Player additem 0000000F 8000 (or: 0000F 8000) to add 8,000 gold to your pack. Use: player addspell

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If you like sword and magic role-playing games as I do, OBLIVION is the best ever. (The GOTHIC series is next.) In Gothic, your character could only upgrade armor in a limited number of armor sets (none of which have magical qualities), whereas Oblivion allows you to mix or match anything. The element this adds to the game is that you acquire things along the way as trophies which improve your abilities, not as things to sell.
The first time you play this game, you should do so the way the game was intended, without resort to cheats and special tips. When you play again, use the information in this guide to speed things along. All cheats require use of the Consul key, which is the ~ or “tilde” key. When you hit the tilde, the consul pad will appear on the left side of the screen and all action is suspended. You get no clue what this is; you must know how to use it. Here is how:
Each command to the consul is a short script of letters and numbers, followed by the ENTER key. If you screw up the command, you will be told. If you get it exactly right, the action will occur.
Use tt to cull all trees, tg to clear all grasses, at the very start of each game set. (tlv will toggle leaves, twf will toggle wire frame, tll will bring up the race menu to change character face)
Equipment Codes: All codes are 8 characters, typically 3 zeroes followed by 5 numbers and letters as shown below. After the code, then a space, then a number indicating “how many”. However, since the final 5 digits of the 8 seem to always work, delete the first three zeroes. The letter “O” is never used in a code, to avoid confusion with the number “0”


Use: player.additem 0000000F 8000 (or: 0000F 8000) to add 8,000 gold to your pack.

Use: player.addspell 000a97e7 (or: a97e7) to add Fire Ball Spell to your pack.

Use: movetoqt to teleport to the next quest target.

Use: player.payfine to erase any bounty hanging over you and avoid trip to jail.

Use: modpcs security xx where xx is an increment above the current level enough to get a security level of 90 or above. This will insure no lock tumblers fall when first raised. Any skill can be elevated in this way by substituting for “security” in the above.
Use: player.setAV strength 90 to bump Strength up to 90. (Use this form for Skills)

player.setAV lightarmor 90 (Use this form when spaces occur in skill names.)

Use: modpca luck 50 to bump Luck up to 50. (Use this form for Attributes)

Use: player.setlevel 22 to bump Level up to 22. Not actually a good idea. Best to postpone leveling up by avoiding sleeping in a bed, since leveling up may increase your attributes, but also increases the strength of your opposition.

Use: advskill blade 30 to bump up Blade by 30 points.

Use: coc “fortstrand” to teleport to Fort Strand.

Use: coc “chorrolfightersguild”

Use: setactorfullname Bucephalus (or in quotes if two words “Black Thorn”) to rename horse.

The most essential tool to have in this game is a steady source of light that you don’t have to hold in your hand. Not only do torches burn out, but they have to be dropped to grab a weapon. Since a good deal of action occurs in dark caves, mines, forts, and rooms, it is best if that light source is part of your equipment. An asterisk indicates an “essential” item to have.

937F4 * Grand Ring of Light (bright beam 50 feet, daylight – that is, colors)

CA119 Helm of Deep Delver (bright beam 60 feet, daylight, Constant)

Your selection if your armor choice is Heavy.

49368 NightEye Helm (bright nightlight beam 60 feet, Constant)

Your selection if you armor choice is Light. Light beam is bluish: no color.

Best Set of Glass Armor (gold value/weight/armor value)

493A2 Reflecting Helmet (glass, resist magic 15%)

4939B Annealed Cuirass (glass – best to date: 6300/15/15 fortify health)

493A1 Greaves of the Kiln (glass, best to date, resist Fire 30%)

49397 Beveled Gauntlets (glass; detect life 105 feet, Constant; 2,075/3/5)

493A6 Borosilicate Boots (glass, resist shock 30%)

493A9 Hardened Shield (glass; Shield 18%; 6#, A=15; Best to Date)

Carry with the above or keep handy somewhere

2C215 Boots of Thrall (heavy; Feather 105 points; 3,975/18/4)

49399 Lightning Run Boots (glass; Speed up 10 points)

347F7 Shrouded Armor (one piece armor set – except helmet and shield. Adds 8 pts to Sneak, Illusion, Marksman, Blade, Acrobatics. Worth no gold. 2 pounds. With helmet and shield provides full 85 armor rating. Good in an early game where its no-weight feature allows carrying more stuff. Later you will want armor with magical properties.

