Planting a few ideas to help businesses now is the time to start planting!

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Planting a few ideas to help businesses
One of the best ways of protecting a business is defensive planting. Use nature to defeat criminals by planting specific types of very prickly plants. This is a simple and cost effective way of protecting a business.
Criminals do not like climbing through prickly plants and hedges. They know that a small item of ripped clothing or blood can help the police identify them. In addition, it creates an extra external barrier for them to breach.
Any reputable gardening or landscaping firm can advise on the best planting solution.

Defensive planting

Planting prickly shrubs around the outer skin of the building and round vulnerable windows can serve as a very good deterrent to the burglar.

Here are a few suggestions:
Chaenomeles X Superba ‘Crimson and Gold’ (Japonica)

Medium size spreading shrub. Cup shaped red petals with golden stamens, quince fruits. Hedging, border or wall shrub. Very good, well spined stems (other varieties of Chaenomeles are also available).

Pyracantha Orange Glow (Firethorn)

Medium / large evergreen shrub. White in early summer followed by orange autumn berries. Hedging, border or wall shrub. Excellent very spiny stems (other varieties of Pyracantha also available).

Ilex Aquifolium ‘Ferox Argentea’ (Hedgehog Holly)

Medium / tall sized shrub, evergreen, male plants - no berries. Not a prominent feature but interesting colourful foliage. Hedging or border shrub. Very good, tightly packed spines on sides and top of leaves (other varieties of holly also available).

Berberis Julianae (Barberry)

Medium sized evergreen shrub. Yellow in late spring, young growth has coppery tints. Hedging or border shrub. Excellent prickly foliage, very spiny stems (other varieties of Berberis also available).

Juniperis Horizontalis ‘Wiltonii’ (Creeping Juniper)

Also known as ‘Blue Rug’ because it has long branches and its prostrate shape forms a flattened blue carpet. It has a thorny stem and foliage.

Rosa ‘Frau Dagmar Hastrup’ (Shrub Rose) Excellent ground cover, pale pink flowers, very thorny stem. May to September. Plant with garden compost and bone-meal.
Do not introduce security measures which could invalidate business insurance or violate Health and Safety legislation.
It is always wise to check ‘creative’ ideas with the business insurance company and safety advisor and document the discussion.

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