Plexus complete chronology

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1978 – The LIACA Slaves Market Event for Freedom of Expression, Il Cielo performance space, Trastevere, Rome
1982 – The Artist in the First Person Program, New York University Center for Contemporary Italian Culture


June 13, 1982, New York, 516 West 25 Street. Presentation of Plexus project by Sandro Dernini, Richard Flood, Roberto Brambilla, Gianni Longo, with A Modern Sacrifice party.

December 31, 1982, New York, 516 West 25 Street. Garden of Fuzz, a party performance featuring Ann Magnuson and John Sex.
February, 1983, New York, 516 West 25 Street. Preview opening of Plexus performance space with It’s not the Hat – It’s the Hair, a dance performance by Marika Blossfeldt.

April 19-May 1, 1983, New York, 516 West 25 Street. Opening of Plexus performance space with Turtle Dreams, world premiere performance by Meredith Monk.

April 25 1983, New York, Plexus performance space. Cathode Cruel and Birth, a new music and theatre performance by Fiction Music Theatre and Susan Landau.
May 2, 1983, New York, Plexus performance space. Disorder /Discipline /Future, an art performance and exhibition by Gianfranco Mantegna.
May 13-22, 1983, New York Plexus performance space. Pavlov, a theatre performance directed by Charles Guarino, featuring Robert Younger, Abby Chevalley, Frances Goodwin, Stanley Kaplan, Charles Lanti, Marylyn Minter, Gerald Nichols, Jeanne Quinn, Cathy Stoopd.
May 23, 1983, New York, Plexus performance space. Boomba, a theatre performance by Ily Huemer.
May, 1983, New York, Plexus performance space. Labyrinth, an art installation performance by Paolo Buggiani.
May 27, 1983, New York, Plexus performance space. Spectre Nymph and Living Set, an dance performance by Ellen Fisher.
June 2, 1983, New York, Plexus performance space. Mission Impossible by Ily Huemer.

June, 1983, New York, Plexus performance space. New Directions, a multi-media program featuring: Raw Sanivlam, a Cruel WarGame, an audiovisual performance by Giancarlo Schiaffini and Lorenzo Taiuti; How She Sees It, an art performance by Arleen Schloss; Order Eat with Des’s Refuses, an art performance coordinated by Michael Kean; Moving Still Film a film screening by Richard Sanca; Up & Down the Elevator, an art performance by Stephen Wischert.

June, 1983, New York, Plexus performance space. Codes of Abstract Conduct, a new music performance by Craig Burk Group; Darts, a new music performance by John Zorn.

July 22-24, 1983, New York, Plexus performance space. Babylon Breakdown Babylon, 3 day of Art Reggae Festival, featuring Mutabaruka, Mojanya, Thomas Pinnock, Calabash, Kwame & Jahpan, Dreaklock Chronicle.

From November to December, 1983, New York, Plexus performance space. Plexus 6, a Zone for the Next Zone, a weekly multimedia art cabaret, with Mitch Ross as master of ceremony, featuring Ken Hiratsuka, Willoughby Sharp, Wolfgang Staele, Susan Britton, Marty Watts, Maroon Azuri.
February 11, 1984, New York, Plexus Performance space. Science & Art, a multimedia show by VAP.
February 14-19, 1984, New York, Plexus performance space. Leap of Faith, an epic theatre project, presented by International Performance Actions, coordinated by Willem Brugman, featuring Nila Greco, Pooh Kaye, Max Blagg, Sylvie Pomaret, Willem Brugman.
March 1, 1984, New York, 516 West 25 Street. Closing of the Plexus performance space.
June 13, 1984, New York, 523 East 6 Street. Opening of The Shuttle Theatre by Sandro Dernini, Giuseppe Sacchi, Brian Goodfellow, Karl Berger.
June, 1984, New York, The Shuttle Theatre. A weekly music performances by Genevieve Waite with Robert Arron.
June, 1984, New York, The Shuttle Theatre. Love Songs, Nothing Else, Love Songs, a weekly music cabaret performance by Tony Love; and Tigressa, the all-female rhythm explosion.
July, 1984, New York, The Shuttle Theatre. Girls Night Out, an art exhibition, curated by Carlo Mc Cormick, featuring artworks by Keiko Bonk, Jane Bowman, Nancy Brooks Brody, Patrice Caire, Andrea Evans, Manuela Filliaci, Barbara Gary, Jasmin Harwood-Ramirez, Pat Hearn, Annie Herron, Babette Holland, Rebecca Howland, Tessa Hughes-Freeland, Ruth Kligman, Anita Lane, Karen Luna, Gracie Mansion, Lisa McDonald, Mette Medson, Marylyn Minten, Judy Rifka, Hope Sandrow, Caren Scarpulla, Nina Seligman, Jo Shane, Kiki Smith, Stacie Teele, Christine Zounek, Rhonda Zwillinger.
July, 1984, New York, The Shuttle Theatre. The Pirates of Techno Hell and The Final Upside Down Shown, art performances by Julius Klein; Time Art, performance by Ralston Farina.

July, 1984, New York, The Shuttle Theatre. Peter Grass, art exhibition curated by Steve Kaplan.

August, 1984, New York, The Shuttle Theatre. Bernd Naber, art exhibition curated by Steve Kaplan.
From July to December, 1984, New York, The Shuttle Theatre. A music program by Sound Unity coordinated by Willian Parker, featuring Billy Bang, Jemeel Moondoc, Rashid Al-Akbar, Petra Plecko, Rrata Christin Jones, the Gamala Taki Band with Karl Berger, Babatunde Olatunji, Dennis Charles, Peter Kowald, Charles Gayle, Rashied Ali, William Parker, Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter, Rashied Bakr, Karen Borca, Jackson Krall, Ellen Christi, Alex Lodico, Patsy Parker, John Hagen, Dicky Dworkin, Dave Hofstra.
From July to December, 1984, New York, The Shuttle Theatre. Long Shot, a poetry series presented by Nuyorican Poets Cafe, featuring Allen Ginsberg, Mickey Pinero, Miguel Algarin, Amiri Baraka, Pedro Pietri, Quincy Troupe, Robert Press, Bernadette Mayer, Andy Clausen.

From August to December, 1984, New York, The Shuttle Theatre. The Artist in the First Person, an independent art exhibition program made with Joan Waltermath, Luca Pizzorno, Julius Klein, Raltston Farina, Mickey Pinero, Arleen Schloss.

August, 1984, New York, The Shuttle Theatre. The Art World is a Jungle, 120 performances of 30 seconds or 60 performances of 60 seconds.
August 25, 1984, New York, 523 East 6 Street. In Order to Survive, a block association street event, performed by William Parker, Miguel Algarin, Karl Berger, Bruce Richard Nuggent, Roy Campbell, Jeemeel Mondoc, Arleen Schloss, David Street, Alfa Diallo, Sara Farley, Sandro Dernini, Giuseppe Sacchi, James Oliver Jones Jr., Dennis Charles, Nelson Oceundy.
September, 1984, New York, The Shuttle Theatre. Voice of Ammericka, a cabaret program featuring: Uncle Sam by Dave Street; Taxi Cabaret by Rockets Redglare; The Poet Himself by Marty Watt.
September, 1984, New York, The Shuttle Theatre. The Lower East Side Music, Poetry, Arts Festival ‘84, presented by Sound Unity, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Artists International Communication, featuring Butch Morris, Gunter Hampel, Nelson Oceundy, Karl Berger, William Parker, Miguel Algarin, Jemeel Moondoc, Brian Smith, Arleen Schloss, Robert Aaron, Ahvan Henry, Miguel Pinero, Billy Bang, Pleasure. An art show was installed by Alfa Diallo and Jean Cyriaqueque.
From October to December, 1984, New York, The Shuttle Theatre. Body Driven, a dance project by Betsy Hulton, Frame of Life, a filmmakers program, featuring: Andrew Bergen, Julius Klein, Christine Vachon, Susan Graes, Liza Bear. Collage of Happening, a performance program, featuring: Time Art by Ralston Farina, Uncle Sam by Dave Street, The Upside Down Show by Julius Klein, Do you think Nixon knows people were happier before he was president? by Paul Miller, and Alien Comic. The Last Song of the Swan, a playwrights program, curated by Giuseppe Sacchi, featuring: Soliloquies and Others Words Said at the Time by Rei Povod; King Salmon by James A. Doogherty; Hoodlum Hearts by Louis E. Griffith; Rent a Coffin by Pedro Pietri. Mephistopheles: The Artist in the First Person, featuring Escape from Purgatory, by Ralston Farina; Mountains Men, Dreams, Magic Music by Leopanar Witlarge; Slimming Window by Julius Klein and Samarcanda by Luca Pizzorno, Cantos, a poetry program; and Magic Flutes, a music program, with Don Cherry.
December, 1984, New York, The Shuttle Theatre. 2° Lower East Side Jazz Festival ’84, featuring: Chevere Makun Chevere, Michael Bocian Quartet, Ernst Bier Quartet, Jemeel Moondoc’s Orchestra with Butch Morris, Jim Pepper Quartet, Karl Berger’s Rhythm Changes with Ingrid Sertso, Jazz Doctors with Billy Bang, Frank Lowe, Wilber Morris and Thurman Barker, Juny Booth, Peter Kowald Sextet, Roy Campbell’s Inner Force Band, James McCoy and an art jam by Arturo Lindsay.

