Pollen morphology of Onobrychis Miller sect. Heliobrychis in Iran

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Pollen morphology of Onobrychis Miller sect. Heliobrychis in Iran

Farangis Ghanavati1& Maryam Tajdini2

Seed and Plant Improvement Institute, Fahmideh street, Karaj, Iran, f_ghanavati83@yahoo.com


With having more than 60 species of Onobrychis, Iran is one of the origins and centers of diversity of this genus. Because of close similarity in sexual organs and pod-characteristics, taxonomical classification of these species based on morphological characteristics is difficult. Therefore Pollen morphology of 10 taxa of the genus Onobrychis section Heliobrychis in Iran, were studied by using light and electron microscopy for major taxonomical characteristics of pollen grains of Onobrychis. The pollen grains are 3-colpate, prolate and perprolate. The ectocolpi are elongated, shallow or deep, narrowing at the poles. The colpus membrane is covered by large granules. The ornamentation is reticulate, the lumina different in shape and size. In equatorial view the pollen grains are elongated, elliptic to rectangular-obtuse, and in polar view they are circular, triangular-obtuse or triangular. Based on pollen size, shape in polar and equatorial view, and ornamentation, two types could be recognized. In first type pollen grains are circular in polar view, with shallow colpi, Lumina of the reticulum sharply decreasing in size at the extreme margin of the colpi. In another type Pollen grains are triangular in polar view, with deep colpi, lumina of the reticulum of the same size at the extreme margin of the colpi.

, Iran Key words: Pollen grains, Onobrychis, Heliobrychis

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