Pharomachrus mocinno The Quetzal is recognized as the most beautiful of all

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The Quetzal

(Pharomachrus mocinno)

The Quetzal is recognized as the most beautiful of all

American birds. Its scientific name, Pharomachrus mocinno,

is an acknowledgement to the notable Mexican naturist and

explorer Jose Mariano Mociño. This bird has soft feathers

of bright colors being the emerald green with a metallic

shine the most prevailing one. The breast and the abdomen

are scarlet red. On the head’s crown a circular and

slightly laterally compressed topknots is outstanding, and

it is conformed by bright green feathers. The beak is

short and conic, yellow, although the low jaw seems a

little bit dark. Its legs are small and weak, olive gray.

Each one ends in four toes, in which the first and the

second are directed to the back. In his short and rounded

wings, the restrict feathers are directed farther from the

lateral margin. It has a great long tail, which upper and

covering feathers exceed widely the timoner’s long. The

male’s weight is about 210 grams. Its food consist of

fruits and insects.

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