January 16, 1985, New York, New York University. The Artist in the First Person, a lecture introduced by Sandro Dernini and performed by Ralston Farina, Paolo Buggiani, William Parker, Ken Hiratsuka, Peter Grass, Joan Waltermath, Willoughby Sharp, Luca Pizzorno, Arleen Schloss, Julius Klein, Leo Panar, James Mc Coy, Amir Bey, Liz and Val, Snoky Tate.

March, 1985, New York, The Shuttle Theatre. DADA, a poetry music workshop by Valery Oisteanu, with Otto Von Ruggins and Lubisha Ristici.
May, 1985, New York, CUANDO, 9 Second Avenue. Third Lower East Side Music Festival 1985, in collaboration with Sound Unity, Plexus/Shuttle and the Lower East Side Community Music Workshop. It featured: Roy Campbell and William Hooker Duo, Jeanne Lee and Voices, William Parker Septet, Hellen Christi, Kral Trio, Jeemel Moondoc Quartet with Bern Nix, William Parker, Ed Blackwell, Luther Thomas Quintet, Bangception with Billy Bang and Dennis Charles, WilberForce with Eli Fountain, Vincent Chauncy, Wilber Morris, Trio with Wayne Horvits, Bobby Previte, Butch Morris, Frank Lowe Trio, Rashid Al Akbar Trio, James Oliver Jones Jr, and Ethica with Myrna Renaud, Rashid Al Akbar, Roy Campbell, Dennis Charles, Mabo Suzuki.
June 13, 1985, New York, CUANDO. Goya Time, 1985, New York, an art opera, by Gretta Safarty, Sandro Dernini and Butch Morris, featuring Gloria Mc Lean, Rajaa Fischer, Lynne Kanter, Antonia Iacchia, Karen Kuykendall, Melva Max, Michael Mayers, Pedro Cano, Franco Ciarlo, Baldo Deodato, Michael Keane, Anne Jepsen, Julius Klein, Jorelle Kraus, Raken Leaves, Judy Levy, Joe Lewis, Mike Lewis, Luca Pizzorno, Jill Lynne, Mekki Schmidt, Bernd Naber, Vernita Nemec, Robert Parker, Barnaby Ruhe, Eve Vaterlaus, Robert Younger.

July, 1985, New York, The Shuttle Theatre. Castigat Ridendo Mores, a open contest for comedians by Giuseppe Sacchi.

July 17, 1985, New York, CUANDO. In the Night of No Moon: Purgatorio Show ‘85 New York, an open call for the future international community house, a three hour event with over 350 artists, dedicated to Ralston Farina, John Rocchio, Tessa Huxley, Saint Mark's Women's Health Cooperative, Billy Sleaze, Ruben Lopez, Kyong, L.A.N.D., Max Hardeman, Frank Shiffreen, Rolando Briseno, Fred Floyd, Johnny Edward, Georgine Lopez, Franco Ciarlo, Bacha Plewinska, Russel Epprecht, Lindy Well, Luis Batances, Cadets of Cuando, Tracy Sherman, Landy Wells. Vincent Group., The Sophist, Cemi Art Folklorico Puertoricana, Jose Rolon, Richard Geigel, Gilberto Reyes, Stevie Flores, Kathleen & William Laziza, Richard Heisler, Hillary Mostert, Adam Noildt, Michele Siboun, Peter Cummings, Christa Gamper, Solvig, Casa Nada, Anita Steckel, Jill Fleischman, Lynne Kanter, Nancy Aacron, Grady Alexis, George Reynolds, Joe Strand, Teresa, Christofia, Sophy Pujedet, Patsy Parker, William Parker, Jemeel Moondoc, Richard Bruce Nuggent, Greta Sarfaty, Ray Kelly, Eric Miller and Company, Alan Saret, Butch Morris, Henry Threadgill, Maya Eizen, Katie Sutphin, Eddie Tafel, Chris Ieexa, Silka X, Peter Honchaurk. Steve Hugglund, Mike Zwicky, Penelope Wehrli, Lairice Persica, Orski Drozi, Charles Alleroft, Eve Teitelbaum, Andy Somma, Leslie Lowe, Rip Hayman, Martin Wheeler, Eve Vaterlaus, Inghild Karlsen, Yakya Alail-Majial, Doctor Hart, Steve Mill Fein, Amanda Marr, Aekim Knispel, Marcel Fieve, Ken Montgomery, Katie O'looney, Tepi Rosen, Eli Alli, Mitch Corber, Aigar Kildiss, Gretta Soke, Howie Solo, P.Michael Keane, Sharon Take, Jan Schmidt, J.D. Rage, Krzysztos Zarebski, Krystyna Jachniewicz, Jared Shithead, James Oliver Jones Jr., Sachie Akizawa, Brian Bacchiocchi, Henry Benvenuti, Felix Campos, David Channon, Sandra Clothier, Aurora Corteses, Michael Coulter, Carla Davis, Ronnie Farley, Richard Gins, Lauen Hancher, Leonard Horowitz, Sonia Irizarry, Eric Johnson, Chieni Kawshima, James Nares, Ashim Kinspel, Melinda Levokove, Ramu Lunda, Buddy Mailander, Jerry Pagane, Lizz Paris, Teppi Rosen, Salvador Rosillo, Angel Ibanez, Andy Smith, Diane Spanagona, Wolfgang Staehle, Barbra Yoshida, Francis Alenikoff, Maria Cutrona, Gloria Mclean, Yves Musard, Myrna Renaud, Viola Viscardi, Enos, Katie Korngold, Storme Webber, S.A. Martin, M. Spencer Richards, Jim Wasserman, Rob Brown, Charles Compo, Feron Dolce. John E. Edwards, Ronnie Farley, Haki Jami, Jasper Mcgruder, Sally Whit, Judy Stewart, Leo Panar, Margot Leverett, Steve Wodson, Mark Wolf, Matt Shipp, Peggy Yunque, James Gill, Dragon Illic, Ricardo Geigel, Nisei Goju, Ruju Doju, Foster Perry, David Brill. Arnold Wechsler, Louis Lopes, Carlton Bright, Marilyn Minter, Calvin Thompson, Sheldon Moskovici, Robert Bery, Ivan Jensen, Mindy Gluck, Nancy Sullivan, Isak Ladegrad, Willy Van Derlinden, Frank Rabino, Nicola Naimo, Ellen Levine, Patrice Lorentz, Habib Tiwoni, Marcel Fieve, Suzanne Halvorson, Hope Martin, Lilliana Luboya, David Hatchet, Curtis Woods, Jeanie Bruno, Grady Alexis, Frederick Kohl, Penny Ward, Sybil Goldstein, Miguel Ferrando, Cindy Luggery, Bri Hurley, Bonnie Van Allen, Joe Alfredo, Noel Mapstead, Ken Montgomery, Jim C., Margarite Massa, Brian Goodfellow, Margaret Bazura, Felix Mckennedy, Shindy Henry, Ebba Elander, Michael Carter, Sarina Bachino, Bill Rabinowitz, Orsina Sforza, Tod Evan, Ronnie Farcey. Christof Kohlhofer. James Romberger, Mara Leader, Geoff Gilmore, Michael Ross, Takao Saito, Red Spot, Alex Pinkerson, Tom Warren, Dave Gesualdi, Melva Max, Vesna Golubovic, Michael Ron, Andre Roskovich, Robert Arson, Patrice Thompson, Martin Wong, Takako Azuma, Niko Smith, Amy Paskin, Maya Eizen, Maureen Eckert, Alex Rottner, Michael Carter, Selwyn Garraway, Albert De'pas, Shuder Henry, Linus Corragio, Mark Kostabi. Liz and Val, Dean Benesh, Swieta Barrinko, James Daglish, Gregor Hanoyok, Bernd Naber, Fredda Mekul, Matte Madsen, Mekki Schmitt, Mona Schmitt, Arturo Lindsay, Ken Hirayuma, Antoine Desparchis, Manada Ma, Nikki Ma, Pamela Kladzyh, Cris And Homo, Conrad Vogel, Diane Dunbar, Luca Pizzorno, Robert Parker, Joseph Nechvatal, Rhys Chatham, Bradley Eros, Aline Mare, Anne Jepsen, Tenesh, Amir Bey, Fabio Della Sala, Wes Power, Snuky Tate, Hanne Laurdisen, Sandro Dernini, R.T. Livingston, George Chaikin, Ellen Christi, Mark Hooper, Willem, Samoa, Julius Klein, Dave Street, Luis Tropia, R.T., Yuri Karpalov, Colin De Land, Nina Connolly, Vincent Chancey, Judy Levy, Alpha And Omega Dance, Taher Shafie, The Family Theatre, Maxim Felix Camillo, Arleen Schloss, Kali Susan Faistenau, Melody D'arnell, Dana Simon, Susan Britton, Zwicky Hagglum, R.V. Ardsol, Al Dimartino, Willoughby Sharp, Courtney Harmel, Sal Frinzi, Paul Fanfarillo, Richard Milone, Dab And Angela, Debbie Crowell, Suckcess, Regina Smith, Chief Nelson Oceundy.