4968F Peak Climbers Boots (adds 8 pts to Athletics. 1050 gold/13 pounds/ 2 armor)

Other Essentials

0931B Strong Sorcery Potion (replenishes Magicka)

092f9 Strong Potion of Magicka (temporarily increases Magicka power)

88b1e Strong Potion of Chameleon (25%)

9846e Strong potion of Feather

09311 Strong Healing Potion

0000A Lockpick (you don’t need any lockpicks if you have the Skeleton Key)

0000B Skeleton Key (unbreakable – you only need this one lockpick)

0000C Repair hammer

0000D-H (non-existent items)

0000F Gold

00194 Varla stone (will replenish magic when “armorer” skill high enough)

888B9 Beast of Burden scroll (adds 250 weight points! Wow!)

98445 * Grand Amulet of Seawalking (walk on water)

98441 * Grand Amulet of Sea (underwater breathing)

98452 * Necklace of Swords (reflect damage 33%, fortify blade 25 pts.)

98439 * Grand Ring of Aegis (Shield 18% )

91ABB* Grand Ring of Feather (adds 65 pounds to allowable weight)

91ABA Ring of Feather (adds 45 lb. to weight) (91AB9?)

98458 * Ring of Iron Fist (reflect Damage 33%)

9844E Storm Ring (resist Shock, 100%)

9844D Frost Ring (resist Frost 100%)

98457* Acrobats Amulet adds 20 pts to Acrobatics, Speed, Athletics.

888B8* Pack Mule Spell (feather 150 pounds x 5 minutes)

Spells now have published cheat numbers. Two are especially fun to use: highly destructive fire balls – a great range weapon – and Chameleon: the ability to become partially or completely invisible. Buy, when available to you, or use the cheat code, on the following:

“Immolating Blast” (fire damage 110 points; requires high Destruction skill. Use A97E3)

Enemies Explode 14720 Disintegrate Armor A97A4

Disintegrate Weapon A97A6 Heat Blast A97E2

“Chameleon” of some type from Arcane; allows Chameleon enchantment. Must have 50 Illusion skill or higher to enchant for chameleon.

Very Useful Weapons and Armor:

CA154 Akavai Sunderblade (disintegrate Armor and Weapon 100 pts per hit)(Wow!)

CA118 Hands of Atronach resist 20% frost/fire/shock (if Heavy armored)

47892 Boots of Atronach resist 50% frost/fire/shock (if Heavy)

26B22 Umbra (1-hand blade, highest rated sword in the game) It is best to take this sword from Umbra herself, the most deadly human figure in the game. She lives at the ruin called Vindasel. Kill her and you can kill anyone.

3D7C5 Longsword of Shattering (1-hand, destroy weapon 80pts)

49686 Battle Hunter Helmet (detect life to 65 feet)(Heavy)

4935D Helmet of Life Seeing (detect life 85 feet. Light Mithral armor.)

Rings and Amulets (you can’t equip two of the same magic rings, so use one Grand, one Ring)

9845C Grand Amulet of Reflection

92AC4 Grand Ring of Destruction

91AB8 Grand Ring of Detect Life

913CB Grand Ring of Heavy Armor (adds 10 pts)

937F4 Grand Ring of Light (beam to 50 feet)

91C41 Grand Ring of Light Armor

937F7 Grand Ring of NightEye

91AC7 Grand Ring of Willpower

91AC1 Grand Ring of Strength (adds only 10 pts. Mind & Body is a better ring.)

9842A Grand Ring of Viper

366C1 Grand Ring of Mind and Body (strength 8pts, reflect damage 8%)

6B654 Ring of ViperEye also: 655, 656, 657, 658, 1C4DA

9844B Mundane Ring (reflect Spell 35%, reflect Magic 50%)

6B68D Ring of Sunfire (30% reflect spell, 30% resist disease)

95A70 Spelldrinker Amulet (absorption of spells, 26pts) (there are 6 others – lesser)

6BD75 Weatherward Circlet (a ring – resist: Fire 35%, Frost 35%)

93551 Arnora Amulet (?)

347C8 Manduin Amulet
Blunt Weapons

3DB25 War Axe of Inferno (1-hand, adds Fire 20 pts)

