Phylum Nemertea project time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Phylum Nemertea PROJECT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m tired of teaching you everything. I want you to teach me something. Actually, I want you to teach me about the Phylum Nemertea. This is how this will work. On Monday, you will have to have a display made that will educate people about the Phylum Nemertea. I am going to give you NOTHING and you must find all of the information on your own. You will be expected to find the usual types of information that we look for.

The method of display is your own. You can use any medium that you like. You can create a website, a cartoon, a puppet show, a 3 part display board, an informative pamphlet, WHATEVER! Be creative. All work must be your own and you cannot cut and paste from the internet. Good Luck! Due Monday with no late projects accepted. You can work as partners or on a solo mission. No you can’t work in 3’s. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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