November 23, 1985, New York, 523 East 6th Street. The building of the Shuttle Theatre burned in a fire accident.

February 27, 1986, New York, CUANDO. Eve, an Art Opera, about Escape for Donna Purgatorius from 1986 Anno Domini by the Multinational Chain Gang of Downtown N.Y., with 220 artists, featuring Alfa Diallo, Alpha Omega 1-7, Theatrical Dance Co., Francis Alenikoff, Miguel Algarin, Nancy Alvsick, Yoshiki Araki, Jane Aruns, Tom Bahring, Bernadette Baptists, Erica Baum, Margaret Bazura, Tsvi Ben-Aretz, Winnie Berrios, Dean Benosh, Benta, Nicholais Bergery, Jeff Berren, Silvio Betti, Karen Borca, David Boyle, Yvette Braithwaite, Marion Branjis, Mark Brennan, George Breakfast, China Burney, Mark Burns, Paolo Buggiani, Cadets of CUANDO, George Calle, Carson Ferri Grant, Andrew Castucci, David Mora Catlett, Mitch Corber, Aurora Cortese, Larry Crombez, Count Caesar, Demo Moe, George Chaikin, Franco Ciarlo, Teddy Clark, Barbara Coleman, Bill Conway, Linus Coraggio, Willie Correa, Nilde Cortez, Jamie Dalglish, Darrell Daniels, Wendy Dann, Melody D'Arnell, Bruce Davis, Richard Dawkin, Jeff Day, Rick Little & The Loose, Ricky Dejesus, Fabio Della Sala, Baldo Deodato, Sandro Dernini, Savier Diaz, Stephen Di Lauro, Al DiMartino, Bob Dombrowski, Kirn Douthett, Freddie the Dreamer, Monique Dulau, Elaine Elekoff, Lee Ellickson, Michael Enns, Russel Epprecht, Marina Epstein, FA-Q, Bill Fein, Carol Fleishman, Eli Fountain, Bionca Florelli, Laren Gabor, Christa Camper, Lori Terzine, Jeff Gilmore, G.Gilmore, Jay Godfrey, Katherine Gordon, Robert Gurtler III, Ken Hiratsuka, Hara Lampos, Havakawa, R.I.P. Hayman, Richard Heisler, Betti Sue Hertz, E.F. Higgins III, Anna Homler, Leonard Horowitz, Jason Hwang, Antonia Iacchia, Jack Boy, Anna Jepsen, Jill 125, Suellen Johnson, Baird Jones, Frank Kanfman, Lynne Kanter, Frank Kaufman, Tsujii Katsu, P. Michael Keane, Ray Kelly, Connie Kieltyka, Julius Klein, Jerelle Kraus, Henner Kuckuck, Kwok, Lamont Lamberger, Hanne Lauridsen, William & Cathline Laziza, Judy Levy, Arturo Lindsay, Alex Locadio, Frank Lowe, Robert MacMillan, Paolo Maltese, Michele Mahrer, Margaret Massa, Gianfranco Mantenga, Marcos Margall, Amy Marx, Robert Marinez, Dona McAdams, Gloria McLean, Tom McDonald, Missing Foundation, Myra Medford, Sue Suzanne Messim, Eric Miller, Richard Malone, Maria Mingalone, MIO, Tyrone Mitchell, Bob Monti, Janet Morgan, Butch Morris, Wilber Morris, Charles Morron, Bernd Naber, Nada, Pamela Nadeau, Noriko, Bruce Richard Nuggent, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Mart Oshima, Deborah Ossoff, Lorenzo Pace, Monique & Robert Parker, G. Pegor, Luca Pizzorno, Plantela, Wes Power, Ronald Pratt, Angela Pringle, Kirsten Randolph, Maggie Reilly, Angela Repelant, Alva Rogers, Rogon, Antonio Romano, Tony Roos, Salvador Rosilo, Peter Ruhf, Barnaby Ruhe, Saunders Shaw, Francesco Santinelli, Shalom, Emelio Schlaepfer, Arleen Schloss, Mekki Schmidt, Frank Shifreen, Ann Shostrom, Michele Siboun, George W. Simmons, Brian Smith, Nico Smith, Leonid Sokov, Carmine Spera, Anita Steckel, Alan Steinfeld, Joe Strand, Sue Strande, Dave Street, Elyse Taylor, Eve Teitelbaun, Tenesh, Kate Tastrophe, Bill Thompson, Seth Tobbacman, Tomoko Toki, Toyo, Tovey, Katsuu Tsujii, Carline Vago, Helene Valentin, Juilius Valiunas, Angela Valorio, L. Van Binder, Claude Van Lingen, Eve Vaterlaus, Penny Ward, Willem Brugman, World Famous Blue Jays, Karen Yager, James Zoller, Michael J. Zwicky. Cards by Silvio Betti.
May 15, 1986, Dakar, Centre Culturel Africain M. Sy. 1987: Du Purgatoire ou Paradis, Voyage de l’Art dans la Mythologie Universelle, a Plexus presentation by Sandro Dernini, with Langouste M’Bow, Kre M’Baye, Mangone NDiaye, Gianni Villella. Poster by Kre Mbaye.

September 1, 1986, Cagliari, Sardinia, Cooperativa Centro Storico. 1987 Fire!! Il Serpente di Pietra, Fire!! an Universal Mythological Art Journey, a Plexus presentation by Sandro Dernini, Gaetano Brundu, Cicci Borghi.

September 4, 1986, Rome, Magazzini Generali. For a New Cappella Sistina, a Plexus presentation by Sandro Dernini, Armando Soldaini, Silvio Betti.

October 23, 1986, New York, Frank Shifreen’s studio. Plexus Serpent Open Call, an art action by Leonard Horowitz, Sandro Dernini, Helen Valentin, Arturo Lindsay, David Boyle, Mitch Ross, Marcos Margal and Frank Koufman.

October 25, 1986, New York, Fusion Arts. Eating Art, Part 1: Fresh Mozzarella, A Refracted Self Portrait, an art performance by Sandro Dernini with Lynne Kanter, Eve Vaterlaus, Donald Sherman, Mitch Ross, Gianfranco Mantegna, Joan Waltermath, Franco Ciarlo and Gaby, Paolo Buggiani, Cosimo Leo di Ricatto, Charlie Monrow, Bernd Naber.