3AF0C Warhammer of Putrification (destroy armor 80 pts)

35E75 Daedric Mace

3DAF6 Mace of Burning

3AF07 Mace of Decay

3D7D6 Mace of Diminishing

3DB08 Mace of Flames

3DB23 Mace of Inferno

25225 Silver warhammer (highest blunt Silver)

35E79 Daedric warhammer

3B40C Battle Axe of Putrifaction

3DB1E Battle Axe of Inferno

Blade Weapons

CA154 Akavai Sunderblade (1 hand - only 18 pts but destructive magic is good)

0172E Sinweaver (2-hand blade with Fatigue and Fire damage)

3DB17 Claymore of Blaze

Claymore of Shattering

2990E Shimmerstrike (a dagger; useful if you play a Thief.)
Bows & Arrows

35E7C Daedric Bow

733DC Glass Bow also 35E7A

22BE1 Glass arrow

1EFD3 Daedric arrow

2C223 Cuirass of the Blood Legion (heavy – best so far)

49692 Cuirass of the Juggernaut (heavy – second best so far)

CA117 Aegis of Apocalypse (heavy – third best so far; 5 pts to Blade, Blunt,Armor)

493A5 Cuirass of Cleansing (glass, diminish poison 15%)

493A3 Quartz Cuirass (glass; resist weapons 15%)

49393 Crystaline Cuirass (glass, chameleon 30%)

2299c Elven (required by J’Bari to train Light Armor)

2c21b Cuirass of Undefeated (health 30 pts.)


493A0 Shield of Mirrors (glass, reflect spells 20% 9000/6/15)

4939F Shield of Shattering (glass, reflect damage 10% 5000/6/15)

49374 Solid Shield (Mithral, Shield 12%, which turns into 21 points)

6BDFB Escutcheon of Chorrol (Heavy - Endurance 9 pts) (highest rating so far)

3635C Daedric Shield (heavy)(also 733F0)

CA11B Orcish Helm of Ferocity (adds 5 pts to blade/blunt/armor)


48991 Feather Shoes (increase weight bearing by xx%)

493AC Silica Boots (glass; water walking)

4788D Boots of Olympian (light, non-glass; add 8 pts to Acro/Athletic/Agility/Speed)


4F61A Imperial City Sewers Key

115E05 Imperial Palace (6 digit code)

27477 Imperial Sewer

1d154 Key to Copious Coinpurse

493AB Greaves of Purity (glass, resist spells 20%)


977E4 Potion to Cure Vampirism (something else is 9812D)

zero 9311 Strong Healing

0931B Strong Sorcery (replenishes Magicka)

09321 Absorption (absorbs all magic, weapons, etc)

984A0 Strong Absorption

4E93A Grand Elixir of Exploration (this one is good – a whole list of positive features)

Other Stuff – Items required in certain Tasks:

1EBE8 Glow dust 1DBFC Silver glass 23C15 Silver pitcher 1ebfe ectoplasm

33688 nightshade 26b5c troll fat 1ec5b unicorn horn 25205 yarn

223a8 bone 228E3 bear pelt (need 20) 2EE72 imp gall (need 10)

1EBE8 glow dust
All Armor in Game, non-magical: Use coc “warehousearmor” and use a coc command to get back. Pick up all the armor you want from these categories: Fur, Leather, Iron, Steel, Mithral, Elven, Glass, Daedric, Dwarven, Orcish, Ebony, Daedric, Blades, Legion, Blackwatch, Shrouded, Brusef Amelion’s. Displayed also are Imperial and Emperor’s – but can’t be worn.
Use coc “warehousemagicarmor” to get all magical items for Daedric and Mithral but no others.
27105 Goldbrand (1-hand blade, Fire 22 pts)

91C2F Grand Necklace – Mercantile (also 92AAF)

91C2F Grand Ring of Blades

91C35 Grand Ring of Blunt

91C41 Grand Ring of Light Armor

91AC1 Grand Ring of Strength

CA11B Orchish Helm with attributes


Complete invisibility requires 100% chameleon. So far I have found items which will supply 95%, as follows:

27110 Ring of Kajiit (35%)

91AB2 Grand Ring of Shadows (30%)

49393 Crystaline Cuirass (30%) (glass)

Thus some other item must be enchanted to at least 5% chameleon. If this were an amulet, you can keep a high armor/protection rating with your other stuff including an object for Light.

