Phylum:- chordata

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30-Naja haja
Systematic position:-

Phylum:- chordata

Sub-phylum:- vertebrata

Class:- Reptilia

Order:- squamata

Sub-order:- ophidia

Family:- Elapidae

e.g:- Naja haja (Egyptian cobra)

General characters:-

1-The body is long and cylindrical.

2-The head is short scarcely distinct from the neck.

3-The neck is dilatable.

4-The snout is moderately broad.

5-Tail is cylindrical.

6-The color is variable, normally brown with spots.

7-Common in country, desert and margin of desert.

8-It swim in water, crossing stream.

9-Hibernates in winter.

10-Feeds on toads, rats and mice.

11-Very poisonous, this cobra is not aggressive but if irritated.

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