December 12-14, 1986, New York, Alchemical Theatre. Fourth Lower East Side Music Festival, by Sound Unity, the Lower East Side Community Music Workshop and Plexus, featuring: Wilber Force, William Parker Ensemble, D.C. YA YA Band, Charles Gale, Zane Massey Quartet, Luther Thomas Sextet, Ted Daniel, Joe Morris, Jemeel Moondoc, and Roy Campbell, with a jazz portraits exhibition by Judy Levy and Anita Steckel, and an art jam by Joan Waltmath and Cicci Borghi.

January 17, 1987, New York, Fusion Arts. Plexus Book, a performance by Paolo Buggiani, Charlie Morrow, Elisabeth Rodgers, Shalom Newman and Greta Safarty.
January, 1987, Amsterdam, Cosai Production. Plexus working station's presentation by Willem Brugman.

February 13, 1987, Cagliari, Dessi Studio. Bring Your Serpent, an art installation by Gaetano Brundu, Cicci Borghi, Anna Saba, Franco Meloni, Randi Hansen, Piernicola Cocco, Antonello Dessi, Luciano Rombi, Enrico Pau, Luigi Mazzarelli.

February 18, 1987, New York, Patrizia Anichini Gallery. Do You Think it is Possible to Eat Andy Warhol by Eating an Campbell Soup Can?, a phenomenological inquiry performance by Sandro Dernini with Willoughby Sharp, Peter Grass, Bernd Naber, Lynne Kanter, Franco Ciarlo, Helen Valentin, Patrizia Anichini, Joan Waltermath. Donald Sheridan, Souyun Yi, Carol Drury, Amy Paskin, Christian Chiansa.
March, 1987, Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, College of Fine Arts, Loge. No Show-Biz. Italian Plexus Group, a presentation organized by Bruce Breland with visiting artist Sandro Dernini.
June 29, 1987, Rome, Teatro in Trastevere. Il Serpente di Pietra, a Plexus presentation by Gianni Villella, Carlo Cusatelli, Pino Licastro, Paolo Maltese, Willem Brugman, Shalom Neuman, Luc Lerouge, Miguel Algarin, Arturo Lindsay, Giovanna Ducrot, Armando Soldaini, Sandro Dernini.
June 30, 1987, Rome, Streets of Trastevere. Il Serpente di Roma, a happening parade performance by Arturo Lindsay, Lorenzo Pace, Maggie Reilly, Miguel Algarin, Louis Lopez, Sandro Dernini, Willem Brugman, Alessandro Figurelli and Aliki, Armando Soldaini, Gianni Villella, Giovanna Ducrot, Micaela Serino, Carlo Cusatelli, Alex Carmeno, Joelle Brun Cosme, Jocelyn Fiset, Jean Claud Monnier, Elisabeth Morcellet, Lello Albanese.

July 1-4, 1987, Gavoi, Sardinia, Sanctuary of Sa Itria. Il Serpente di Pietra, first international art slaves market show, with the participation of 160 artists, featuring Hakin Abbaci, Lello Albanese, Miguel Algarin, Albino Angioi, Fakher Al Koudsi, Artemis, Anagnostopoulos, Roberto Annechini, Stefano Asili, Gianni Atzeni, Isabelle Baeckeroot, Fabi Bandini, R.M.Barbarosa Rabaga, Rudy Barboncini, Fabrizio Bertuccioli, Nyal Binclixen, Andrea Boldrini, Graziano Bracale, Marco Vella Brega, Bruce Breland, Willem Brugman, Joelle Brun Cosme, Gaetano Brundu, Luisa Brunetti, Antonio Caboni, Danna Call, Giovanna Caltagirone, Dino Candelo, Giovanna Canevari, Andrea Cao, Annamaria Caracciolo, Alex Carmeno, Paolo Col angeli, Luigi Concu, Carmine Conte, Nanni Cortassa, Graziano Crecale, Carlo Culatelli, Mattia Culatelli, Dax Group, Giovanni Delogu, Giovanni Maria Denti, Sandro Dernini, Antonello Dessi, Diagonale Espace, Giorgio Di Mauro, Alessandro Di Todaro, Pierluigi Di Todaro, Robert Dunn, John Edwards, Karin Eggers, Marco Fabiano, Daniela Fantini, Leonardo Fava, Vittorio Fava, Alessandro Figurelli, Jocelyn Fiset, Marcello Frajoli, Bernard Francois, Liliana Franquelli, Galavision, Paolo Gallina, Augusto Gandini, Marzia Gandini, Margherita Gelfi, Khalife Ghada, Massimo Ghiani, Valerio Ghiani, Elvio Ghirigozzi, Didier Gokart, Rosanna Granata, Stefano Grassi, Guileme Marie Greco, Antonio Grimaldi, Gristolu, Gruppo Polmone Pulsante, Randi Hansen, Hannette Holdensen, John Howard, Regina Hubner, Massimo Iovinella, Berit Jansen, Faramarz Janhangir, Vito Lella, Renata Leoni, Luc Lerouge, Mario Lido, Arturo Lindsay, Gabriella Locci, Luis Lopes, Sabina Maccuri, Grazia Magnani, Paolo Maltese, Lamberto Manganello, Giampiero Maoddi, Claudio Marani, Giuseppe Marini, Luigia Mastelloni, Luigi Mazzarelli, Assane MBaye, Loredana Melis, Gianfranco Melis, Franco Meloni, Valeria Meloni, Susanna Micozzi, Carlo Moi, Jean Claud Monnier, Elisabeth Morcellet, Marco Murgia, Maurizio Murgia, Wanda Nazzari, Shalom Newman, Carla Nurchis, Franco Nuti, Tony Occhiello, Orange, Antonello Ottonello, Albertino Pace, Lorenzo Pace, Alessandro Pallotta, Augusta Passatelli, Marco Vinicio Passatelli, Massimo Pietrucci, Raffaele Piras, Bruno Pittau, Alfonso Pizzoleo, Riccardo Polimeri, Andrea Portas, Claudio Prati, Karen Pritchett, Gianfranco Quadrini, Cesario Rachador, Elvi Ratti, Maggie Reilly, Vittorio Rella, Giuseppe Rizzutto, Salvatore Rosello, Phil Rostek, Tuna Marcia Rostek, Anna Saba, Graziano Salerno, Angela Sanna, Salvatore Sanna, Gino Sanpaolesi, Grazia Santi, Basilio Scalas, Mariangela Sedda, Piergavino Sedda, Andrea Selis, Micaela Serino, Greco Shyslaine, Hilla Simonitto, Britt Smelvaer, Armando Soldaini, Tore Soru, Laura Squarcia, Teatro degli Opposti, Susanna Talayero, Francoise Tesmoingt, Cristophe Thibaudeau, Aliki Thrumulopulos, Saverio Ungheri, Vincenzo Valentino, Verrieres Association, Gianni Villella, Silvie Zampolini, Massimo Zanasi, Massimo Zucchi, Salvatore Zurru, Rajo Wurns. Poster by Stefano Asili, cards by Richard Milone.
December 23, 1987, Dakar, Auditorium INSEPS. Plexus presentation by Youssouph Traoré, Sandro Dernini, Pathé Diop, Assane MBaye, artworks by Kre MBaye, Langouste MBow, Seni MBaye.
February 20, 1988, New York, CUANDO. A Redefinition of a Campbell Soup Can, a performance art installation by Lorenzo Pace, Leonard Horowitz, Lynne Kanter, Sandro Dernini, Tony Noughera and Loisada Samba Band, Wess Power, Barnaby Ruhe, Frank Shifreen, Anita Steckel, Helen Valentin, Sidney Silva.
May 21, 1988, New York, Rivington School. Open Call for Plexus International Art Slavery Manifesto Group Shot, photo by Ivan Dalla Tana. Poster by Frank Shifreen.
June 15, 1988, Rome, Metateatro. Open Call for Plexus International Art Slavery Manifesto Group Shot, photo by Adriano Mordenti, performances by Paolo Buggiani and Sandro Dernini. Poster by Fabrizio Bertuccioli

June 18, 1988, Carloforte, Sardinia, Harbour. Open Call for Plexus International Art Slavery Manifesto Group Shot, a photo event on board the Elisabeth boat, with Anna Saba, Randi Hansen, Luigi Mazzarelli, Annamaria Caracciolo, Franco Meloni, Armando Soldaini, Giovanna Caltagirone, Antonello Dessi, Andrea Portas, Stefano Grassi, Maria Grazia Medda, Loredana Melis, Pierluigi di Todaro, Tiziana De Giorgi, Zi of the Barone Rosso, Sandro Dernini, Fabrizio Bertuccioli.

