Plantae: Divisions Mosses and liverworts : Division Bryophyte

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Plantae: Divisions
1. Mosses and liverworts :Division Bryophyte (bryophytes)

-No vascular tissue and therefore no roots or stems

-restricted to moist environments because they absorb water directly through the surface of the plant

Ferns and Fern Allies:

2. Division Psilophyta: Whisk Ferns Psilotum

-green branching stems with scale like appendages and round little

sporangia (structures in which spores develop)

Moa, Psilotum nudum

3. Division Lycophyta: Club Mosses, Lycopodium 'Wawae'iole' &


-Sporangia arranged in clusters at the ends of stems

-stems are covered with small overlapping scale like leaves

4. Division Spenophyta: Horse tails Equisetum

5. Division Pterophyta: Ferns Cybotium, Hapu'u, ETC

-Largest group of nonseeding plants

-Divided leaves are called Fronds

-spores are carried on the underside of the Fronds

-Fronds arise from underground stems called Rhizomes

-Fiddle heads are young fronds as they uncurl

-abundant during past ages and contributed significantly to our coal


Gymnosperms: Seeds naked at maturity and born in cones

  1. Division Coniferophyta

-includes Pine Spruce, Redwoods, Larches, Fir

-largest and oldest trees in the world

-No native Gymnosperms in Hawaii probably because the seeds are not

salt tolerant and are not carried my birds and are too big to blow here

-supply lumber, paper pulp, turpentine, rosin

Note: Pine nuts are the seeds of the Pinyon pine

Note: Juniper berries are used to make Gin

  1. Cycadophyta: variable sized shrubs that bear seeds in cones but have a palm like appearance. EX Sago Palm.

-not native to Hawaii

  1. Ginkgophyta: Only one surviving species; Gingko biloba

-fan shaped leaves

-was propagated in a Chinese monastery and is now adays only rarely found in the wild

-tolerant to air pollution

  1. Gnetophyta: small group of gymnosperms

-Ephedra spp is a dessert shrub that produces ephedrine (antihistimine)
Angiosperms: Flowering plants Most wide spread and diverse plants on earth. Over 250,000 known species

  1. Anthophyta


Fungi are not plants. They are classified as either Protista or Fungi depending on complexity.

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