CA12A Spectre Ring adds 25%, but you are already wearing both allowed rings.

To enchant you need: 1) a common wearable item, 2) a Chameleon spell in your bag, 3) a Grand Soul Gem, filled. (382DF). You need these three things for each item to be enchanted. And you need an Illusion Skill of at least 50. The spell can be had from some of the characters at Arcane University who sell spells.

38032 Jeweled Amulet (empty, for enchanting) If you are the Arch-Mage, you use the Altar of Enchantment in Arch Quarters. Else the one in the building named Chironasium.

General Things Noted

In Skills and other attributes, Blue numbers are normal for level, Green numbers are enhanced by magic items, Red numbers are diminished by spells, disease, or some items which give you something and take away something else. (ie Helm of Deep Delver diminishes your Speed).

Clear away diminished items by worshipping at any Alter of the Nine in any city. (Allowable only once per 24 hour period.)
You can wear two rings and one amulet, max. Choosing a ring when two are already in use will result in one of the rings in use being de-activated. You cannot use 2 identical rings. To be sure you have the best combination of jewelry, deactivate what you wish to put aside for the time being, before activating the next item.
If you play the part of a warrior, you don’t need any potions except Healing. And Sorcery, if you want to launch fire bolts, lightning bolts, frost bolts, and the like. Staffs are of no sustained use and weak in combat, but they are valuable and light so save them and sell them all.
The advantage to going “Light Armor” is that you can carry so much more weight when your armor does not weigh you down. And the highest or total “armor rating” ends up the same, as you progress in skills, etc., whether you are Heavy or Light. (Max is about 85 +/-) There is no advantage in choosing Heavy Armor. Unless you prefer its looks.
You can place a (blue) marker on the Great Map using Shift –Left Click, but you cannot fast-travel to it. Use Shift Left click again to remove a Marker. You get one marker at a time.
Shop keepers appear to have a max, for Buying, of 1000 gold per item and most are at 800. However, they can buy an unlimited number of objects at the maximum. The highest they will pay, relative to the announced “value” of an object, appears to be 70% and this you must achieve by repeated haggling. Thus, a shopkeeper with a 70% rate and an 800 gold max will not pay more than 800 gold for any object “worth” more than 1,140 “value”. (Use 1,200 as memorable number.)

Meaning: if you capture, say, an item worth 5,000 gold, keep it only if you plan to put it to use. You will only get 800 gold for it, should you sell it, and so you are better off carrying the lighter items to a max of 1,200 gold in order to carry the most stuff to the merchant. In the beginning of the game you will scoop up these “valuable” items. Later in the game you will learn to discard them in favor of lighter trophies. However, remember the various ways you can “Feather”, which means to increase your weight-bearing limit. So – if you have cleaned out a cave and combat is over, switch to Feather rings, boots, spells or scrolls, etc and pick up all that extra booty.

