Please submit this completed and signed form with all competing k award applications to the Office of Research Administration

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K Award Confirmation Form

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** Please submit this completed and signed form with all competing K award applications to the Office of Research Administration. **
NIH K awards have varying requirements for committed effort, but consistently require a defined percentage of full-time professional effort. According to the Duke policy established by the Office for Research Costing Compliance, the committed effort must be at least 75% (or the level specified by the award document) of Duke University effort. In addition, the investigator must commit at least 30 hours per week for K awards requiring 75% effort or at least 20 hours per week for K awards requiring 50% effort. These minimum effort requirements must be met only through Duke University effort; neither PDC nor VA effort can be used to meet these requirements. Additional NIH information is available at
By accepting a K award, you agree to adhere to the relevant effort requirements of Duke University for the entire project period. The salary support for a K is limited to a percentage of University salary (Institutional Base Salary). The purpose of this form is to document your agreement with these requirements.
By signing below, you acknowledge the Duke University effort requirement of the K award, which is defined as:    %

I further understand and agree that if my K award application is funded, any non-K award effort (e.g., clinical) will be limited to    % of my Duke University effort.

Please note:

  • K-23 awards generally require some level of patient care effort as a component of the required K effort, but the investigator may not bill for services for this component of effort.

  • K awardees can have a maximum of 3/8 appointment at the VA.






Business Mgr

ORA Review

K Award Confirmation Form - Instructions

Federally-sponsored career development awards (K awards) are highly valued opportunities for faculty to have a funded level of "protected research time"; these awards also have strictly defined effort requirements.


The Duke University School of Medicine requires that all K award applicants understand and accept the requirements of NIH’s K award program and specifically that the required effort is a percentage of the applicant’s University Effort.

** Please note that the combined Duke University effort on the K award and on non-K award duties as listed on this form must equal 100%. **

At Time of Application: The attached K Award Confirmation Form must be completed and signed by the investigator and their primary mentor, as well as the Department Chair and Business Manager. For applications to non-mentored K programs, the mentor’s signature field should be left blank. The Office of Research Administration (ORA) will require the completed form prior to releasing the competing K application for submission; the K Award Total Professional Effort Survey is also required at this time. The K Award Confirmation Form is not required for non-competing renewal applications. The signed forms will be retained by ORA.
Compliance Review: ORA periodically reviews each K award to validate the level of Duke University effort on the K and to ensure compliance with all related sponsor and institutional policies. Results of these reviews are retained by ORA.

** Institutional K Awards – Duke University manages several institutional K awards (i.e., K12s). The related effort requirements mirror those of other mentored K awards. Faculty appointed as scholars to an institutional K award are required to complete this K Award Confirmation Form, as well as the K Award Total Professional Effort Survey, at time of appointment to the K award.

Form revised March 1, 2009

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