year of software use. $99 for each additional year
Date of Support: ___________________
Support User’s Name ________________________________

Cleaners Name ____________________________________

Address ____________________________________

City/State/Zip _____________________________________

Phone for Contact: _____________________________
Vivaldi Software Development Manager – Signature and Date of support

Richard T Earley Date

Send Check to: Vivaldi Systems

15194 Melody Pl

Adelanto, CA 92301

760.680.1037 / 760.680.1039

** To Purchase Support fill out the form and return the form to Vivaldi Systems or Call and Charge to Credit Card. Vivaldi will return a document like this one signed.

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