Save all Vampire dust for the Quest involving the Vampire hunt. You get 250 gold for each, after the Vampire Quest is completed.
Use hammers to repair everything you collect to speed rise to 100 ability, at which point you need only one hammer thereafter. Collect opponents weapons and armor only for the purpose of repair, and then discard, in order to speed the process of attaining 100 ability.
A horse must be “stabled” for the horse to regain health, such as when you fast-travel to a city and you get the message “Your horse is stabled outside the city.” It does not regain health by just standing around. The slowest horse (the Paint, one of which you get free early in the game at the Priory) will outrun all beasts, so purchase a faster one only if you want to cover more ground in a shorter period of time. Why would you want to explore the whole territory? When you do so, you “discover” where places and things are, and they then appear on the Map. You cannot fast-travel to a place you have yet to “discover”. When you come upon something which is not on your map, make sure you circle it until you get the message “You have found such-and-such” else you have not found it, and it will not show on your map.
Most attractive city is Anvil, and best house to own is there – after you clean out the ghosts. The next best is Skingrad. Why should you want to own a house? Beats me. Some kind of gratification. You do not need a safe place to store all your excess material: you can leave all your junk right on the city streets and it will always be there. (This is not so in the Gothic series.) On the other hand, if the game had the wrinkle that you could buy a house, marry a local beauty (most beautiful female is Sigrid at the camp outside Kavatch), and start a family, then the house would make sense.
I found it most useful to use only one merchant – “The Copious Coinpurse” – in the market section of Imperial City. His was a central location, was easy to haggle up to 70%, and there were very few things he would not buy. Plus he has the best facial animation of any NPC in the game.
Join all the guilds: you can rise to the top in each. Each has its special quests for promotion in rank.
Combat was most fun with Marauders (found in forts), followed by Conjurers (found in ruins), followed by Bandits (found in caves), and least fun with Mythical Beasts (found everywhere).
Oblivion Gates: to reach the stone, you must continue to run UP ramps. When you get to the highest level, you must run UP what look like large red teeth. At that point you must run UP what looks like stretched red plastic panels. Step onto the brown ring at the edge of the stone until “Sigil Stone” highlights, then hit Spacebar to capture it.
The rating on weapons and armor changes with different games. This is probably because their ratings are Relative to Level, not set at some fixed value.
Once you have dropped Martin off at Cloud Ruler Temple, postpone further events involving restoring the monarchy while you have fun plundering the country. See how high you can get your gold total. When you have cleaned out nearly everything, done all the auxiliary stuff, go back to Cloud Ruler and follow the events to the dramatic conclusion.
Paradise: On arrival, follow stone path down and to right, and kill Medrike when he appears there. Save game often. The final event – the last fight – occurs in the Temple District of Imperial City. Here is the tip if you keep losing: you must run quickly or fight your way to the “Temple of the One”. If Martin gets there too, you will win the final event.
Travel Cheats, using COC (ie: coc “anvilmagesguild”)
ICMarketDistrictTheCopiousCoinpurse ICMarketDistrictAFightingChance

ICMarketDistrictFirstEdition ICMarketDistrictTheBestDefense

IcmarketdistrictTheMerchantsInn icWaterFrontLighthouse (second floor; trap door down)
ICArcaneUniveristyArchMages TowerLobby or Quarters or TowerCouncil


ICElvenGardensIreneMetricsHouse (blunt master trainer)

ICTempleDistrictRolandJensericsHouse (initiate vampire quest)

ICTempledistrictSeridursHouseBasement (get 250 gold for vampire dust)
ICArenabloodworks (training room, Blue Team – dress for fighting here)

Leyawiinjbarishouse (light armor master trainer)

(city)CastleGreatHall where (city) = Bravil, Anvil, Chorrol, Cheydinhal

(city)CastleCountyHall = Cheydinhal, Leyawiin

skingradcastleskingrad (you will go here multiple times for Arch Mage.)


(city)ChapelHall = Anvil, Bruma, Cheydinhal, Chorrol, Kvatch, Leyawiin


BravilHouseForSale Also: Bruma Cheydinhal BravilLonelySuitorLodge

BravilLucianaGalenaHouse (lt armor trainer; Fence)

ChorrolModrynOreynsHouse LeyawiinDarJeesHouse
CloudRulerTempleGreatHall (lands you on the white carpet near fireplace)


Greyland ImperialVilla (you can’t leave it except from consul)

WarehouseLock (practice lock skills) WarehouseCaveBandit (seems useless)

Fortempire also: cuptor, Dirich, Chalman, Facian, Flecia, Horunn, Irony, Istirus, Linchal, Magia, Naso, Nikel, Nomore, Ontus, Rayles, Teleman, Urasek, Variela, Virtue, Vlastarus, Wariel
Fortcedrian01 also: entius, hastrel, homestead, redman, redwater, roebuck, scinia, sejanus, strand, woodenhand Fortsutchinterior
These may be fun locations: (using coc)

Warehousearmor (all varieties, none magical)

warehousemagicarmor (Daedric as Heavy, Mithral as Light. No Glass) (weapons are in barrel)

Warehousecreatures (creature heaven on infinite landscape – they just walk around)

The makers of Oblivion provide, for $20, an excellent “Official Game Guide”, loaded with information on the game, tips, and maps of everything. It leaves unexplained such things as “feather” (which means to increase your weight carrying capacity) and “chameleon”, which I suppose you are supposed to know from previous RPG games. And of course, the Consul and cheat commands are not mentioned.
There are over 500 websites providing cheats and tips on this game.

November, 2008

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