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Maminirina Randrianandrasana

320 Morrill Hall, 505 S. Goodwin Ave., Urbana IL 61801,


PhD Candidate Entomology. 2013. Department of Entomology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Dr. May Berenbaum, Advisor.

M.S. Entomology. 2007. UIUC. Dr. Steve Taylor, Advisor.

D.E.A. en Entomologie (Equivalent of M.S). 2002. University of Antananarivo (UA). Madagascar. Dr. Bakoly Ralisoa, Advisor.


Francis M. and Harlie M. Clark Summer Fellowship. 2009. Life Sciences - UIUC.

Rita and Arnold Goodman Fellowship. 2008-2009. Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program (WGGP) - UIUC.

Fulbright Fellowship. 2005-2007. International Institute of Education-UIUC.

Earthwatch Fellowship. Ghana. April 2001. Full grant.

Tropical Biology Association Fellowship. Kenya. July 2000.

Best Senior-Year Student Prize in Natural Sciences Field, Faculty of Sciences, UA. 1999.

Herbert Holdsworth Ross Memorial Fund. Illinois Natural History Survey (INHS). 2011.

UIUC Graduate College Conference Travel Grant. 2010.

Lindbergh Foundation Research Fund. 2010.

Equipment support. 2009. IdeaWild. Field and camping kits

Phillip W. Smith Memorial Fund. 2009. INHS.

Bosel-Sanderson Award. 2006. North American Benthological Society.

R.Weldon Larimore/Jordan Creek Award. 2006. INHS.

Research Assistant in Dr. Berenbaum Lab. PhD research. 2009-2011, 2013.

Field assistant in Conservation and Poverty Alleviation International (CPALI). Participating on silkworm rearing in Makira (Madagascar). April-May 2008.

Intern in Dr David Voegtlin’s Lab (INHS). Participating in survey of aphids in the Midwest of U.S.A. Fall 2007.

Research Assistant in Dr Steve Taylor’s Lab (INHS). Identifying arthropods in caves and aquatic areas, land cover typing using arcGIS. Year 2007 and spring 2011.

Representative of the National Anti-locust Center in Antananarivo (CNA). supervising anti-locust activities in North Madagascar. 2003-2004.

Field assistant in Masoala Cape Expedition. Madagascar. November 2001. Collecting moth and butterflies in a littoral forest of Masoala National Park.

Insects and People (IB109). UIUC. Spring 2012. Teaching the lab practicals of insects-related human activities such as sericulture and entomophagy.

Animal Biology (IB104). UIUC. Fall 2009-2010-2011-2012.

Cell Biology I. 100 level course. Lab mentor. UA. 1999-2000.

Life and Earth sciences. College Saint-Michel (High-school). 2001-2002.

Aquatic entomology. USA. 2001, 2005. Courses and fieldwork.

Wechiau Hippo sanctuary survey. Ghana. April 2001.

Training on Tropical Biology. Kenya. July 2000. Courses and seminars.

Medical entomology training. 1999-2002. Fieldworks on mosquitoes.

The Suraka silkworm, Antherina suraka (Saturniidae), in Madagascar. Study of entomophagy, protein analyses and mechanical properties of the cocoons, records of host plants and genetic diversity.
M. Randrianandrasana, H. A. Razafindraleva and M.R. Berenbaum. To be submitted this month. Host plant records of Antherina suraka Boisduval 1833 (Saturniidae) in Madagascar.

H. P. Aberlenc, L. Andriamampianina, E. Faure, D.C. Lees, J. Minet, L. Ollivier, C. Rafamantanantsoa, M. Randrianandrasana, A. Razafindrakotomamonjy. 2007. Le Radeau des Cimes au Parc national de Masoala (Madagascar). Première partie : éléments pour un inventaire des Lépidoptères. Bulletin mensuel de la Société linnéenne de Lyon 76 (6) : 141-154.
M. Randrianandrasana, M. Ratsimbazafy, N. S. Ramiliarijaona, H. Rakotondrandriambeloson, Rakotoarisoa, L. H. Ravaomanarivo and M. R. Berenbaum. The Malagasy wild silkworm Antherina suraka (Saturniidae) and its foodplants. Poster at the Entomological Society of America (ESA) meeting 2010 in San Diego.

M. Randrianandrasana, A. R. Zangerl, M. Ratsimbazafy, C. L. Craig, Rakotoarisoa, L. H. Ravaomanarivo and M. R. Berenbaum. Characteristics of cocoons of Antherina suraka (Saturniidae) feeding on different host plants in Madagascar. Poster at the ESA meeting 2009 in Indianapolis.

M. Randrianandrasana and M. R. Berenbaum. April 2009. Investigating the ecology of an endemic wild silkworm, for integrating rural women into conservation efforts in riparian zone of forests in Madagascar. Talk at the WGGP luncheon meeting at UIUC.

M. Randrianandrasana and S. J. Taylor. December 2007. Feeding habits in immature stages of Isoperla nana (Insecta: Plecoptera: Perlodidae) in Jordan Creek Vermilion County, IL). Poster at the ESA meeting 2007 in San Diego.
Feeding habits in immature stages of Isoperla nana Walsh (Insecta: Plecoptera: Perlodidae) in Jordan Creek (Vermilion County, Illinois). M.S thesis, Department of Entomology, University of Illinois. 2007. 115 pp.

Impacts of wastewater from textile factories on aquatic insect community excluding Culicidae in Tanjombato and Talatamaty areas. Moringa-Colfloc water treatment effects. D.E.A thesis in Entomology, Department of Entomology, University of Antananarivo. 2002. 82 illustrations, 102 pp.
M. Randrianandrasana and M. Wandago. 2000. Influence of papyrus density on the distribution of invertebrates around Lake Naivasha. TBA Project report in Kenya.


Member of Society for Conservation Biology (SCB).

Member of Association of Entomologists in Madagascar (ARGEMA).Secretary 2000-2002.

Member of Entomology Graduate Student Association (ESGA), UIUC.

Member of African Student Organization at UIUC. Social Secretary 2011.


Volunteer for Department of Entomology, Annual Insect Fear Film Festival (IFFF), University of Illinois (2005-2007, 2009-2013).

Volunteer for Science Animation Without Borders (SAWBO) at UIUC. French and Malagasy translation and voice off. 2011-2013.

Swimming, watching movies, traveling and seeing other cultures.

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