Pokemon Monopoly Information Object of the game: Same as the original, to become the wealthiest player. Game Setup

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Pokemon Monopoly Information
Object of the game: Same as the original, to become the wealthiest player.

Game Setup: Again, same as the original game. Put the Professor Oak and Trainer Battle cards in their marked spots on the board, face down. Each player chooses a token and each player is given $1500 in Poke Money. The rest of the Poke Money and Deeds stay in the bank. Each player rolls the dice to see who goes first, highest number goes first and play moves to the left.

Game play: Same as the original game, once again, you move your tokens around the board buying Pokemon or drawing cards and doing what the cards say.

If you land on an unowned Pokemon, you may buy it from the bank.

If you land on an owned Pokemon you pay that player rent.

If you land on a Professor Oak or Battle Trainer card, you take the top card and follow the instructions on the card and then return the card, face down, to the bottom of the deck.

If you land on Gary attacks, income tax in the original game, you have a choice of paying $200 or 10% of your total worth.

The rest of the game play is the same as in the original Monopoly game with the exception of when you roll doubles. This is called Pokemon Power Doubles. When you roll doubles you move your token the number of spaces shown on the dice and then do whatever needs to be done pertaining to the space you land on, the you get to use the Pokemon Power associated with the roll.

Pokemon Power Doubles:
Double 1's - Teleport like #15 Mewtwo and go anywhere on the board.

Double 2's - Rest like #35 Clefairy and collect $200 from the bank.

Double 3's - Use Leech Seed like #01 Bulbasaur and collect $50 from each player.

Double 4's - Meet Professor Oak, draw a Professor Oak card.

Double 5's - Fight in a Trainer Battle, draw a Trainer Battle card.

Double 6's - Attack to control one of another player's gym lots. First announce the lot you want to attack for. Each player rolls both dice, the player that rolled the higher number takes, or keeps, control of the lot. (Note: You may not break up color group, if a player owns all lots in that color group, you may not attack for any of those lots, only ones where they don't own all lots of a color group.)

Variations: As with the original game, you can play variations of the standard game. Like we usually put any money owed to the bank, for taxes or from penalties paid from drawing a card, in the middle of the gameboard and if you land on Free Parking, you get that money. That's not listed in the standard game rules, but I remember playing this way all the time. You can also set a time limit, since the game can take hours to play or you can play a shortened game, where each player starts out with some property.

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