June 25, 1988, Rome, Coloseum. Open Call for Plexus International Art Slavery Manifesto Group Shot, a photo event with Micaela Serino, Silvia Pellegrini, Carlo Cusatelli, Loreto Pappadia, Antonio Caboni, Sandro Dernini, Andreina Abbondanza, Vittorio Terracina, Fabrizio Bertuccioli.
July 4, 1988, Rome, Il Mago di Oz. Fatti Nostri negli 80’s per i 90’s (Made in the 80’s for the 90’s), a Plexus recall performance, by Fabrizio Bertuccioli, Massimo Sarchielli, Sandro Dernini, Bionca Florelli, Giovanna Ducrot, Roberto Federici.

July, 1988, Rome, Gianni Villella’s garden. Recovering of Arturo Lindsay buried art messenger.

August 26, 1988, Dakar, Goree, House of the Slaves. Open Call for Plexus International Art Slavery Manifesto Group Shot, a photo event, with a ritual art theatrical parade directed by Omar Seck from the Medina of Dakar to the House of the Slaves of Gorée, made by 200 participants, with Langouste MBow, Kre MBaye, Zulu MBaye, Youssouph Traorè, Assane MBaye, Sandro Dernini, Awa MBaye, Pathe Diop.

August 30, 1988, Dakar, Club Litteraire David Diop. Open Letter to the Artists of the World, written by Youssouph Traore, Zulu M’Baye, Sandro Dernini, Langouste M’Bow, Assane M’Baye, Pathe Diop.

September 23, 1988, New York, Soho, Carmen Miraglia Loft. Plexus Campboll’s Soup Can, a presentation by Sandro Dernini.
November 3, 1988, New York, CUANDO. The Serpent, Purgatorio Show 1988, first act of the travelling event the Serpent, featuring Lorenzo Pace, Miguel Algarin, Shock Troop Theatre, Garrick Beck, Jose Rodriguez, Pat Geri Russel, Stephen Di Lauro, Arturo Lindsay, Lynne Kanter, Joanee Freedom, Mitch Ross, Sandro Dernini Leonard Horowitz, Wess Power, Tony Noighera and the Loisada Samba Band, Andrea Grassi, Alfa Diallo, David Boyle, Sara Jackson, Maggie Reilly, Michael Keane, Andrea Grassi, Eve Taitelbaun.
November 11, 1988, New York, Bobst Library of New York University. Il Viaggio del Serpente, second act of the Serpent, performances by Dinu Ghezzo, Sandro Dernini, Miguel Algarin, Arturo Lindsay, Stephen DiLauro, George Chaikin, Lynne Kanter. It featured an Italian art group show by Marina Cappelletto, Antonia Carmi, Franco Ciarlo, Dionigi Cossu, Ivan Dalla Casa, Baldo Diodato, Cosino Di Leo Ricatto, Roberto Fabricciani, Manuela Filiaci, Dinu Ghezzo, Andrea Grassi, Gianfranco Mantegna, Renato Miceli, Beatrice Muzi, Luca Pizzorno, Renzo Ricchi, Elisabetta Zanelli.

November 14, 1988, Carloforte, Sardinia, Harbour. La Madonna dello Schiavo, third act of the Serpent, performance on board Elisabeth, with Carlo Dernini, Daniela Sansone and Zi of the Red Baron.

November 17-23, 1988, Cagliari, Piazza San Sepolcro. Chiamata Aperta Incontri Tra Artisti sul tema Tradizione e Modernità Rivitalizzazione del Centro Storico, fourth act of the Serpent, a street happening by Tommaso Meloni and Antonio Caboni, with participation of Andrea Portas, Daniela Fantini, Valeria and Franco Meloni, Francesco Aymerich. Poster by Antonio Caboni.
January 1, 1989, Dakar, Goree, Door of No Return of House of the Slaves. The Arrival of the Art Slave Boat, fifth act of the Serpent, an art installation and performance by Assane MBaye, Launguste M’Bow, Youssouph Traore, Awa MBaye, Sandro Dernini, Franco and Valeria Meloni, Willem Brugman, Anna Piccioni.

January 3, 1989, Dakar, Goree, Entrance of the House of the Slaves. Open Letter to the Artists of the World, a reading performance by Zulu M’Baye, Willem Brugman, Anna Piccioni.

January 8, 1989, Dakar, Agit Art Atelier of Joe Ouakam. Plexus art installation by Langouste MBow and Sandro Dernini.
January, 1989, Cagliari, Auditorium School of Science, University of Cagliari. Plexus video presentation by Franco Meloni.
March 10, 1989, New York, Anderson Room of New York University. establishment of the 1992 Christopher Columbus Consortium by James Finkelstein, John Gilbert, Sandro Dernini, Mico Licastro, Earl S. Davis, Angiola Churchill, David Ecker, Okechukwu Odita, Arturo Lindsay, Bruce Breland, George Chaikin, Jose Rodriguez, Nilda Cortez.
March 10, 1989, New York, CUANDO. A Plexus Campboll Soup Can Escaping from the Art World Control, a community report performance by Okechukwu Odita, Arturo Lindsay, Miguel Algarin, Sandro Dernini, Joanee Freedom, Nilda Cortez, Jose Rodriguez, Leonard Horowitz. Poster by Rivington School.
April 7, 1989, New York, Rivington School. The Art World TV Deconstruction/Reconstruction Show: The Rivington School or What?, a community report performance by Okechukwu Odita, Sandro Dernini, Arturo Lindsay, Maggie Reilly, Ray Kelly, Leonard Horowitz.
May, 1989, New York, Nada School, Lower East Side. Plexus White Box, a ritual art performance by Arturo Lindsay, Sandro Dernini, Miguel Algarin, David Boyle, Leonard Horowitz, Wess Power, Stephen DiLauro.

May 25, 1989, New York, Institute of Computer Arts, School of Visual Arts. 1992: The Departure of An Art Human Shuttle For Freedom Journeying to the Realm of a New Planet Called Time -Art, an international interactive event by George Chaikin, Sandro Dernini, Stephen DiLauro, Leonard Horowitz, Wess Power, David Boyle, Shock Troupe Theatre.

June 25, 1989, Cagliari, Department of Physics, University of Cagliari. Arrival of the Art Shuttle, ritual performance by Sandro Dernini, Franco Meloni, Willem Brugman, Sara Jackson, Stephen DiLauro, David Boyle, Antonio Caboni, Tanya Gerstle.
June, 25 1989, Monte Liuru, Sardinia. La Festa del Sole, a ritual performance by Antonio Caboni, Willem Brugman, Stephen DiLauro, David Boyle, Sarah Jackson, Tanya Gerstle, Sandro Dernini. Poster by Antonio Caboni.

July 1-2, 1989, Rome, Metateatro. 1992 Cristoforo Colombo: Viaggio nel Pianeta Arte, an art opera by Stephen DiLauro, with Sarah Jackson, Willem Brugman, Tanya Gerstle, David Boyle, Matthew Schwartz, Antonio Caboni, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Sandro Dernini, Maria Pia Marsala, Fabrizio Bertuccioli, Micaela Serino, Annetta Ducrot, Roberto Federici, Loreto Pappadia. Poster by Micaela Serino.

July 4, 1989, Cagliari, Department of Physics, University of Cagliari. Plexus Black Box Open Call, a statement issued by Franco Meloni.

February 3, 1990, Rome, Metateatro. 1992 Cristoforo Colombo: Viaggio nel Pianeta Arte, part two: The Telematic Team, a performance by Ciro Ciriacono, Maria Pia Marsala, Glauco Benigni, Sandro Dernini, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Fabrizio Bertuccioli, Micaela Serino, Loreto Papadia. Poster by Micaela Serino.

February, 1990, Calcata, Rome. Carneval, street performance by Maria Pia Marsala, Micaela Serino, Sandro Dernini, Loreto Papadia.

