Pinus Radiata

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Pinus Radiata
Radiata Pine (Pinus radiata) is considered a quick growing tree species. The typical mature height is between 15-30m. They are commonly used as a softwood timber tree, and also often as a large-scale windbreak.
The Radiata Pine is an evergreen tree with rough, thick grey-brown deeply ridged bark. It has a strong pine fragrance, and is generally resinous and sticky. The leaves are soft, dark green, carried in clusters of three, and this helps distinguish them from some other pine species.
The tree has a wide tolerance to site and rainfall, however, the species performs poorly in heavy clay soils. While radiata pine is frost and cold hardy it can be seriously damaged by heavy snowfalls. The origin of the tree is the Californian coastline, but tolerates a wide variety of conditions including low mountain environments.
Like all trees, Pinus Radiata are subject to genetic and environmental variation. It is not possible to fully predict its characteristics.
Radiata Pines are generally available from June to August. Please refer to our current price list for costs, and be mindful that notification 2 days prior to collection or delivery is essential.
Information is also available on the Internet under the botanical name Pinus Radiata.

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