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Via: Bill Studeman

Copy to: Joe Markowitz, Boyd Sutton, Don Gessaman, Arnie Donahue


With respect, and with a firm commitment to be as helpful to you and the Republic as I can be, I place before you four ideas. First, two quotes for context:

From a recent Homeland Security publication:

A deeply textured, unmapped system is hard to bring down. A system that encourages improvisation is quick to recover. Ubiquitous networks of warning may constitute our own asymmetrical advantage, and, like the terrorist networks that occasionally carry out spectacular attacks, their power remains obscure until they're called into action.

General Tony Zinni USMC, then CINCCENT, speaking to a senior national security manager:

80% of what I needed to know as CINCENT I got from open sources rather than classified reporting.  And within the remaining 20%, if I knew what to look for, I found another 16%.  At the end of it all, classified intelligence provided me, at best, with 4% of my command knowledge.

Idea #1:  This is the Age of Connection.  Establish an Office of Information Sharing Treaties and Agreements at the Department of State that reaches out to all seven tribes via their respective diplomatic arms. It’s not about critical mass of data anymore, but about connections able to work in near-real-time.

Idea #2:  Harness the distributed expertise of the world via Amazon, creating a public world brain network that can be tapped by both consumers and producers of intelligence, with geospatial foundation and WikiCalc for budgets and true cost calculations. 

Idea #3:  Leverage the existing building and 90-nation presence in Tampa by creating an OSD Field Agency, the Multinational Information Sharing Agency (MISA)—turn the ugly baby into a swan.

Idea #4:  Give the Department of Homeland Security what it knows it needs but cannot get within IC, and create a Domestic Community of Communities Network at NORTHCOM with 114 and 119 plots and 24/7 all language capability (for 911 as well) using

Should you wish it, I am ready to serve you on salary or pro bono, in any capacity. However, based on the bureaucratic inability to act on my invitation of an action officer to dinner, believe this will only come to pass if you add the four ideas to your 500-day plan, empower me to work with Leonard Paul at DNI CIO, and ask USD(I) to consider frocking me as a Special Assistant for Information Sharing. If you can prevail on Department of State to send one letter to Amazon CEO copied to CISCO, IBM, Google, and Wikipedia, and to assign Hugh Neighbor (a National War College graduate) as head of the new Office, I can give you a clean, well-lit playing field and a proper foundation for making the most of secret sources.

I can deliver a DVD of my standing-room only presentation to Amazon in March of this year to any address you wish. The substance of the brief, with planned words in Notes format, is at The briefing I presented to the 90 leaders of the coalition teams in Tampa is at I would be honored if you would accept a gift set of my five books, with one chapter tabbed in each as meriting your reflective review. They can be delivered with the DVD to Bolling.

With the utmost respect and loyalty,


DOI: 221 July 2007. POC: Robert Steele, Desk: 703.266.6393, Fax: 6391, Cell: 703.242.1701. Email:

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