May-June, 1990, Amsterdam, Polen Theatre. Ethnoreality: Plexus Black Box Ethnoreality, a performance by Willem Brugman, Frans Evers, Scott Rollins, Jeroen Heuvel, Nadine Lavern and Regina Willense.

June 23-24, 1990, Monte Liuru, Sardinia. Festa della Pietra Solare, a performance by Antonio Caboni and Tommaso Meloni.
June 30–July 1, 1990, Rome, Ridotto del Colosseo. 1992 Cristoforo Colombo: Viaggio nel Pianeta Arte, part three: Plexus Black Box, an art installation and performances by Willem Brugman, Frans Evers, David Ecker, Arturo Lindsay, Odita Okechukwu, Lynne Kanter, Frank Shifreen, Karl Geiringer, Jeroen Heuvel, Ciro Ciriacono, Fabrizio Bertuccioli, Roberto Federici, Piero Cianflone, Carlo Cusatelli, Vittorio Terracina, Fabi, Anna Piccioni, Mauro Brusà, Elsa Rizzi, Victor Ibanez, Antonio Caboni, Antonello Dessi, Andrea Portas, Loreto Papadia, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Sebi Tramontana, Paolo Damiani, Maria Pia Marsala and Sandro Dernini. Poster by Micaela Serino.
July 2, 1990, Rome, Metateatro. Plexus Black Box, a Multicultural Data Bank for la Caravella dell’Arte, a round table with Frans Evers, Ciro Ciriacono, David Ecker, Okechikwu Odita, Arturo Lindsay, Frank Shifreen, Fabrizio Bertuccioli.
July 4, 1990, Carloforte, Sardinia, City Hall. 1992 Cristoforo Colombo: Viaggio nel Pianeta Arte, Elisabeth, La Caravella dell’Arte, presentation to the Mayor by Odita Okechukwu, David E. Ecker, Sandro Dernini.

December 29, 1990, Rome, Teatro in Trastevere. 1992 Cristoforo Colombo: Viaggio nel Pianeta Arte, part four: Columbina La Caravella Telematica, a presentation performance to Mons. Dante Balboni by Maria Pia Marsala, Sandro Dernini, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Fabrizio and Simone Bertuccioli, Stelio Fiorenza, Micaela Serino, Mauro Brusa’, Rocco Mitraglia, Lidia Biondi, Franco Nuzzo. Brochures by Micaela Serino.

February 22, 1991, Rome, Church Madonna del Buon Viaggio. The Colombina Reconciliation Project Departure, launched on the occasion of the baptism of Rodolfo Maria Dernini, celebrated by Monsignor Dante Balboni, with Maria Pia Marsala, Sandro Dernini, Rosa Sanfilippo, Carlo Totti and Youssouph Baro, ambassador of Senegal in Rome.

July 4, 1991, Carloforte, Sardinia, harbour. Cambio di Rotta, A Fleet of Projects, performance on board the Elisabeth by Maria Pia Marsala, Sandro Dernini, Guido Pegna, Ciro Ciriacono, Nadia Campanini, Fabrizio Bertuccioli, Maria Grazia Medda, Franco Meloni, Anna Saba, Bianca Laura Petretto.

October 30, 1991, Cagliari, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 56. The opening of Plexus International Storage, managed by Gaetano Brundu.
December 14, 1991, Carloforte, Sardinia, harbour. Recovering Plexus Black Box, an art action on board the Elisabeth by Carlo Dernini, Piero Cianflone, Fabrizio Bertuccioli, Franco Meloni, Stefano Asili, Sandro Dernini.
December 15, 1991, Cagliari, Plexus International Storage. Opening, an installation curated by Gaetano Brundu with artworks and relics by Ciro Ciriacono, Piero Cianflone, Sara Ciarron, Micaela Serino, Roberto Federici, Fabrizio Bertuccioli, Paolo Buggiani, Luca Pizzorno, Helen Valentin, Leonard Horowitz, Miguel Algarin, Silvio Betti, David Boyle, Willem Brugman, Frans Evers, Anita Steckel, Ray Kelly, Wess Power, Lorenzo Pace, Eve Vaterlaus, George Chaikin, Barnaby Ruhe, Ralston Farina, Joanee Freedom, Maggie Reilly, Lynne Kanter, Arturo Lindsay, Stephen DiLauro, Ivan Dalla Tana, Adriano Mordenti, Richard Milone, William Parker, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Paolo Damiani, Antonio Caboni, Antonello Dessi, Anna Saba, Andrea Portas, Randi Hansen, Gabriella Locci, Luigi Mazzarelli, Maria Grazia Medda, Anna Maria Caracciolo, Gaetano Brundu, Sandro Dernini, Stefano Asili, Guido Pegna, Franco Meloni, Kre MBaye, Langouste MBow, Youssouph Traore, Seni MBaye, Assane MBaye, Carlo Cusatelli, Fabi Bandini, Luigi Attardi, Mauro Brusà, Victor Ibanez, Pippo di Marca, Stelio Fiorenza, Andrea Grassi, Sara Jackson, Malvern Lumsden, Paolo Maltese, Gianfranco Mantegna, Maria Pia Marsala, Elsa Rizzi, Bruce Nuggent, Okechukwu Odita, Loreto Papadia, Anna Piccioni, Rivington School.

January 12, 1992, Cagliari, Galleria Comunale d’Arte. La Posta in Gioco, a mail art installation performance by Sandro Dernini, Gaetano Brundu, Franco Meloni, Anna Saba, interaction by fax from Rome by Giancarlo Schiaffini and Maria Pia Marsala.

March 13–May 25, 1992, Cagliari, Plexus International Storage. Plexus Imprinting: A Story 1986-1992, an art installation made by Anna Saba.
June 13 – September 15, 1992, Cagliari, Plexus International Storage. Storage Calls New York City, an art installation made by Gaetano Brundu.
July 4, 1992, Cagliari, Bastioni di Santa Croce. Bring Your Serpent, a Plexus call by Gaetano Brundu.
July 4, 1992, New York, CUANDO. A Day of Remembrance and Rejuvenation, a community event organized by Jose Rodriguez, featuring William Parker, Jackson Krell, Lumi, Tony Feliciano, The War Hippies with Tom Corn, Matt Enger, Mark Enger, Santi Suaviro, Carol Blank, Lorenzo Pace, George Chaikin, Amir bey, Milene Bey, Charlotte Richardson, Michael Fitzgerald, Audrey Dolan, Virginia Jiminez, Wess Power, Ravi Blank, Nancy Wells, Tom Corn, Linda Hiwot, Santi Suaviro, David Cook, Rolando Politi, Ik-Joon Kang, Hamlet Zurita, Kazuko, Eileen Doster, Wolf, Radha Blank, Rasheed, Kelly B. Darr, Kali Fasteau, Siobhan Duffy, Celestino Boane, Ellie Ali, Mark Enger, Nilda Cortez, Drew Curtis, Hayato, El-Seleum, Al-Ibrahim, Derek Lester, Guevara Soliman, Vermon Bigman, Eve Hennessy.
September 26-November, 1992, Cagliari, Plexus International Storage. Multiples of Black, an art installation by Antonello Dessi. Opening with dance performance by Carolina Dessi.
October 9-11, 1992, Carloforte, Sardinia, Cinema Mutua. Columbus Reconciliation Forum on "The Well Being in the XXI Century." Brochures by Stefano Asili.
October 11, 1992, Sardinia, Carloforte, Auditorium. Reconciliation Route Correction: The Voyage of Elisabeth, a music performance by Giancarlo Schiaffini, art installations by Gabriella Locci and Maria Grazia Medda.
October 12, 1992, Cagliari, Plexus International Storage. Plexus Storage Calls NYC, performances by Lorenzo Pace with Patricia Parker Nicholson, and George Chaikin with Sandro Dernini.
December 10, 1992, New York, City Hall. Human Right Day, a round table organized by the Commissioner Dennis de Leon.
December 10, 1992, New York, Auditorium Barney Building, New York University. The Deconstruction of a PLEXUS-CUANDO Event, Purgatorio Show 1992, The Voyage of the Elisabeth: In Order to Survive Il Viaggio del Serpente, a performance by William Parker, Patricia Nicholson Parker, Alfa Diallo, Jose Rodriguez, Barnaby Ruhe, Lorenzo Pace, George Chaikin, David Ecker, Sandro Dernini, George Chaikin, Okechukwu Odita, Georgetta Stonefish.

December 23, 1992, Cagliari, Bookstore Dattena. Free Free Freedom, an art installation by Corrado Pani, Sara Scalas, Sabina Tatti.

May, 1993, New York, USA Club. The Repatriation of a Plexus Campboll Soup Can in the Artworld, a performance by Richard Heisler, Sandro Dernini, José Rodriguez.
June 16, 1993, New York, Auditorium Barney Building, New York University. Cultural Navigation and Community: Art, Reconciliation and Well Being, a round table, with Dennis De Leon, Antonio Pagano, David Ecker, Jose Rodriguez, Tony Feliciano, Sandro Dernini

July 1, 1993, New York, Nuyorican Poets Café. The Repatriation of Art into the Community, a performance by Sandro Dernini.

July 1-30, 1993, New York, Rosenberg Gallery, New York University. The Nuraghic Voyage of the Elisabeth, an art installation by Sandro Dernini.

October 11, 1993, New York, The Cooper Union. Plexus Black Box: Art & Science, an art and science presentation by Guido Pegna, George Chaikin, Franco Meloni, Sandro Dernini.

October 12, 1993, New York, Saint John The Divine Cathedral. Columbus Day: Marconi Columbus Open Call for Reconciliation, Art, and Well Being, in preparation of the Second International Forum on the Well Being in the XXI Century, an art installation by Andrea Portas, Anna Saba, Antonello Dessi, Giovanna Caltagirone, Rolando Politi, Andrea Grassi, Ivan Dalla Tana, Franco Meloni, Giorgetta Stonefish; performance by Miguel Algarin, Lorenzo Pace, Patricia Nicholson Parker, Guido Pegna, Joanee Freedom, Maria Pia Marsala, Sandro Dernini, Rodolfo Maria Dernini.
October 13, 1993, New York, Auditorium Barney Building, New York University. The Voyage of the Elisabeth, a round table with Francesco Corongiu, Franco Meloni, David Ecker, Sandro Dernini, Earl S. Davis, Jose Rodriguez.

October 13, 1993, New York, Nuyorican Poets Cafe. The Repatriation of Art Into the Community, a performance by Patricia Parker, Jose Rodriguez, Lois Griffith, Sandro Dernini, with Anna Saba, Antonello Dessi, Giovanna Caltagirone, Franco Meloni, Guido Pegna, David Boyle, Annamaria Janin, Alesandra Menesini, Andrea Portas, Rolando Politi.

November 3-15, 1993, New York, Rosenberg Gallery, New York University. A Contract to Be Negotiated, Columbus Egg: The Living Plexus Black Box of ‘The Voyage of the Elisabeth,” two weeks of art events curated by Frank Pio and Sandro Dernini for the NYU phenomenology in art’s course by David Ecker, with discussions, performances and art works by John Torreano, Eve Vaterlaus, George Chaikin, Maria Pia Marsala, Alfa Diallo, Jose Rodriguez, David Boyle, Patricia Parker Nicholson, Ray Kelly, Eddie Birchmore, Lorenzo Pace, Ivan Dalla Tana, Ciro Ciriacono, Micaela Serino, Andrea Grassi.

June 6-19, 1994, Cagliari, Cittadella dei Musei. Art and Science Today: The Role of Immagination, a week of events, organized by the Interdepartmental Well Being Center and curated by Annamaria Janin, with roundtables, performances and artworks, featuring Gillo Dorfles, Michele Emmer, Tonino Casula, Franco Oppo, Lucio Saffaro, Ruggero Pierantoni, Pasquale Ristretta, Giovanni Lilliu, Francesco Corongiu, Franco Meloni, Antonello Saba, Mario Pani, Giovanni Battista Zurru, Augusto Rinaldi, Bruno Anatra, Giulio Angioni, Piero Marongiu, Pippo Puggioni, Gianni Licheri, Carlo Muntoni, Francesco Aymerich, Luigi Concas, Guido Pegna, Lucio Garau, Corrado Pani, Sara Scalas, Sabina Tatti, Stanley Medeja, David Ecker, Michele Bartonomen, Raimondo De Muro, Paola Bitti, Sandro Dernini, Carlo Antonio Borghi, Antonio Caboni, Gaetano Brundu, Antonello Dessi, Randi Hansen, Gabriella Locci, Maria Grazia Medda, Andrea Portas, Anna Saba, Fabrizio Bertuccioli, David Boyle, Maria Pia Marsala, Alessandra Menesini.

December, 1994, Cagliari, TimeArt, Pirri. SOS Sardegna Open Space, a week art program organized by Andrea Portas with Rolando Politi, with exhibitions, presentations and performances organized by Jorge Luis Rodriguez, Andrew Castrucci, Rolando Politi, Sandro Dernini. Poster and cards by Andrea Portas.
September 21, 1995, Cagliari, Harbour. The Marconi Open Call of Cagliari for the Well Being in the XXI Century, a scientific event on board the Elisabeth boat by Guido Pegna.
October 12, 1995, Cagliari, University of Cagliari. Navigating Global Cultures: Marconi Open Call, an interactive experimental on-line event made by Guido Pegna and George Chaikin, connecting New York University and The Cooper Union in New York, with presentations by Salvatore Naitza, Francesco Corongiu, Franco Meloni, Sandro Dernini.
October 15, 1995, S. Antioco, Sardinia, Harbour. The Voyage of the Elisabeth: The Ark of the Well Being, an art performance from the Elisabeth boat made by Piero Cianflone, with presentation by Pippo Puggioni, Alberto Soi, Sandro Dernini.

December 15-17, 1995, Cagliari, Hotel Calamosca. The Ark of the Well Being, within the 2°International Well Being and Reconciliation Forum, Navigating Global Cultures: Strategies for the Well Being in the XXI Century, organized by the Interdepartmental Well Being Center of the University of Cagliari.

March 20, 1996, Atlanta, Spelman College, Giles Hall. The History of Plexus: An International Artist Movement, an art presentation organized by Arturo Lindsay with speaker Sandro Dernini.
May 13, 1996, Dakar, Trois BaoBab Gallery. Plexus at Dak’Art 96, an art presentation and installation organized by Plexus Dakar with Youssouph Baro, Zulu MBaye, Sandro Dernini, Kre MBaye, Kadher Diop, Assane MBaye.
November 13-20, 1996, Rome, Roof Garden of Palazzo delle Esposizioni. From Welfare to Well Being: Eating Art, Get the Best From Your Food, Food for All, a special art event on the occasion of the FAO World Food Summit, organized by Sandro Dernini and Mico Licastro, featuring: Giancarlo Schiaffini, Alvin Curran, Renato Manbor, Aldo Braibanti, Giampaolo Berto, Baldo Deodato, Leonardo Carrano, Amerigo Schiavo, Enrica Scalari, Adriano Mordenti, Bruno Canova, Angelo Falciano, Vito Miroealli, Reinhard Pfingst, Tomoko Jindo, June Di Schino, Leonora Adams, Pilar Aguirre, Miguel Algarin, Minou Amirsoleimani, Mauricio Bentes, Randa Berouti, Marcello Brizzi, William Canty, Gino Casavecchia, Piero Cianflone, Quaselle Curtis, Carlo Cusatelli, Eleonora del Brocco, Elisabetta Diamanti, Andrea di Giacomo, Baldo Diadato, David Ecker, Venera Finocchiaro, Giorgio Fiume, Nicola Froggio Francica, Volker Klein, Arturo Lindsay, Andrea Maggiar, Roberto Marino, Raffaello Paiella, Mario Palmieri, Mario Paoletti, Patrizia Pinori, Gabriella Porpora, Micaela Serino, Vadoody Soheila, Vittorio Terracina, Ilir Zefi, Maria Pia Marsala, Fabrizio Bertuccioli, Marco Fabiano, Valerio Immi, Fabiana Iacolucci, Sabrina Ceccobelli, Franco Lao-Tan, Carlo Bordini, Tony Spiller, Giuseppe Aliberti, Marco Anelli, Emilio Cafiero, Vincenzo Ceccato, Giò Cuccus, Dario Cubani, Iginio De Luca, Antonio De Pietro, Ferdinando Fedele, Elmerindo Fiore, Sabrina Foschini, Giorgio Galli, Sebastiano Guerrera, Enco L’Acqua, Enzo Lisi, Gianni Mantovani, Claudio Marini, Fabio Masatti, Francesco Melone, Michelangelo Penso, Michele Peri, Luca Piovaccari, Graziano Pompili, Paolo Radi, Maurizio Pio Rocchi, Fausto Roma, Massimo Rossetti, Juan Segua, Claudio Spoletini, Franco Ule, Mario Velocci, Daniele Mezzani, Gianfranco Biancofiore, Guido Confini, Livia Bortolini, Massimiliano Cicciotti, Mariateresa Ciammaruconi, Davide Colantoni, Nicoletta Procella, Alessandro D’Agostini, Pierluca Dal Canto, Sandro Disegni, Federico Falcioni, Rossella Fusco, Francesco Graco, Maria Jatosti, Daniele Leoni, Marco Mancini, Myriam Marino, Stefano Monteforte, Giorgio Nisini, Bruno Mattia Pascal, Orazio Poli, Alessio Porcaccia, Biagio Propato, Rossella Pugliese, Maria C. Raieta, Giampiero Ricci, Lidia Rivello, Michela Rizzo, Sergio Saritzu, Monica Savoia, Eugenia Serafini, Mauro Simonetti, Federica Terrenzio, Davide Vescia. Poster by Margaret Licastro.

July 23-25, 1997, Rome, Festa dei Noantri. Viaggio nel Pianeta Arte, an art event organized by the Metateatro, with performances and installations by Alvin Curran, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Eugenio Colombo, Michele Innacone, Adriano Mordenti with his Hadash Klezmer Orchestra, Pippo di Marca, Silvana Mariniello, Khadidja Sow, Mory Thioune, Ndeye Boury Gadiaga, Baldo Deodato, Dario Petino, Giancarla Ceppi, Marina Laurenti, Marcello Brizzi, Fabrizio Bertuccioli, Micaela Serino, Giorgio Fiume, Eleonora del Brocco, Sandro Dernini, Valerio Immi. Poster by Micaela Serino.

October 16, 1997, Sidney, Culture Lab. Eating Art, an art installation and performance, on the occasion of the World Food Day, organized by Culture Lab and coordinated by Willem Brugman.
October 16, 1997, Dakar, School de Ceur de Saint Mairie. Eating Art, an art and food education event, on the occasion of the World Food Day, organized by Plexus Dakar, with Anna Bathily, Youssouph Baro, Kader Diop, Assane MBaye.
September 25-27, 1998, Carloforte, Teatro Cavallera, Sardinia. The Ark of the Well Being, within the 3° International Well Being Reconciliation Symposium, From Welfare to Well Being in the XXI Century: Rights, Duties and New Values in the Next Millennium. Get the Best from Your Food, on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Human Rights Declaration, organized by the Interdepartmental Well Being Center of the University of Cagliari.
November 26-28, 1999, Cagliari, University of Cagliari. The Ark of the Well Being, within the 4° International Well Being Reconciliation Symposium, Toward A Food Security for All, organized by the Interdepartmental Well Being Center of the University of Cagliari.
November 14, 2000, Rome, San Michele a Ripa. Voyage Through the Door of No Return, a round table with Achille Bonito Oliva, Dante Balboni, Pietro Monni, Karim Diuff, Katia Miranda-Saleme, Glauco Benigni, Sandro Dernini.
December 10, 2000, Goree, Dakar, House of the Slaves. The Return of the Ancestral Slave, an art performance by Arturo Lindsay with Assane MBaye and Youssouph Traore.
July 15, 2001, Rome, Metateatro. In Order to Survive : An Other World is Possible, an art event to protest against the G8 in Genoa. Poster by Micaela Serino.
November 29, 2001, Rome, Campo dei Fiori, and Yellow Rock in Australia. Buy Nothing Day, an art action against consumism organized by Plexus International and Culture Lab. Cards by Micaela Serino.
June, 2002, Medina, Dakar, Old City Hall. The Triangle of Art, a community biennial art event, within the section DakArtOff of the Biennal of Contemporary African Art, organized by Assane Mbaye and Gallo Thiam with Omar Ndiaye, Souleymane Pouye, Kre Mbaye, Youssouph Traore, Adama Ndyaye, Awa Mbaye, Fatoumata Coulibaly, Groupe Black Thiossan de la Medina, Petit Alain Xosluman Groupe, Sandro Dernini, Micaela Serino, Silvana Maraniello, Alberto Soi, Eraldo Ridi, Luisa Di Gaetano, Simona Lanzoni, Andrea Corti, Michel Pellaton, Silvia Pellegrini, Egidio Grasso, Tore Soi. Poster by Luisa Mazzullo, cards by Micaela Serino.
November 29, 2002, Yellow Rock, Australia. Buy Nothing Day, an art action organized by Culture Lab with Willem Brugman, Catherine Hassall, Graham Bird, John Brisbin.
December 10, 2002, Rome, Outside the Colosseum. The Alphabet of Peace, an art happening against the war, with Gianpaolo Berto, Massimo Bagarotto, Fabrizio Bertuccioli, Eleonora del Brocco, Pilar Castel, Egisto Catalani, Annamaria Chio, Stefano Cossu, Giovanna Dalla Chiesa, Franca D’Angelo, Sandro Dernini, Karen Elliot, Roberto Federici, Marco Fioramanti, Giorgio Fiume, Joseph Fontano, Melo Franchina, Nato Frascà, Valerio Immi, Valentina Macrina, Silvana Mariniello, Maria Monti, Roberto Morellini, Vito Palladino, Lorenzo Poli, Emanuele Profumi, Ilario Rezzi, Micaela Serino, Ernesto Stalkern.
January 18, 2003, Rome, Dromo Social Space. Cave Canem, in an art event with Massimo Bagarotto, Giam Paolo Berto, Carlo Antonio Borghi, Pilar Castel, Egisto Catalani, Eleonora del Brocco, Sandro Dernini, Valerio Immi, Silvana Mariniello, Luisa Mazzullo, Maria Monti, Roberto M. Federici, Giorgio Fiume, Raffaello Paiella, Micaela Serino, Alberto Soi. Posters by Micaela Serino.
May 29-June 7, 2004, Medina, Dakar, Old City Hall. 2° Triangle of Art Festival, within the section DakArtOff of the Biennal of Contemporary African Art, organized by Assane MBaye, Gallo Thiam and Sandro Dernini, with the participation of Mamadou Kaly Niang, Kre Mbaye, Youssouph Traoré, Seni MBaye, El Hadji Cheikh MBaye, Jérome Dos Santos, Morin Diop, Magoné Ndiaye, Daouda Ndoye, Awa Mbaye, Fatoumata Coulibaly, Moussa Kandji, Laye Sy, Cissé Dia, Pape Moussa, Moussa Kandji, Abdou Souleye Diakhaté, Mapathé Sow, Alioune Coulibaly, Hamidou Sall dit Sall Amewa, Alioune Badara Fall dit Prof, Alain Coulibaly, Groupe Beug Fallou, Groupes Etoile Bi Rappeur de la Médina, Ballet Sangomar Maissa Thioub, Ababacar MBaye LY. Plexus International staged Erosions and Renaissance Show Act 1, with digital art contributions by Amir Hanza, Alite Thijsen, Luisa Mazzullo, Micaela Serino, Eleonora del Brocco, Valerio Immi, Fabrizio Bertuccioli, Beatrice Bolletta, Giorgio Fiume, Roberto Maria Federici, Ernesto Stalkern, Monica Lisi, Antonio Mazzotta, Antonio Tamburini, Giampaolo De Filippi, Giovanna Dell’Anna, Ilaria De Blasi, Maurizio Muscettola, Nico Carone, Paivi Aala, Paola Spagnolo, Pasquale Urso, Pietro Liaci, Rita Tondo, Ugo de Filippi, Marco Caldarone, Pilar Castel, Arleen Schloss, Frank Shifreen, Barnaby Ruhe, Kathleen M. Chaikin, George Chaikin, Ocean Earth Development Corporation, Garick Beck, Joanee Freedom, Rolando Politi, Alfa Diallo, Josè Rodriguez, Arturo Lindsay, David Boyle, Miguel Algarin, Eve Vaterlaus, Lucia Pizzani, Zach Pine
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